8 thoughts on “3 Dog Night!

  1. yes, single digit temps…….a three dog night indeed! your pups look ready to provide needed warmth. or is it they’re looking for entertainment to go along with the bowl of popcorn???

    • They are looking for me to toss popcorn their way or perhaps see who is quicker when it comes to grabbing a piece from the bowl. Rotten all three of them…in the best sort of way.

  2. My Darling Doggie doesn’t like to sleep with me. I’m pretty sure it’s not my fault. He’s the one with the double-coat who gets too hot!

    • I do think heavy coated pups like the floor better. They are cooler and more comfortable. On the other hand do you snore? I mean, probably not but that could be another reason… just sayin’

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