Wear a plunger on your Head Day, Bake Cookie Day, Roast Suckling Pig Day

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December 18th, 2o12

christmas light bokeh

★~ Today’s: Quote: “Confronting our feelings and giving them appropriate expression always takes strength, not weakness. It takes strength to acknowledge our anger, and sometimes more strength yet to curb the aggressive urges anger may bring and to channel them into nonviolent outlets. It takes strength to face our sadness and to grieve and to let our grief and our anger flow in tears when they need to. It takes strength to talk about our feelings and to reach out for help and comfort when we need it.” From The World According to Mister Rogers

★~ Wear a plunger on your Head Day:


I have some pup picked out to be the plunger wearer and will post later if cooperation can be bought with a Christmas cookie.

In  honor of wear a plunger on your head day the words of beloved children’s author and poet Shel Silverstein,

Teddy said it was a hat,
So I put it on.
Now dad is saying,
“Where the heck’s the toilet plunger gone?”

★~ Bake Cookie Day:


“Just the thought of homemade cookies invokes that visceral, comforting thought of home, sweet home. Whether you came home like ‘The Beaver’ to a warm plate of cookies after school, or you pop refrigerated, ready-made dough into the oven late at night, fresh cookies just make a person feel warm and cozy . . . with milk, don’t forget the milk!” Emily Collins.  There is nothing like the smell of home-baked cookies. Whether they are gingerbread or chocolate chip, frosted or fruity, cookies have a way of bringing people together. Just in time for the holiday season, today is Bake Cookies Day, so what are you waiting for…bake on!!

★~ Roast Suckling Pig Day (or not) :


Remember this little piggy from last year? Don’t roast him.Have a cookie instead and toast him with a glass of milk.

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1936 – Su Lin arrived in San Francisco, California. She was the first giant panda to come to the U.S. from China. The bear was sold to the Brookfield Zoo for $8,750.

♥~ 1972 – Helen Reddy received a gold record for the song that became an anthem for women’s liberation, I Am Woman. The song had reached number one on December 9, 1972.

♥~ 1982 – Daryl Hall and John Oates reached the #1 spot on the music charts for the fifth time with Maneater. The song stayed in the top spot for four weeks, making it Hall and Oates’ most popular hit.

★~ Born Today:

<img class=" wp-image-23065 alignnone" title="Brad Pitt" alt="Brad PittJEAN-PAUL PELISSIER/REUTERS/LANDOV" src="https://oddlovescompany.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/brad-pitt-300.jpeg" width="270" height="360"

♥~ 1778 – Joseph Grimaldi clown: ‘father of clowns’, ‘greatest clown in history’, ‘king of pantomime’: Joey the Clown; singer, dancer, acrobat; died May 31, 1837

♥~ 1916 – Betty (Ruth Elizabeth) Grable the original ‘Pinup Girl’: actress: Whoopee!, Hold ’Em Jail, Probation, The Gay Divorcee, Follow the Fleet, College Swing, Down Argentine Way,Tin Pan Alley, Moon Over Miami, Song of the Islands, Springtime in the Rockies, Sweet Rosie O’Grady; her famous legs were insured by Lloyds of London for somewhere between a quarter million and a million dollars; died July 2, 1973

♥~ 1946 – Steven (Allan) Spielberg born in Cincinnati, Ohio (1946). His parents had a difficult marriage, and young Spielberg escaped the house during the day and made amateur movies with his father’s Super 8 camera. He made two films about World War II, and a movie about a UFO invasion, starring his sisters as victims. Steven Spielberg became famous with Jaws (1975),  and topped his success seven years later with E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), about a young boy recovering from the breakup of his parents’ marriage when he befriends an alien left behind by his spaceship. The movie, E.T., became fourth-highest-grossing film of all time.

♥~ 1963 – Brad Pitt actor: 12 Monkeys, Seven, Legends of the Fall, A River Runs Through It, Thelma and Louise, Cutting Class, Head of the Class, Dallas, Twelve Monkeys, The Devil’s Own, Meet Joe Black, Fight Club, Ocean’s Eleven

♥~ 1978 – Katie Holmes actress: Dawson’s Creek, Wonder Boys, The Gift

♥~ 1980 – Christina Aguilera singer: Genie in a Bottle, LP: What a Girl Wants; actress: MMC

★~ Did You Know:

mistletoe Christmas

♥~ Mistletoe was held sacred by the Norse, the Celtic Druids and the North American Indians.

