Dipping Together!

Milk Dipper On Milk Day we had a contest to guess which “Milk Product’ I had been gifted. Irene and Joanne correctly guessed the Dipper. Mmmm.  Moving along, I will be giving them each their own dipper.  We will be dips together.

Cole, my #1 dip  DIPPER demonstrates the dipper for us!

or give a special someone a Dipper for Valentines Day. The company is family owned, the price/shipping is reasonable and shipping is quick enough. The product is FUN.

Congratulations Joanne and Irene!

*The Dipper is not an affiliate link. It’s just a fun link and product to share.

5 thoughts on “Dipping Together!

  1. DARN how did I miss this contest? I want a dipper. Cole demonstration was excellent. I look at Cole and read your stories and think, I hope my boys growing into the kind of teen Cole is…Now, I need to check out those dippers. Your right, fun Valentines Day gift with some oreos!

    • It is fun Liz! No one needs one which is why I think it is a fun gift and the storage is minimal. Thanks, Cole is a good sport most of the time..Keep in mind on Odd you only see the times he is agreeable!

  2. i like to win! thank you very much! i will study the proper dipping technique & try to live up to being a true dip.

  3. I won I won I won!!! It’s fun to win. I have mine already – glad I could save you the postage KB, so I’ll be trying it out very soon. Glad you sent the demonstration. Thank Cole for his excellent work.

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