St Nicholas Day, Put On Your Own Shoes Day, Microwave Day, Gazpacho Day

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December 6, 2012

Snowman ? December 2010 !!

★~ Today’s Quote: “In ancient times, both Druids and Romans hung sprigs of mistletoe in their homes and places  of celebration to bring good fortune, peace and love.”

★~ St. Nicholas Day:

St. Nick and his silent servant Rupert visit to our house every year. Click here for our storyClick here for the whole St. Nick story. This year we added the Elf On The Shelf to our Christmas Traditions.

★~ Put On Your Own Shoes Day:

After you leave your shoes out for St. Nick, you have to put them on yourself…so you might want to let your personal shoe putter-onner have the day off! Today’s the day to convince the general public that you are one of them. To help with this, you may want to wear a small tiara and take a Town Car instead of the limo.

★~ Microwave Day:

Before the invention of the microwave oven, popcorn took three hours to make using a coal-powered corn popper that had to be manned by two trained professionals at all times. Okay, that’s not a fact. But here’s one: The first microwave oven, produced in 1947, was called the Radarange, and it was 5.9 feet tall and weighed 750 pounds. And you thought your current model took up too much counter space. El Morno friend Suzanne Carpenter–this microwave looks like it might belong in your kitchen!

★~ Gazpacho Day:

The coldest soup with the coolest name to say, gazpacho has its roots in ancient Moorish kitchens and has remained popular over the years among European field hands as a refreshing lunch after working in the hot sun. This tomato-based dish has dozens of variations, but perhaps one of the best known is the gazpacho bloody Mary. Add a celery stick and you’ve got a whole salad in a glass! Gazpacho Recipe

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1883 –  Ladies’ Home Journal and Practical Housekeeper was published for the first time. It became one of the few magazines to reach a circulation of over one million. Paid circulation is over 3,000,000.

♥~ 1955 – New York psychologist Joyce Brothers won The ,000 Question by answering a boxing question.

♥~ 1960 – Domino’s Pizza was founded by Thomas S. Monaghan. The first Domino’s opened in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

♥~ 1969 – The Rolling Stones staged a rock concert at the Altamount Speedway in Livermore, CA for some 300,000 fans. The Stones hired the Hell’s Angels for security. Fans were beaten and one person, Meredith Hunter, was stamped and stabbed to death by a Hell’s Angel during the show. (The 1970 documentary filmGimme Shelter told the story.)

♥~ 1975 – Paul Simon’s album, Still Crazy After All These Years, was number one in the U.S. It was Simon’s first #1 solo album and it contained his first recording with Art Garfunkel since their 1969 breakup (My Little Town, which was also included on Garfunkel’s Breakaway album).

♥~ 1998 – Astronauts on the U.S. space shuttle Endeavour completed the most difficult task of their 12-day mission, mating modules from Russia and the United States to create the first two building blocks of International Space Station. “We have capture of Zarya,” Commander Robert Cabana announced when the two pieces came together at approximately 9:07 p.m. EST. “Congratulations to the crew of the good ship Endeavour,” replied Mission Control. “That’s terrific.”

★~ Born Today:

♥~ 1953 – Tom Hulce actor: The Heidi Chronicles, Fearless, The Inner Circle, Parenthood, Dominick & Eugene, Amadeus, National Lampoon’s Animal House

♥~ 1955 – Steven Wright stand-up comedian: deadpan, monotone; in film: Desperately Seeking Susan

♥~ 1956 – Peter Buck musician: guitar: group: R.E.M.: Stand, So Central Rain, Seven Chinese Brothers, Radio Free Europe

♥~ 1962 – Janine Turner (Gauntt) actress: Northern Exposure, Behind the Screen, Cliffhanger, Steel Magnolias, Monkey Shines, Knights of the City

♥~ 1967- Judd Apatow, director:  Knocked up.  The 40 Year Old Virgin, Bridesmaids

★~ Did You Know: A few Odd holidays gifts you may want to avoid. . . 

The gift that says: I almost cared

No Shirt! This is not your father’s tie.

The ad copy reads:  Now for the first time, socks and sandals have joined forces and have melded into one incredible product. Sock Sandals.  Just in case you haven’t figured it out from the photos, the sandal and straps are actually printed onto the sock itself. Are these really awful or is my imagination?

A tad insensitive but if you were to include the Lucky Beggar Cardboard Box-Inspired Storage Ottoman it might make a nice gift.

There were a lot of contenders for the oddest kid gift but this one is right up there with……

A girl wears a special halter top with flowers instead of nipples that cause the baby to make sucking sounds and move its mouth. The tagline for the toy reads, “Because you shouldn’t have to wait until you have breasts before you start breastfeeding your baby.” Really.


Christmas Cards are starting to fill my mail box! I love Christmas cards and Christmas letters. I especially like it when people add a  note to their cards. A note is nice. Go ahead brag. Why not!

The first card I receive every single year is always from Cousin Carla. I don’t know how she does it, but she is always first. One of the cards that arrived this year, included a picture, I took while the pup was at camp (Thanks El Morno friend, Nancy) how cool is that!!  Anyway, if you’re sending out cards add me to your list and I will do the same for you. FUN, right? RIGHT.

Odd Loves Company!

12 thoughts on “St Nicholas Day, Put On Your Own Shoes Day, Microwave Day, Gazpacho Day

  1. Morno,
    Happy St Nicholas Day. I think I mentioned we celebrated this holiday when I was growing up and with my kids. I plan to stay a long way away from those gifts and hope my friends and family do too. Hard to take Gazpacho into the office but maybe we can order some Dominos pizza for lunch.
    Have a good one.

    • An orange and chocolate bar in your shoe, right? I looked at those gifts and thought who in the world would give something like that beyond a gag gift but people do….
      Did you have Dominos for lunch? A nice Thursday treat.

  2. Yes, I do love the flowers on the microwave…pretty
    I love roses/flowers on everything..I received some flowery boots in the mail them, I think you would, too..
    Think I will pass on the Gazpacho soup… 8)

    • Yep that microwave has your name on and it and would go so well with the pink kitchen aid. I was looking at the boots on Facebook…I do need a pair! Might treat myself over the holidays.
      Gazpacho isn’t my cuppa soup either. Might have to do with the taste or the time Joe tried to make it and turned on the blender without the top.Oh yeah…still have spots on the ceiling.

  3. I’m Dutch so I still celebrate St Nicholas eve in my own special way – with salted licorice left for me and my husband in our shoes. Since he HATES salted licorice (from that alone you can tell he’s not Dutch) that means I get to enjoy twice as much! Happy St. Nicholas to all!

  4. Ok. I will send you a Christmas card with a picture of my family on it. We can be Odd Pen Pals! :-D. Those gifts are horrid. Especially the ones for kids! What are people thinking? I love Gazpacho. My mother use to make it.
    Have a lovely Thursday.

  5. i have always enjoyed the different days celebrated during the christmas season. interesting!
    i’ve been to domino’s 1st restaurant in ypsi many times. the founder has been a good citizen to the state of mi.

    • Domino’s makes a good pizza–if you don’t live in Chicago :-D. They do get it to you speedy quick. Nice to know the owner takes care of the state that helped supported his success.
      Well next up is the Winter Solstice! We celebrate them all.

  6. Haven’t had that soup and don’t intend to. Sounds awful.I will send you a Christmas card to add to your grouping. I imagine you have some great way of displaying them too.

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