Forget Me Not Day| Vanilla Cupcake Day! Fun Phone Tricks

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November 10, 2012

November Sunrise

★~ Today’s Quote: 

There’s just one you
Nobody like you
Take a look, it’s true
Just one you
The smile on your face is like no smile that I’ve seen
You’re one special person if you know what I mean -Big Bird

★~ Forget Me Not Day:


A Medieval knight and his beloved were walking near a river when he fell into the water. The weight of his armor kept him from escaping his fate. Before he slipped away he handed his love a handful of blue flowers and said, “forget me not.”  Today is a good day to touch base with with family, friends and loved ones, especially those who we haven’t seen in a while.

★~ Vanilla Cupcake Day:

Buttercream swirl and flowers on vanilla cupcake
Did you know that cupcakes are called “fairy cakes” in England? The name is inspired by the idea that the miniature cakes are the perfect size for a party of fairies to enjoy. Today enjoy a vanilla cupcake! Maybe with some colorful little sprinkles, some tea and your favorite wee fairy!

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1775 – The U.S. Marines were organized under authority of the Continental Congress and have since served in every American armed conflict.  Semper Fi!

♥- 1951 – Direct-dial, coast-to-coast telephone service began as Mayor Leslie Denning of Englewood, New Jersey, called the mayor of Alameda, California. Eighty-four area codes were assigned for areas in the U.S., Canada, and many Caribbean nations.

♥~ 1969 – “Sesame Street,” starring a big yellow bird and a little green frog, debuted on PBS television.

♥~ 1969 – Twenty years after the first release of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Gene Autry received a gold record for the single.

♥~ 1991 – Lightening,  a pet turtle who lived in Hutchinson, Kansas, snapped onto an 8-year-old’s upper lip and wouldn’t turn loose. The parents called 911, but before help arrived they offered Lightening a carrot and he let go. The boy’s lip swelled, but the boy was okay. There was no mention of the fate of the turtle.

♥~ 1994 – The Codex Leicester, the only Leonardo da Vinci manuscript owned in the United States and the only one in the world still in private hands, was sold at auction. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates paid $30.8 million for it. It has been since been exhibited in Venice, Milan, Rome, Paris and New York.

★~ Born Today:

♥~ 1925 – Richard Burton (Richard Walter Jenkins Jr.) actor: Camelot, Hamlet, Anne of the Thousand Days, Becket, The Desert Rats, The Longest Day, Look Back in Anger, The Night of the Iguana, The Robe, The Sandpiper, The Taming of the Shrew, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?; TV narrator: Winston Churchill-The Valiant Years, Ellis Island; one of Elizabeth Taylor’s ex-husbands

♥~ 1948 – Greg Lake- musician: bass, singer: group: Emerson, Lake and Palmer: From the Beginning, Lucky Man; solo: I Believe in Father Christmas

♥~ 1959 – (Laura) Mackenzie Phillips actress: One Day at a Time, American Graffiti, Eleanor & Franklin; daughter of singer John Phillips [The Mamas and The Papas]

♥~ Did You know: Area Codes were used more or less for the first time today in 1951 so lets look at up a few fun phone facts.

Old Fashioned Telephone

♥~ In the early days of phone service, you’d call the operator and ask to be patched through to a particular line. This system was first questioned in 1879 by Alexander Graham Bell’s friend, Dr. Moses Greeley Parker of Lowell, MA. The town was suffering from an epidemic of measles and the doctor quite sensibly suggested that if the town’s phone operators fell ill, replacement operators would struggle to run the system. Numbers instead of names was seen as a better solution which, as you all know, is the system we still use today

♥~ The First U.S. Area Codes: Conceived in the late Forties, area codes were not established until the introduction of New Jersey’s 201 area code in 1951. The area codes we use today are an evolution of the original “North American Numbering Plan.” Initially there were under 90 codes. Codes were dished out based on population. The areas with the largest populations received codes that were quick to dial on a rotary phone. New York was given 212, Los Angeles 213 and Chicago 312 while more rural areas like Texas and Kansas got 915 and 913.

♥~ All About Emergency Numbers: Emergency numbers differ from country to country. While 911 was eventually adopted as the standard number in the United States and Canada, in Europe you’ll need to dial 112, although 999 also works in the UK, where there’s been an emergency number system since the 1930s. In contrast, 911 was not official until the late ’60s, when it was first known as “nine-eleven,” and then later changed to “nine-one-one” to avoid confusion with people wasting precious time looking for the “11” button. Prior to the one-number system, you’d call the operator to summon the correct emergency service, although in the States some fire departments could be reached by dialling “3-4-7-3” — which spells “FIRE.”

