Election Black Eye


Bright and early this morning, I drove into the polling precinct parking lot ready to do my duty as an American citizen and exercise my right to vote. Four years ago when I voted, it took me three tries to get my ballot right. The first two times the machine rejected my ballot and the third time I screwed up my ballot by not voting to retain a person near and dear to me as a judge. Pen and paper has always been hard for me. When the machine finally validated my ballot, the precinct judge and volunteers clapped. I bowed. This year I was hoping to get my ballot right on the first try as I walked confidently to the check in table.

Oops! Wrong polling place. My precinct had moved without telling me. Okay, fine. The precinct folks were very friendly and helpful as they redirected me to the correct precinct.

Voting precinct number 2 was located at a very large neighborhood school surrounded by one-way streets, making it almost impossible to find the front door, but we all know Katybeth is not a quitter! I found the precinct entrance, parked the car, walked to the table and, after much checking and teeth gnashing on the part of the volunteers, I was once again told that I was at the wrong precinct and directed to the library up the street.

Voting precinct number 3, located in a library, was easy to find and had ample street parking. I hopped out of my car with renewed enthusiasm and approached the front door where two men were arguing.

One was a man campaigning with an OBAMA sign and cards.
The other was an election judge telling him to move back from the door.

As I slowly approached the door, the man campaigning angrily turned, caught me on the side of the face with his sign, and knocked me to the ground. Adding insult to injury he took off at a run.

Obviously at this point I became the center of attention. It must have been hard for them to tell me as I sat there with a bag of ice on my eye that I had once again been sent to the wrong precinct. After a short recovery, well wishes, and offers to drive me home, I left for precinct number 4.

Precinct number 4 is about 3 blocks from home. Thankfully there was a parking spot outside the front door. I suspected more than my eye was going to be bruised as I limped woefully to the door. Finding my last name was once again a challenge. The volunteer looking for my name clearly did not know the alphabet. Her helper did not speak English. Compounding problems was my hyphenated last name. Finally, they allowed me to help look and together we found my name, along with dearly departed Joe’s and my father-in-law’s names.

I voted.

When people ask me about my black eye, I am just going to tell them Obama hit me. It was a sign.

For 50 cent I will show you my other bruises tomorrow!

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26 thoughts on “Election Black Eye

  1. That’s horrible! I admire your determination!! More importantly who was the LAME guy that took off running. That’s not very nice. It’s actually horrendous! SO sorry about your black eye, but proud that you voted despite it all!

  2. Forgive me, but I had to laugh! This all really happened?? Honest? My golly, but you’re a determined sort, aren’t you? I might have wanted to quit after the first misdirection! Good for you, exercising your right to vote and all. Still, I can imagine Cole’s face when you tell him this story — he’s probably going to worry whether it’s safe to vote! I guess you can always tell those who ask, “You ought to see the other guy!”

    • Yes Debbie it did happen. All of it. Cole will just look at me and nod knowingly. Things just happen to me/us. Mostly good, and always funny after the fact on some level. That line brings back memories…my Father-In-Law took an awful fall and did not tell us so when I saw him a few days later I was shocked and horrified–he just smiled at me through his swollen lip, and said, “Katybeth you ought to see the other guy.” I hit him again.

  3. OMG..are you ok ?? So Obama gave you a black eye ??
    LOL You probably will be sore tomorrow if you were knocked to the ground..glad you hung in there and voted inspite of everything..

  4. Sometimes I find it hard to believe these things keep happening to you! Perhaps if you had a gun and a Doberman—–or at least wasp spray—-.
    I’ll call tomorrow to see how you are, take some Advil, RIGHT NOW.

    • I know right? A have a half a Doberman does that count? A gun? Really, not sure that is a good idea. I bought the wasp spray for my car but didn’t think I would need it on my way to vote in broad day light.
      Advil is my friend.

  5. jeez……..you’ve got my vote for voter of the year, or 4 years. the guy is a coward. be careful out there. great *sign* comment!
    i have to agree with wise marcie on this^!
    did you treat yourself with another donut maybe? you are deserving.

  6. My poor Katybeth!! This story makes me mad!! It should NOT be this hard to vote. You are the biggest trooper I know! Thanks for sharing your story. You deserve a medal! 🙂

    • I know. I laughed too. It was just so unexpected and all. Everyone kept saying isn’t it great we can vote peacefully and without fear and I get decked with a campaign sign and come home limping.
      Have a great day.

  7. Now, that is a very good determination. I wish all people were like you in exercising their rights to vote. Regardless left or right. You is what made America great!! Hope the eye will be better soon.

    • Yep. I will fight for my country. Come out of the car swinging–well maybe not this time but next time…From now on I am taking an umbrella to the polls so I can hit back. Thanks Sendi!

  8. I can’t believe what you had to go to just to vote. Kudos to you for your persistence and determination. Trust me, your vote counted more than the people that got it right the first time.

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