Gone Shopping. Be Back Soon.

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December 17, 2012


Click El Morno, December 17, 2011 to learn about Saturnalia and Maple Syrup day.

I know you’ll miss me but try and be brave. After all, I’m just being a good citizen and improving the economy.

Be amusing! Odd Loves Company!


10 thoughts on “Gone Shopping. Be Back Soon.

  1. Heck yes we miss you but thanks for the click, good luck shopping, may the sales be with you.
    Hi Ho off to work I go but next week I am on VACATION.
    Lovely Day to You.

  2. good thing it is snowing in odd so the december chicago street scene looks more authentic……..
    i’m probably one of the few who does not like to shop. have fun & good luck!

    • Thanks. I can almost call it wrapped up. Thanks for noticing how the snow is adding to the Odds authenticity. It’s suppose to snow on Thursday. Fingers crossed.

  3. Lucky you! I’m sure Rahm is appreciative of your efforts — and your cash. A grey day like this cries out for bright lights, Christmas carols, and perhaps an extra bite of chocolate, too. Wish I were shopping, instead of coding, ha!

    • Mmm. Not a fan of Rahm. So I spent money but was downtown just briefly before heading to the burb’s and parking. I did have a bite of Sees my favorite boxed chocolate. They were giving away samples.
      Sorry about the coding. Glad you are taking a break and hopefully adding some FUN into your Christmas.

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