Date Nut Bread, TSA Holiday Travel Tips

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December 22, 2012

christmas ball

★~ Today’s Quote: Christmas puns are really starting to annoy Santa. Please stop using them or yule be sorry!!

★~ Date Nut Bread Day:

date nut bread

The first date nut bread recipe appeared in print in 1939, but dates are one of the world’s oldest fruits. Date seeds have been found in archaeology excavations of sub-tropical areas around the world. Historians believe that the ancient Moors brought the date to Spain and later introduced it to America.

To celebrate National Date Nut Bread Day, try your hand at baking a homemade loaf of this festive treat! Don’t forget to top it off with a little cream cheese frosting!

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1956 – First gorilla born in captivity.. “Colo” was born at the Columbus, OH, zoo, weighing in at 3¼ pounds.

♥~ 1958 – The Chipmunks were at the #1 position on the music charts on this day in 1958 as Alvin, Simon, and Theodore sang with David Seville. The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late), the novelty tune that topped the charts for a month, is still a Christmas favorite today…

★~Born Today:


♥~ 1905 –  Kenneth Rexroth, Poet,  born on this day in South Bend, Indiana (1905). He lived on Chicago’s West Side, traveled around the States, and then settled in San Francisco when the city was the new destination for young artists. There, he hung out with poets Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. He published more than 50 books of poetry, including The Phoenix and the Tortoise (1944) and In Defense of the Earth (1956). He once said, “Man thrives where angels would die of ecstasy and where pigs would die of disgust.”

♥~ 1945 – Diane Sawyer TV journalist: 60 Minutes, Prime Time Live, 20/20, Good Morning America; anchor: ABC World News

♥~ 1946 – Rick Nielsen musician: guitar, singer: group: Cheap Trick: I Want You to Want Me, Ain’t That a Shame, Dream Police, Voices

♥~ 1949 – Maurice Gibb musician: bass, songwriter: group: Bee Gees: score for Saturday Night Fever, How Deep is Your Love, Stayin’ Alive; married to singer Lulu; died Jan 12, 2003

♥~ 1949 – Robin Gibb musician, songwriter: group: Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart; see Maurice Gibb: twins

★~ Did You Know: Flying this Christmas Seasons? A few tips brought to us by the TSA-for our flying pleasure.

ugly Christmas sweaters

♥~ Fruitcake: Contrary to popular belief fruitcake is a permitted carry on item. Cakes, pies, bread, donuts, turkeys, etc., are all permitted. Here is a list of items that should be placed in your checked bags or shipped: cranberry sauce, creamy dips and spreads (cheeses, peanut butter, etc.), gift baskets with liquid or gel food items (salsa, jams and salad dressings), gravy, jams, jellies, maple syrup, oils and vinegars, sauces, soups, wine, liquor and beer.

♥~ Snow Globes are no longer considered a security risk as long as they’re about the size of a tennis ball or smaller, and the entire thing, including the base, fits in the same quart-sized bag that holds your toiletries and other liquids.

♥~ Wrapped gifts are allowed, but here is the TSA story and they are sticking to it “Our officers try their best not to mangle the gift wrap, but it’s not a guarantee, and it also slows down the line for everybody else when we have to do this.” According to the TSA blog “We’d rather unwrap the gifts that are under our trees.”  Best to wrap up in gift bag.

♥~ Christmas sweaters with lots of bling might be tasteless, but they aren’t against the law. However, sweaters that wires and lights might require additional screening.

♥~ Double Check Your Bag for Guns: Seriously!!! Based on the TSA’s Week in Review posts, you should also probably also check for knives, swords in canes, fireworks, stun guns, brass knuckles, grenades.  Wayne Coyne shuts down Oklahoma airport by carrying grenade in luggage. Really.


6:07pm: Opps I never added my two cents today. Perhaps because I am running around like a chook with my head cut off in a good way. I will see you all tomorrow for a Happy Festivus… for the Rest of Us!


11 thoughts on “Date Nut Bread, TSA Holiday Travel Tips

  1. Morno,
    Week is over, vacation has begun. Let it be merry. Nice weekend and week planned with family and friends. Amazing that people try to walk through TSA with guns.
    One more gift to buy and I’m done.
    Have a good one.

  2. Date nut bread – have to try it! I made banana nut bread on Thursday evening, left it to cool. Friday morning I found out the birthday boy had discovered it – when asked about the missing portion, he smiled and said “it was deeeeeelicious”. How can you argue with that?

    I’m actually shocked at the things people try to take on planes – what on earth does that thought process look like?

    Happy weekend – it’s cold, cold, cold here. Saw a few flurries yesterday, but no real snow. Guess we’ll decorate the tree today!

    • I think banana nut bread is much better!! And you can never argue with a banana nut bread thief that compliments the cook!!
      Cold here too!! Don’t rush decorating the tree…After all Christmas Eve isn’t until Monday!

  3. I’m not back yet, but I wanted to wish you and Cole a very Happy Christmas! And to say, I’ve missed you!! Come back!! Don’t go!! Ok. Go. I’ll be fine. Really. And If I’m not it won’t be your fault and don’t let anyone blame you!! Ok?

    • Merry Christmas to you Debbie!! I miss you too! Wait! Stop this madness. Don’t go. Come back. No. Go. I’ll be fine and if I’m not please don’t let anyone tell you it’s your fault!! Ok? ♥

  4. Guns? Wow that surprises me. I have a sweater that boarders on ugly mostly because it is so busy. It has everything. But I love it and so do the kids so I wear it a couple of times. Not crazy about dates but I do love banana bread.
    Kids are spending the night with in-laws and my DH and are reveling in a night at home together. We are both to tired to do anything but order Chinese food and sit and look at each other eat but we’ll take it.
    Sunny and mild in these parts.

  5. date nut bread is tasty especially when a little warm.
    true to my taste, i think the chipmunk’s original version of their song is better. good memories of being a kid at christmas time.
    these people who cluelessly try to go through with banned items make flying as enjoyable as it has become. not.
    beautiful day here with crispness to the air. went to the farm for another dobe romp. six in all plus a rhodesian ridgeback. we do not discriminate! as you would say……FUN!

    • Some people haven’t learned that not unlike the border patrol TSA agents are not known for a sense of humor. One of my favorite ridgeback is at camp for the holidays! I’m glad your pack includes one in the mix. FUN!!

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