R.I.P. Skippy


Skippy our Schipperke died today.

We first met Skippy as a camper, and when it was clear he wasn’t doing well in in his adopted family’s home, we became his forever home.

Skip was a handsome, black Tasmanian devil that did not mellow much over the years — he was always a biter and a scratcher. He would spin like a top when he was excited. By nature, Schipperkes are difficult to train and more than a little neurotic. They are not the dog for everyone — really, I’m not sure they are the right dog for anyone — but as, dearly departed, Joe put it when we decided to adopt Skippy, I handle crazy better than anyone he had ever met, and with that, Skippy became a part of our family.

Skippy did not handle vet visits or changes in routine well. He liked to be home. When I travelled, he was the pup that always suffered the most. When I learned that he was sick and probably would not be with us much longer, I decided we would weather his illness together at home. He wasn’t in pain and would have good days and bad days. I fed him whatever he would eat — chicken, hamburger, cheese were all fair game in his last few weeks with us. My hope was he would die at home as comfortably as possible.

In the past I have always had to make that beyond-the-beyond difficult drive to the vets office with our pets, but this time, I was pretty sure that Skippy could die comfortably at home in familiar soundings with us.

Last night, when I was making sure that Skippy had some water, he looked up at me and clamped his teeth together tightly; I knew that he was saying goodbye. I sat with him in my lap and we reviewed our life together that had spanned the past 11 years. Skippy was always a favorite of Joe’s (crazy love crazy), so I knew that Joe and Skippy would find one another.

This morning when I woke up, Skippy was lying peacefully in his crate; he had died during the night. When I told Cole, he went to Skippy without hesitation and kneeled down to gently scratch him behind the ears and say goodbye.

Skippy spun his way into our hearts and our home, and we will miss him.

Spin, Skippy, spin.


16 thoughts on “R.I.P. Skippy

  1. Skippy was so fortunate that you decided to adopt him. He was such a neurotic little dog. You provided a perfect home for him. It’s always so hard to lose a pet.

  2. Oh Katybeth I’m sorry. He was lucky to have you and in a “crazy” way you were lucky to have him. Animals that are a little crazy always leave lots of memories for those they leave behind. I’m glad you were able to spare him the trauma of the vet, that’s the hardest drive to make. Joe will be happy to have him for company. ((hugs))

  3. Sorry for your lost. From forever home to forever in your hearts, Skippy was given a great life to the very end. And, he has Joe, Cole and you to thank for that. ((Hug))

  4. Katybeth and Cole,
    I know first hand how these beings make their ways into our hearts and stay. I and mine have benefitted from your being someone who could handle crazy, and I know Skippy had a wonderful life because of you. I am so sorry Skippy left your home, but comforted to think he is in Joe’s arms snuggling now.

  5. I am crying now and it is hard to see what I am writing, but I know (time out to blow nose and wipe tears) how hard it is to lose a precious pet and even thinking about Millie leaving us makes me tear up. I know that Skippy could not have had a better home so he was blessed. You are lucky to have Rascal for comfort plus your camp buddies.

  6. So sorry for the loss of your beloved dog, but I love the thought that Joe and Skippy are finally reunited. RIP Skippy! xx

  7. I’m sorry. It’s sad to let go but you let Skippy do it naturally and in peace. I’m certain you have another angel on the other side.

  8. handsome skippy found the perfect home in yours. your family gave him the life he could not have had anywhere else. skippy has crossed the rainbow bridge & is being crazy with his partner in crazy, joe. you will all be reunited again. my eyes are wet knowing the love we have for our dogs & the heartache to lose them. hang in there, katybeth & cole. just know we care.

  9. I was wondering where you’d gone and missed you yesterday. I’m so sorry to hear of the death of Skippy — this is the second dog of a friend I’ve heard about within the past two weeks that’s crossed over the Rainbow Bridge (http://www.rainbowbridge.com/Poem.htm). Dogs have a way of wrapping you around their paw, even the “crazy” ones, and you’ll miss him for a long time. Condolences to both you and Cole, but rest assured you gave Skippy a good life and I’m sure he died at peace.

  10. Reading this at work. Not a good thing. Leaking eyes here are frowned upon. Still. He was such a beautiful boy, and look what a good life he had with you, someone that would let him live the last weeks of his life, when he probably didn’t feel well, at home where he felt safe. What a gift to him you guys were. I know it will not be the same without him. I am sending you such hugs…both to you and to Cole. Though I supposed hugs from some strange woman is not a thing Cole would really enjoy.

  11. I am so sorry Katybeth & Cole. Skippy was the luckiest to find you and have a forever home with such dog lovers as you. Parting is so hard and you are the best dog mom any k-9 could ask for; crazy or not. Your compassion is unmeasurable. Chelsea’s transition was made all the better because of you and Cole & Vicki. RIP Skippy. There are a lot of playmates waiting for you. XXOO

  12. To our dear KB and Cole,

    We are so, so sorry to hear that your black beauty has passed.
    We know first hand how much you love your babies, and ours, and can’t imagine how difficult this is.
    I feel comfort that Joe was there to greet him personally and now they get to play again, forever.

    Thanks for all the love you show our black beauties!


    Laurie, Joe, Bella and Summer

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