Frosty Paws Give Away! Be A Winner!

October was dog shelter month, and the nice people at Purina invited me to host a Frosty Paws coupon giveaway. However, the post office or someone in the mailroom forgot to send me the coupon package until the end of October. Oh Woof!

What can we pawsably do?

I asked Rascal, and in true terrier style she suggested that it was a sign from the universe that she deserved all the coupons. She then grabbed a plush frosty dog pup from the box and took off. Terriers don’t like to share.

Next, I asked my sweet mother what we should do, and she asked DobermanTrinket who suggested donating all the coupons to a shelter in Albuquerque, and even offered to make sure they were promptly delivered to the poor deserving shelter pups…

Hmm… such generosity from a D’oh!-berman that will happily watch you butter your bagel and then leap up and grab it from you without showing an ounce of remorse!

Color me dobious… especially when the Doberman’s owner only offered a mild “No, no. That wasn’t nice,” as Trinket licked the butter off her lips and eyed the toaster for the other half of my bagel.

I gave up asking our “it’s all about me pups” for suggestions, and came up with a giveaway of my own I thought would be a tail wagger!

So here it is: Leave an amusing comment on Odd about why you are thankful for your pup or pups.

Friday November 9th, I will draw 10 winners from the amusing entries and they will receive a plush Frosty Paw pup and two coupons that can be redeemed at their local grocery story for a WHOLE BOX of Frosty Paws! Shipping is included in the giveaway.

Small print:

Turning down the plush stuffed toy is not an option! If you don’t want the plush pup you can always include it in a toy drive, give it to a friend’s child, give it to your child or pup, tie one on a Holiday present (check Pinterest for more ideas). But if you enter and win, I’m sending you one!

Enter as many times as you like.

Note: Coupons expire 12/31/2013. Frosty Paws are only sold in the US.

Let the contest begin! Woof!


27 thoughts on “Frosty Paws Give Away! Be A Winner!

  1. I am soooo thankful for my pups cos they always know how to PAW’TAY! For non dog folk, that means partay…not pottay! (Since I am in Canada, and if my chance I win, I will donate the winnings to Odd’s favorite charity!)

    Meira & Tikka & Bullet 😉

  2. My Darling Dallas has NEVER had a Frosty Paws! In fact, I’m not sure with his chubbiness and thyroid issues if he should have one, but what a cute idea. And we want to play!
    Why am I thankful for my dog? Let me count the ways — he’s warm in winter months, keeps me exercising, and never turns his nose up at treats. He sings to Domer’s trumpet, knows where to hide when the weather sirens go off, and thinks beating me to the top (or bottom) of stairways is the way to my heart. He thinks it’s his job to clean up the “waste” in the yard, stands patiently while I dry his muddy paws or brush his teeth, and submits to periodic blood tests for his thyroid. He knows my moods and understands me better than most people. And he’s lovingly spoiled!

    • As they say one won’t hurt him 😀 and even my campers with delicate tums seem to handle the treat pretty well. I think the “singing” is a riot! Isn’t something how well our pups “get us.”
      Thanks for playing….

  3. I love my Zeta for her relentless affection, limitless energy, boxer wiggle butt, the way she prances around a puddle, her “i don’t like that face” (I’ll try to capture it), her solid muscular stature but is afraid of her own shadow and even her extensive separation anxiety. Love my pup!!!

  4. I’m so thankful I don’t have a dog. It gives me the opportunity to love on other people’s dogs and then go home. If I win these coupons I will be just like my Mother, the beneficent grandmother. I will pay her a visit and bestow my gift of Frosty paws and once the little angels get all sugar-ed up I can go home to peace and quiet, just like she did with my kids!

  5. I love my two brats Bailey n Bella. Loves having someone so excited to you all the time. With hubby work at night, I feel saver with them. Tyra n Kalia learn to love animal thanks to them.
    Btw, I actually never heard of frosty paws, howeve if it recommend by Odd, I know it’s a good stuff!

  6. My little girl, Saami Jo is the sunshine in my life! She stays by my side through the good times and the bad! I am so thankful to have her as my “partner in crime”! LOL!

  7. Who could ask for a better pup? Zella the Poochella is a dream dog…. she has never chewed a shoe, does not eat food from the floor without permission, rarely farts and is beside herself excited to see us. Every. Single. Day. She is our happy companion and we love her dearly!

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  10. I’m too late for the contest, but I’ll put in my 2 cents anyway. I am awe inspired by my pups everyday. They remind me of what life should be….. Unconditional love, appreciating the little things and eat each meal as is we’re your last!

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