My Odd Blog Thankful For You!


Really, I don’t even know where to begin.

I missed you all so much. I missed those of you who are such loyal readers that I worry about you when you don’t show up for El Morno. I missed those of you who fly by and say hi when you can. I missed those of you who drop by frequently but are too shy to leave a comment. I missed those of you who just click to see naked pictures of Hulk Hogan or to get ideas for fly art. I missed those of you who want to send me money from foreign countries and insist I am a descendent of royalty. I’m so happy to be surrounded by my Odd family of readers and clickers once again!

Blogging is such a big part of my life. I have written at least one blog post every day for the last two years, and before that I wrote a post at least three times a week. Someone asked me recently why I wrote El Morno, and I had to laugh because the only reason I write El Morno is it gives me an opportunity to share fun stuff with you. I am not a great lover or collector of trivia or facts. I am not a history buff or all that interested in celebrity birthdays, but I do enjoy learning new things and having the opportunity share them with an El Morno cuppa both on Odd and Facebook. I like the challenge of writing El Morno, even when I can barely keep my eyes open or when I have to rise and shine at 5 a.m. to put the final touches on it and publish it before Mike wakes up. It’s fun.

Writing blog posts allows me to express myself when life overwhelms me beyond words and to find my sense of humor when life just sucks. Odd indulges my love of writing and telling stories about our odd life and its twist and turns. Odd readers are such a wonderful audience. When Cole heard Odd was back up and running, he immediately told me to tell my readers how I almost ruined Thanksgiving. I will. Later.

When I learned the comments from Odd readers might be lost when Odd was restored, I plunged into despair. Ok. Perhaps I am being a little melodramatic, but I love the comments my Odd readers leave for me. They are funny, endearing, thoughtful, interesting and helpful. Fortunately, not a single comment was lost, but the scare reminded me of how thankful I am when we connect over a comment.

On the eve of the Thanksgiving, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to be back—and thank you for reading Odd and keeping me company!



21 thoughts on “My Odd Blog Thankful For You!

  1. Delighted you are back. I was lost without El Morno. Lost and adrift. People asked about you at my job–I didn’t bring them the treat of the day because I did not know what food we were celebrating. Will we have El Morno tomorrow or are we just assuming the food of the day is Turkey.
    El Morno Queen. Hope you and Cole have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for showing up every day and brightening my day.

    • Oh you are most welcome Mike. My pleasure. El Morno will be back soon…just need to tweek the blog a bit. Yes! Thanksgiving the food of the day is Turkey!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you, your sister, kids, and all the peeps you work with. …if I missed anyone Happy Thanksgiving to them too!

  2. Thank Goodness. I hated that awful forbidden sign. So glad you are back. I missed you too!!

    Thanksgiving blessings for you and Cole!

    • So happy to be back. Nice to be missed! Wishing you a most wonderful Thanksgiving. I know Josh won’t be there but I am keeping my fingers crossed for Christmas!

  3. Really went ‘cold turkey’ (ha-ha) not having ODD!! Thank goodness you are back. Now Im off got have some hot turkey! Happy Thanksgiving to you & Cole! Nancy, Wyllys, Maggie & Tanner!

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