Musing: Election Returns, Peppermint Hot Chocolate!

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November 7, 2012

Last night I enjoyed watching the election returns while dining on cheese fondue. I took a sip of our hosts’ “giddy up” martini, drank a glass of Champagne, came home and fell into bed. I woke up this morning with a twisted tongue (today is International Tongue Twister Day) and an overwhelming desire for some leftover apple tart that had been sent home with us. Cole stumbled off to school, muttering something about it being unpatriotic to have school following a presidential election. Of course, on Tuesday he had stumbled off to school, gnashing his teeth and letting out a terrible roar about the injustices of school on Election Day.

Following my run-in with the campaigner and his Obama sign, I didn’t exactly bounce out of bed this morno—but I was not as sore as I thought I would be. I guess when you are constantly run over by Labs, ducking the paws of boxers, being jumped on by Dobermans and spun in circles by terriers, your body toughens up and learns to take a hit or two. Or perhaps it was the sip of “giddy up” martini, glass of Champagne and small handful of pain pills that dulled my aches and pains. Nevertheless, I am happy to report that the damage (outside of my election black eye) is minimal.

After I got my act together this morno, I headed out for a breakfast at Blue Max Cafe, one of my favorite Chicago breakfast/lunch places—a friendly, family-owned cafe with great atmosphere, service and homemade food. And, of course, Internet, so I could take my computer along for company. I was in the mood for a peppermint hot chocolate and when it was delivered to my table it made my mood soooo happy. Here is a recipe for peppermint hot chocolate that you can make at home. I am too good to you 😀

Today in history (1965), the Pillsbury Doughboy was poked in the tummy on a Pillsbury crescent roll commercial for the first time, and of course the rest is history. The most notable person born today was Joni Mitchell (1943). Both sides now…

The election. I have intelligent family and friends on both sides of the political fence. It makes me sad that people on one side of the fence were celebrating Obama’s win and some on the other side were gnashing their teeth (I am using the word gnashing a lot, aren’t I? It’s a phase.) My 16-year-old will vote in next presidential election; he already shows leanings toward becoming a political junkie. Late last night I overhead him (my moderate conservative) and a friend (ultra liberal) Skyping about the election results.  They discussed the importance of Americans putting aside their differences, focusing on areas of agreement, working with one another, moving forward, fixing the economy and making a difference. They spoke of inclusion, being accountable and keeping campaign promises. They have their capes tied on tight and they aren’t afraid of nothin’.  (thank you Blurt for this song…thank you a lot!)

Hope you have had a wonderful Wednesday. El Morno will rise and shine with you tomorrow! What did you accomplish today?

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14 thoughts on “Musing: Election Returns, Peppermint Hot Chocolate!

  1. Glad you checked in. That peppermint hot chocolate looks amazing. I am going to have to give it a try. I accomplished nothing. I just could not get my rear in gear. Tomorrow is another day.
    See you tomorrow….tomorrow you can bet your bottom dollar (sorry–it won’t happen again….)

  2. Haven’t had a peppermint hot chocolate in a long time. I may have to throw my ladies at Smelly Cat Coffeehouse a curve tomorrow and order one in place of my usual orange hot chocolate.

    Kinda nice to see your boy finding his cape isn’t it? Keep watching, it’ll start fluttering in the breeze behind him.

  3. both peppermint & orange hot chocolate sound wonderful. difficult to think of anything hot except the still too warm temps here. oh well. i’ll keep these drinks in mind though.
    relieved to hear your wounds are limited to the black eye. still amazed no one had the ^*@&/ to give chase. but that’s just me!
    yes, joni mitchell.
    stay safe!

    • Thanks! I’m sure cool temps will be blowing your way soon. I will blow real hard in your direction when I run out to the store. LOL…I bet you would grab a rock, bare your teeth and throw yourself in front of Nikki if she was threatened wouldn’t you? Wonder how I know these things?

  4. I apologize in advance for chuckling at the picture of your black eye – you know I love you! You are the only one I know with visible evidence of having voted – we are all awed by your persistence. I did wear my little sticker, but you win the contest.

    It’s great to watch our boys tie on their capes (love that description btw). It’s a shame we can’t replace those who run our country with this up and coming generation of brilliant people who truly give a damn and can’t be swayed by outside pressures. I love that they have (mostly) intelligent conversations with their friends, even when they don’t agree on the issues.

    Thanks for the hot chocolate recipe – my caped crusader will thank you also. You rock Katybeth – keep up the good work.

    • ♥ back at you Carolee….it’s fun to be the wind beneath those capes isn’t it? Ok. Sometimes.
      Peppermint hot chocolate will get you through a few of those snow days. I can just picture you standing at the window…looking out at your beautiful lot covered with gentle snow drifts (is that a deer in the distance?) while you hold a warm mug of peppermint hot chocolate topped with a generous ladle full of whip cream and garnished with peppermint sprinkles! Don’t worry the good fairies have showed up in the night to shovel and your car is started by the butler before you have to venture out… Hey this is Odd anything is possible. Thanks for stopping bye. ♥

  5. Some of us never lost our youthful optimism, did we? We just keep thinking tomorrow’s going to be better than today, people are going to be kinder and more tolerant, and black eyes will miraculously heal. Perhaps it’s the peppermint hot chocolate? Yeah, I bet that’s it!

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