♥~ Druid priests would cut mistletoe from an oak tree with a golden sickle. The branches had to be caught before they touched the ground. They then divided the branches into many sprigs and distributed them to the people, who hung them over doorways as protection against thunder, lightning and other evils.

♥~ It was believed that a sprig placed in a baby’s cradle would protect the child from goblins.

♥~ Mistletoe is a symbol for peace and joy. The idea originated in the ancient times of the Druids: whenever enemies met under the mistletoe in the forest, they had to lay down their arms and observe a truce until the next day. From this comes the custom of hanging a ball of mistletoe from the ceiling and exchanging kisses under it as a sign of friendship and goodwill.

♥~ In the 18th Century, the exchanging of kisses between a man and a woman under the mistletoe was a promise to marry.


As you know, if you are a frequent El Mornoer, yesterday I went Christmas shopping. One of my first stops was Walgreens to purchase one of Cole’s Santa requests…

“Drug store after shave. The cheap stuff, like Dad use to wear.”  After laughing hard at Joe’s expense,  I bought Old Spice classic.  The second gift listed on Cole Christmas….

“All weather floor mats for Audi. They are kind of expensive, so this could be a future gift.”

Glad he is taking Santa’s budget into account. Lucky for him, he is a treasured only grandchild.  The only thing left to buy is the “wool sheater” that is on sale right now at the Express and I can call it a wrap.

Do you bake Christmas cookies? What kind? Do share!

Odd Loves Company! 

16 thoughts on “Wear a plunger on your Head Day, Bake Cookie Day, Roast Suckling Pig Day

  1. Morno,
    Cookies. Perfect. I can take some cookies back to the office after lunch and be applauded for my superior Christmas spirit. Tell Cole to watch out wearing Old Spice the girls will be hunting him down. Just use a little, a dab. I speak from experience.
    Have a good one!

    • Well were a hero yesterday? What kind of cookies? I will be sure to pass the warning along to Cole…can’t be too careful when you are dabbing on drugstore after shave. Although I will admit it smells pretty darn good.

  2. Plunger on your head day? Why??? Crappy holiday, if you ask me–no offense. I agree about baby pigs much to cute to eat. Cookies are good! Mike you will be a hero for sure.
    Maybe I will take some cookies to the office. Brad Pitt is yummy. Have not been kissed under the mistletoe in awhile maybe this year!
    Cole’s Christmas list is funny. He will smell delightful.
    Have a terrific Tuesday.

    • I’m not exactly sure. I have tol you tol you and tol you I just report the holidays I do not make them up and If I did plunger on your head would not make the cut.
      Go for the kiss!
      Hope your day was terrific!

  3. Morno. Morno. Morno.
    Feeling the Christmas spirit. Yep. Baking and wrapping all day today. Shopping is done. And here is the funny thing I just bought a plunger yesterday…never used. Maybe one of the kids will model it.
    How much is Old Spice these days? I remember buying it for my dad. It smelled pretty good!

    • MORNO! Thanks for bringing the Christmas spirit. You are really in sync with El Morno! Old Spice is about $9.00 from Amazon in the older bottles. It does smell pretty good.
      Merry Tuesday, Lizzy Tizzy.

  4. how about some hai karate aftershave for cole? remember those crazy commercials?!
    i don’t bake much these days, but do enjoy christmas cookies. a lot!
    unless you’re after all weather floor mats with *the audi logo*, you might want to look into weathertech. their products have protected my jeeps from the elements & dogs for two decades.

    • Hai Karate is FUN. I do remember the commercials! My dad use to make a big deal after he put on his hai karate about all the girls chasing after him.
      Thanks Irene we are looking at WeatherTech but they may be more than our Audi dealership when you add in tax/and shipping. Good to know the mats are worth it tho!

  5. I love Old Spice! Reminds me of my dad and husband wearing it. It spells love to me. A plunger on my head???? I think not! My plunger has been in the toilet and in yucky water. Don’t even want to be near it unless emergency. Who could roast a cute little Piggy like that let alone eat it? I don’t want to think of the animal I am eating as a living creature. Cookies??? Lord have mercy on me. I need all the will power I can muster up to not eat them, so I certainly do not bake them!

    • Funny how smells connect you with a person. My mom’s perfume will do that the moment I open the closet door where she keeps her clothes when she visits. Old spice too. My dad wore it (Christmas presents from me, of-course) and Joe wore and then swore he was irresistible. MEN!
      No roasting this little pig! I want my food meat from the grocery store wrapped in plastic wrap and no baby anything. I could easily be a vegetarian if I didn’t like meat so much.
      Cookies! Tiz the season! Ho Ho Ho

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