15 Shots in the Butt

shot in the butt


A few weeks ago I bought a Groupon for 15 B12 shots. I know some people buy a mani/pedi or restaurant Groupon, but not me. I go straight for the shots and say hit me up with 15.

The shots promised to help me curb snacking, but what really caught my attention was that they also promised to give me a surge of energy. When Joe died, my gateway to Adderall died with him, and my energy level has really taken a plunge. Just kidding — at least about the Adderall — but not about the general fatigue, which more than likely comes from not getting enough sleep and surfing Facebook into the wee hours of the morning. However, I could have a B12 deficiency. Some of you may wonder or ask, are the shots safe? Well, of course they’re safe … I got them from Groupon!

The clinic I scheduled my first appointment with was professional enough. The staff was nice and asked me to fill out the same paperwork that any doctor’s office would require. The nurse practitioner asked some basic health history questions, took my blood pressure, and listened to my heart. After she had finished checking me out, she began to explain how to give myself the B12 shots. Give myself a shot? Clearly, I should have read the Groupon fine print. This was news to me.

The nurse must have caught the dismayed look on my face because she quickly explained that it was easy. She said that she would demonstrate how to give the first one, and then I could always watch a YouTube video to review the procedure if I needed too (at that point, I began to think that this is going to make a heck of a blog post).

I must have still looked unconvinced because she then said, with a great deal of authority as she readied the first shot, “After one shot, you will be a pro. It so easy that anyone can do it.” Anyone? Doubtful. I could easily name 25 people on the spot that would not be standing in a clinic, using a Groupon to pick up 15 B12 shots to shoot themselves in the butt with … you’re probably on my list! However, I just smiled and offered her my right check and looked behind me as she demonstrated the process by giving me my first shot.

“Pretend you are playing darts. Make sure you go in fast at a 90-degree angle. Don’t hesitate. Draw the needle back a bit to make sure there isn’t any blood. It is rare that would happen, but if there is, just pull the needle out and try again. Shoot all the solution in and remove the needle. Any questions?”

Only one. What was the best position to give myself the shot since my gluteus maximus muscle is behind me. The answer? Look in a mirror. But of course! The perfect solution. Hold the shot in my right hand, bend forward, look in a mirror, and without hesitating, throw the needle at my butt like it’s a bull’s eye. Got it.

Naturally, I told my sweet mom about my B12 adventure, she didn’t ask me if I had lost my mind, but instead suggested I ask Cole to give me the shot since he is so handy and all. Cole is an option since he is skilled at both archery and darts, but I’m going to give it my best shot first.

I spent a little time with Google and YouTube, and I feel a lot more confident with what I learned.

While it is highly possible I will miss my mark, it is highly unlikely I will hit a major artery and bleed to death.

If at first I don’t succeed at jamming the needle in hard enough, I can reuse the same needle to try again and again.

The thigh muscle works just as well as the gluteus maximus for the shot, which means I will now be able to watch myself jam the needle into my thigh. I consider this a real plus.

Ok. Enough stalling. Here I go. Wish me luck — although I doubt I will need it. If anybody can do this, so can I.


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Click for Part 2 of this post…video included

25 thoughts on “15 Shots in the Butt

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    • 3 shots a week. The first one was on Wednesday and the second one was suppose to be tomorrow but I decided Sat was a better shot day. You can stagger them however you want too. Brave? We shall see. The first shot didn’t hurt but the medication made me a little sore for about an hour or so.

  2. OMG this is too funny. Only you. It would never occur to me to volunteer for a shot much less give myself one. I admit less snacking and more energy sounds nice but I will get it in the form of a pill or less likely healthy living.
    Please let us know how you make out!

  3. I had those B12 shots not by choice. It was a pain in the a$$ and I really expected a surge of euphoric energy after each one but it never happened! Could be because my B12 was so low I was having neurological issues or maybe I expected too much. In any event, I now take a B12 supplement. Wishing you happy shooting. Can’t wait to see how it turns out for you. Xoxo

  4. You. are.crazy. And I better be on that list of 25 people who would not do that. When I was a kid I was scared to death of needles. And blood? Not going there. Now I can donate blood if I don’t think about it too much. And I hope I never have to give myself shots.

    But….did they work?

    • Not sure if they work yet I’ve only had one. Nobody likes needle or blood but I am not scared of them—I have given dogs shots on many occasions and even started an IV for fluids but it is so different when you are doing it to yourself. I mean really….you never here of anyone stabbing themselves to death.

  5. Hmm, I must have been hiding in a cave because I’ve never heard of this! Why shots? Can’t you just take vitamins in a pill form? Better yet (according to Mayo Clinic), get more sleep, eat whole foods, and exercise to lose weight and feel better. Of course, I’m no doc, but if you really have a B-12 deficiency, the shots might help; if not, you’ll just expel the excess! Kb, you’re much braver than I’d ever be — no way could I give myself a shot. And I couldn’t ask Domer, either — he’s like Dawn, terrified of needles!!

    • The shots are suppose to be much better if you have a B12 deficiency. Weight loss is really less of the issue although you can never be too thin…campers, and stairs provide a gym like atmosphere.
      Your right if I don’t have the deficiency the shots won’t help. but my bigger worry is they do work and I can’t afford 15 more and have to spend hours looking for deals on B12 shots. Sigh.
      I am not brave yet–still working up to it. When campers need shots, I usually hold them and Cole administers the
      shot. I am better at calming and he is better at giving the shot and has been since he was about 13. But nether of us are sure he can give me a shot in the thigh.
      Ok. I am going to do it. Maybe.

  6. Well I certainly hope this isn’t the start of something more than a vitamin shot…like, well you figure it out. I had to have those when I was pregnant with my son and they hurt like heck. Be sure to rub the area of the shot to move the medication out of that area. I always do it and it helps to keep from getting sore.
    Carry on!

    • Rubbing does help. So did a hot compress after the first shot. I was amazed at how sore I was but only for about an hour.
      Thank you!

  7. Do not use the same needle over and over again! Who said you can do this? The needle gets more dull with every shot. You need a nice new sharp needle with every injection. My two cents.. 🙂

  8. my best high school friend in michigan has gotten b-12 shots for years. she swears by them for an energy boost. she doesn’t, though, inject herself. i can’t wait to tell her about this!!! good luck!

    • I am about to give myself the second shot. The clinic gave the first one. So far I have not felt a surge of anything but they say it takes a few times. As always I will keep everyone posted. . .

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    • If Groupon is offering it there is no way it could be fatal and beside it is not like we would ever take a chance with our hair!

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