Ugly Christmas Sweater Adventure


It is December 22, 2012 at around 6:51 pm.

I need an adventure. I NEED AN ADVENTURE.

Cut loose, escape, have a little FUN.

I’m taking Cole and his good friend Johnny shopping for UGLY Christmas sweaters.

Stores are open until 11pm. . .

Despite the traffic, crowds, and lack of parking..,this is going to be so much FUN.

Maybe Cole will let me sing Christmas carols???

I will check Odd while we shop so if you want to share what makes a Christmas sweater ugly….

Odd Loves Company!!!

Doing a little pre-shopping research I found this!!

Mother for heavens sake DO NOT scroll down!

I’m SHOCKED. Is nothing scared?

On second thought, I would have added a wreath. ♥




Click for Ugly Sweater success story!

13 thoughts on “Ugly Christmas Sweater Adventure

  1. Oh my. I was thinking light up. I mean I was thinking a light up sweater with reindeer. Really I just came to visit El Morno. Have fun. Should I look forward to pictures?

  2. Had to be a man to think of this sweater and wear it! Man pride?? After all, it is his BRAIN showing, isn’t it???

    • Too Funny Carol!! My boys choose tasteful ugly sweaters…! If you go to church today…Please pray that no one on at our Christmas Eve/ Day celebrations wears a matching sweater given to them by a beloved family member and does not understand the ugly sweater concept. That could be a tad uncomfortable 😀

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