♥~ The Most Expensive Phone Number: The most expensive number sold was cell phone number 666-6666, auctioned off for charity in Qatar. It sold for a dizzy $2.7 million, far and away surpassing the previous record holder. The Chinese number 8888-8888 sold for $280,000.

♥~ Woz Owned 888-8888: Legend has it that Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak (who was really into repeating digits, hence pricing the Apple I at 6.66) once owned the phone number 888-8888. The only problem with such a cool number was that it earned over a hundred prank calls a day. Although not malicious in nature, being dialed repeatedly by mischievous children must have taken its toll.

♥~ How to Find Your Personalized Phonewords:  PhoneSpell, will tell you if your phone numbers offer interesting “phonewords.” Enter your digits and the site will generate a list of interesting combinations..

♥~ A Neat Phone Number Magic Trick There’s a neat phone number-related trick you can impress your friends with, thanks to the magic of math. Take a seven-digit phone number, for example, 941-7990. Multiply the first three digits by 80. Add one. Multiply by 250. Add the last four digits of the original phone number. Add the last four digits again. Subtract 250 and divide by two.


I  love the phone. One my fondest childhood memories is of dialing time and temperature for FREE on our home phone. Ok. So I was easily amused. I was also ahead of my time, when I would call 411, and ask cooking question, if my sweet mom was unavailable. I googled before google existed!  My home phone number has been associated with our house for 50 plus years and I would never do away with it…The cost is minimal and I like the number. Do you still have a home phone?

Cloudy Saturday. @Carol do you remember…it snowed this time last year in Rockford, Il?  Not sure what the day will bring but I’m up for for a good book and some hot chocolate. What are your plans for the day?


12 thoughts on “Forget Me Not Day| Vanilla Cupcake Day! Fun Phone Tricks

  1. Morno,

    Yep I still have a home phone and I still use and answer it. The sound quality is so much better. I like chocolate cupcakes best but a vanilla isn’t bad.
    Nice phone tips. Growing up we had a rotary dial and I am pretty sure my parents never changed it. It took me a long time to get a cell phone. I like taking phone calls at home or work but I would never talk to my kids if I did not have a cell.
    Yard work today. Dinner with friends.

    Have a good one.

    • Sounds like a good day. I would think it would be very hard not to have a cell phone in this day and age but I know a couple of people who don’t have them but they don’t have kids either. Have fun!

  2. Happy anniversary Sesame Street! Hope all those people so concerned about NPR reach into their own pockets to support it. Cupcakes! Can we do vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing?
    No home phone. When we moved into our house we just never signed up for a land line. Our kids get cheap phones when they are about 8. Although my 4 year old probably get more phone calls than all the rest of my kids put together.
    Birthday parties, Father-law-birthday. grocery shopping. Busy. Busy.
    Have a super Saturday.

  3. Good Morno,
    A cupcake that is not chocolate? Why bother? The phone facts are fascinating. Yes, I do have a home phone but not for long. It never rings, I never use it. I have plans for dinner with friends but the rest of the day is just going to be spent reading, napping and taking my time getting ready for dinner. Tomorrow will be spent much the same way except church and brunch will occupy the first part of my morno.
    Enjoy your day!

  4. i could go for a vanilla cupcake today!
    thank you for your service, marine corps. the closest, literally, i got to this branch was while running the marine corps marathon in d.c. marines were everywhere! it was inspiring. running in packs, manning aid stations (you just couldn’t run fast enough to get to the next!). marines were there at the finish line to present your medal & lend an arm if needed. my dignity didn’t allow any help. should have rethought that……
    interesting phone facts. i still have a landline & wonder why i do.
    don’t listen to emerson, lake & palmer as much anymore. good band though.
    awww……rudolph. lasting childhood memories.

    • Sounds like a great run. I bet it was super well organized too! The arm of a good looking man is nothing to scoff at but on the other hand you did run the race and make it to the other side so I can understand wanting to stand on your own two feet.

  5. Yep, still have a land line, though I can’t fathom why! Loved your phone facts. I remember as a little kid getting to dial the library and hearing a little story. For free — cool! And later, you could ring a number and get a scripture reading. I wonder what happened to stuff like that??

    • I don’t think we had a story line or a scripture line but we did have time and temp. I can still hear the announcers voice in my head. Debbie…now they have an app for that. 😀

  6. I don’t think I even knew there were vanilla cupcakes! Can you put chocolate frosting on them to liven them up? I remember when you had to stand next to the phone to make a call…makes me old, I know.

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