Christmas Odds and Ends


Sharing some Christmas Odds and Ends with you. . .

Our assortment of goodies runneth over! If you were here, I would share with you. Well, I would not share my mother’s fudge. The only person I will share the fudge with is my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, who make the world’s best seafood bisque for Christmas Day dinner. The world’s best. Everything is really, really good; however, I wait all year for the bisque. (Note to BIL/SIL: We will talk regarding fudge delivery.) Yes, those are giant Pixie Sticks. Why do you ask? They are mine. Would you like one?

I had a camper who needed a early morno walk. What can I say? I love pink elephants. Cole gave me these pajama bottoms about six years ago. I may be cremated in them. Pajama bottoms seem to be a recurring theme in my life.


Can you spot the elf? Sara decided to stick around until New Year’s Day.


Love my new scarf! Carol is so talented!! I love pink! Rascal decided to model it for me, while I took the picture.


A highlight of this year’s Christmas was ugly sweaters.

Ugly Sweaters

Cole made this globe light for me. I love it. It hangs from the ceiling.  Now, if only I had a second kid that was an electrician…I wouldn’t have to run an extension cord down the wall along the hall to the nearest outlet. Working on a more attractive solution.


Marshmallow pops! Here is the short-ish story…This is not the best picture, so use your imagination, to picture their splendidness.

Marshmallow Pops

I made 35 of these for Cole to take to school for his holiday party. I rolled each marshmallow in melted chocolate, and then I rolled each one in peppermint (which I had lovingly crushed in the Cuisinart—never mind the fact the entire kitchen wound up covered in peppermint dust), and then I tied bows onto each marshmallow pop, making sure I used different colors of holiday ribbon. (I wanted to be sensitive to everyone’s holiday preference.) I curled the bows on the end. (No I didn’t…but I considered it.) I put the marshmallow pops into a beautiful Christmas box so the top could be used as a colorful serving tray.

The next morning, I proudly presented the box of treats to Cole, and he took it to school. He had plans after school and came home after I went to bed, so I did not have a chance to ask him how much everyone enjoyed my treats until the next morning, when I found the box on the kitchen counter. I was impressed he had remembered to bring the box home…until I opened it and saw 31 marshmallow pops still in the box.

I was heartbroken. I thought Cole had forgotten the treats in the car, but when I asked him he said that they were very sweet and the four people who tried them did not like them.


I asked him why he did not just throw them all away and tell me everyone loved them—to which he responded, “Mom, I thought you would want to know. You keep telling me I should let you know what foods I think you should make again.”


I told  Cole he should have pitched the pops, told me everyone loved them, and next year, if I mentioned making them again, he should suggest something different. Honesty, I reminded him, is overrated and should be used sparingly—especially when it comes to my cooking, which I am already highly sensitive and defensive about. Cole offered me a hug for effort and took the offending pops outside and buried them in the garbage. I have forgiven him but will tell the story for the rest of his life.  (For the record, we have already had the “Do I look fat in this…” talk.)

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Do you have any random Holiday tidbits to share? Odd Loves Company! 



P.S. Cole just shared this with me. I think he may have been a little bored today…being bored is not a bad thing!  In case you have  always wondered…

The largest percent of color on the American Flag is white: 49.3%,  followed by red 48.25%, followed by blue 2.37%. I think he said something about rounding up….


My kid is odd, it amuses me.



8 thoughts on “Christmas Odds and Ends

    • Thank you! When you don’t cook you learn to make it look good….More icing, more cheese, more melted butter, distractions of any kind….I’m the master.
      If I am not mistaken you will be watching fireworks on the beach with locals who walk around in spooky masks. Have fun but be mindful out there!

  1. Cole sounds just like my Domer! He, too, is honest to a fault. And trust me, he’d have done the exact same thing with the pops — he’s always valued honesty over tact (but hey, at least I know where I stand with him, haha!) And I love Cole’s lamp!

    • What is funny is he had no idea it might hurt my feeling..If he had realized it would cause a brou ha ha they would have been pitched. Not to avoid hurting my feelings but to avoid listening to me rant. Kids! We were never like this…right?
      Thanks I love the lamp too and hopefully will find someone to hang it in 2013.

  2. Those look like great Christmas treats. Love Cole’s lamp. So different. I wish my kids would do math when they are bored instead of whine. What is your secret. Sorry about your marshmallow pops…chalk it up to the reptilian brain of the male species. They do try and we love them but sometimes they are pretty clueless.
    Happy New Year!! I am sure ready to ring in 2013.

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