Ready, Aim, Fire: B12 Shot Accomplished


I did it! I gave myself my first B12 shot! Click to read part one of this post.

It wasn’t easy; it’s just unnatural to plunge something sharp into your own flesh. I mean, how often do you hear of a person stabbing oneself to death? You get my point, right?

My Facebook friends all wanted to see a video of me giving myself the first shot, and who am I to deny them or you? So Cole held the camera and I held the needle. I don’t think he caught my thigh at its most attractive angle, and after watching the video I realized I should have paid closer attention to my wardrobe. Just for the record: If you look closely, you can clearly see I’m wearing shorts under my bulky and unattractive orange sweatshirt.

I’m not planning on filming each shot, but I will give you an update later in the week, around shot number five. I’m sure by number five I will be super confident and nonchalant—and I will make sure to dress more appropriately for the occasion. I will also let you know if I think the B12 is working and if  I’m feeling like the energizer bunny!

I would like to thank Facebook friend Cynthia and Isabel for encouraging me to create this video.  They are the plunge behind my needle. And Adelaide for her professional expertise after the video when my thigh was aching (hot compress). A nurse in need is a nurse indeed.

My first B12 shot from Katybeth on Vimeo.


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18 thoughts on “Ready, Aim, Fire: B12 Shot Accomplished

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  2. Ouch!! I gave myself infertility shots way back and I know just how unnatural it is to poke yourself with a needle. My husband would have done it for me but that seemed even worse than doing it myself. I am sure by number 5 you will be a pro–just remember to use the other thigh next time and if you press down instead of rub after the shot the pain goes away faster from the med and there is less bruising. A few tips I picked up from my sister nurse. Good luck! Hope the results are worth the effort and pain.

    • Thanks for the tips! Joe would have been good at this kind of thing and I would have handed him the needle but the explanation of why I was doing it might not have made it worth it. I’m really hoping it produces the desired results too!

  3. Wow a lot has gone on since my last El Morno check-in. Good Lord girl you are far braver than me. I read the first post and I can assure you that I would be on your “no way, Jose” list. I hate needles and shots. I work up to the flu shot for a couple of weeks before I do the deed. I was watching the video behind my fingers. Isn’t it possible to just take vitamins straight from the bottle? Please explore that option! In any case I’m with Linda ^ in hoping the results are worth the poke!

    • The vitamins from the bottle just are not the same. In many ways. I really wasn’t all that brave, I bought the shots before I knew you had to give them yourself and then I was to cheap not to go ahead with it. I don’t like shots but I’m not afraid to have one..however giving yourself one is a whole other thing.

  4. By the time you finally did it even I was a wreck! Next time one quick jab not a push in slowly. Practice on Cole. I’m sure he’d like to share.

    • It was very nerve racking! Thanks for the tips, I will keep that in mind for the next one. Wish you could fly up and just give me the darn thing.
      I’m pretty sure Cole wants to opt out on this one….sometimes he isn’t that much fun.

  5. good job Katybeth….I also have to give myself shots, but in the stomach, every day..ugh..I have given horses a lot of shots over the years but doing them on ourselves is different doesn’t take long to get the hang of it.. 🙄 🙄

    • Thank you! The stomach sounds MUCH WORSE. Poor Dear Sue!! I know, I though having given dogs shots it would be a breeze…big difference poking yourself and poking someone else. I would rather be the poker and not the pokie!!

  6. fine job! your counting off reminds me of the beginning of some songs. play one of those songs & jab the needle in when the counting stops. “1-2-3-4…..well she was just seventeen & you know what i mean.” my choice tune for the task!

    • Ok. Next time i video tape…I will use your music selection as background music! Who knows…might make it easier. Worth a shot!!!! hahaha.

  7. ooo. you *are* a brave lady (even if you don’t think so!) I cringed with you every time you counted. wondering how the B-12 itself felt? Are you full of vim and vigor today? I’m a duly proud to be the plunge beneath you needle and very proud of you for documenting (and hearing Cole ‘coach’ you at the end there — reminded me of Sam 😉 )

    • Well I was brave enough to just “do it.” Not sure about the results from the B12. I do seem a little more energized today and more focused. Is it the result of the B12? Not ready to say yet. The bad news is if this works I can not afford the shots without the groupons! So I will be taking the supplements and waiting for the next Groupon to show up!
      Thank you for spurring me on..and all boys/men feel the need to coach I think! 😀

    • Thanks Debbie. I will let you know…you are suppose to start seeing some result after the 2nd or 3rd shot and I might have been a little more energized today ^ (comment to Isabel) but I am going to wait awhile before I say it is working or not working.

    • WELL! Why did you watch?? There was plenty else happening on Odd today you would have enjoyed. Bet you miss Joe!! He would have been a champion shot giver. After all the man pulled a sword out of my foot without bating an eye.

  8. I would Pay Groupon to NOT have to give myself a shot of anything that is administered with a sharp needle. I won’t be able to watch this video – sorry. My sister in law is a phlebotomist (sp? – a medical practitioner who is trained to draw blood). She used to teach a class and would have the students practice first on oranges. Then take their new found skills home to their friends and loved ones. Just be thankful you don’t have to find a vein!

    But I do hope the B12 works for you. After all the angst seems only fair that it does.

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