Hula in the Coola Day,National Serpent Day,National Baked Alaska Day

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February 1, 2013


★~ Todays Quote: Rabbit Rabbit! 

★~ Hula in the Coola Day: 

Hula in the Coola Day

It’s just about this time every year that those of us in the Northern Hemisphere start getting anxious for the arrival of spring. Although there’s not much we can do to hasten Mother Nature we can pretend not to care — at least for one day. “Hula in the Coola Day”  encourages us to thumb our noses at winter’s worst and celebrate in true tropical fashion. So dig out that old grass skirt and coconut bra, dust off the Don Ho albums and start blending up some fruity libations!

★~ National Serpent Day:



The Serpent will be honored not only today but throughout 2013. According to the Chinese New Year Calendar which will begin on February 10 if you were born during the the following years, you are a snake.

year of the snake

People born in the Year of the Snake are seductive, gregarious, introverted, generous, charming, analytical, insecure, jealous, slightly dangerous, smart, and good with money. They rely on gut feelings, are hard-working and intelligent.

The Snake: There are few animals with more symbolic associations than the snake. Chinese mythology holds that a half-human snake was the father of the Chinese emperors. They are associated with beauty and wisdom, esoteric knowledge and spiritual discovery.

★~ National Baked Alaska Day:

baked alaska

Baked Alaska  is a decadent dessert made with ice cream, sponge cake, and toasted meringue. Although the named “Baked Alaska” did not emerge until the 19th century, this dish is part of a long culinary tradition.

The concept of serving cream and cake together dates back to the Renaissance. The cooks of the era were the first to adorn their baked goods with a whipped topping. This laid the foundation for Baked Alaska, but it does not account for two of the dessert’s distinguishing characteristics—temperature and texture.

The Chinese were the first culture to cook pastry over an ice cream filling, which results in a delicious combination of hot and cold components. Credit is also due to the American physicist Benjamin Thompson, who experimented with the heat resistance of beaten egg whites and discovered how to make meringue.

Whether you prefer to call it Baked Alaska, glace au four, omelette a la norvegienne, or Norwegian omelette, celebrate National Baked Alaska Day with a serving of this unique dessert! Baked Alaska Recipe. 

★~ Today in History:


♥~Feb. 1, 1865 –-Towards the end of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln signed the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery.

♥~ 1964 – The headline in Billboard magazine read, “Indiana Gov. Puts Down ‘Pornographic’ Wand Tune.” Governor Matthew Welsh had declared Louie, Louie, by The Kingsmen (on Wand Records), to be pornographic.

♥~ 1987 – Terry Williams of Los Gatos, CA won the largest slot machine payoff to that time. He put $4.9 million in his pockets after getting four lucky 7s on a machine in Reno, NV

♥~ 2004-  Freedom of speech — was under dispute after the Super Bowl halftime show on February 1st, 2004. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) fined CBS for broadcasting the brief moment where Justin Timberlake tore part of Janet Jackson’s costume, exposing her breast, in what became known as a “wardrobe malfunction.

♥~ 2005 – A jury awarded $15.6 million to Russell Christoff, kindergarten teacher in Antioch, CA. Christoff’s image had been used for years without his permission on Taster’s Choice coffee labels.

♥~ 2008 – To the sound of blasting samba, men dressed as nuns swilled beer and danced down the streets — just a part of the kick-off of five days of uninhibited carnival madness in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

★~ Trending Right Now

♥~ ESPN to conduct review after Caleb Moore’s death

♥~ Donna Savattere: Dan Marino’s Mistress Is Also Married, Has Another Child

♥~ Teen shot at Atlanta school; student held, victim in stable condition

★~Born Today:


 ♥~ 1901 – (William) Clark Gable actor; Gable’s most famous role in a 30-year movie career was as Rhett Butler in the Civil War romance “Gone With the Wind” in which he starred with Vivian Leigh.  In 1999, the American Film Institute named Gable seventh among the greatest male stars of all time. He was nicknamed ‘The King of Hollywood.’ died Nov 16, 1960

♥~ 1919 Charles S. Dubin TV director: M*A*S*H, The Defenders, Ironside, Hawaii Five-O [1960s], Kojak, Father Dowling Mysteries; died Sep 6, 2011

♥~ 1968 – Lisa Marie Presley singer: Lights Out, Savior, Nobody Noticed It, Important, Indifferent, To Whom It May Concern but better known for being Elvis’ daughter and marrying Michael Jackson.

★~ Did You Know: Cold Weather:


♥~ Freezing or below-freezing temps might kill off  skeeters (and ticks), making the summer months less buggy.

♥~ Some research suggests that if the weather never changes, you start taking that sunshine for granted. Shivering through the cold makes those warm spring days seem even better when they finally come along, according to Psychology Today.

♥~ There’s a reason putting ice on an injury works. That drop in temperature reduces inflammation in, say, a sprained ankle or stubbed toe. But the theory works on a much grander scale, too — cold temperatures can reduce inflammation and pain all over.

♥~ Hot Chocolate – Nutella + milk in the microwave will give you the best (speedy quick) hot chocolate you’ll ever have. Don’t forget whip cream and mini marshmallows.

♥~ The alcohol in hand sanitizer will de-ice your car locks. Just make sure to use a hand sanitizer that’s 60% alcohol.

♥~ To avoid getting shocked every time you leave your car, hold on to a metal part of the car door as you’re getting out, and let go when your feet touch the ground.

♥~ Wear a sandwich bag between two thin pairs of socks if you don’t have waterproof shoes.It’s a trick cyclists use when riding in sleet and snow. There is nothing worse than cold, wet socks.


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If you are looking for Work Naked Day click here. It does not seem to be have made the Odd calendar for 2013.

15 thoughts on “Hula in the Coola Day,National Serpent Day,National Baked Alaska Day

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  2. Rabbit Rabbit
    On my way home tomorrow. Great weather, Great golfing. Maybe after a drink or two I could get in the spirit of a Hula.
    Stay warm up there.

    • Well if you do Hula send pictures. Glad you are enjoying warm weather and having fun. It’s 12 above in Chicago. Yep….

  3. Drats. Foiled again. Mike made it here first. Sounds like Midwest weather felt it had a little catching up to do and is coming at you full force. I think you summed up the weather very well.
    Love Baked Alaska but I don’t see it on the dessert menu all that often and I’m not ambitious enough to try and make it.
    Looking forward to a Superbowl weekend of a lot of snacking. I’m taking Monday off.
    Button up and try and stay warm!

    • I don’t swear often but sometimes the weather calls for it when it is too cold or too hot.
      We have a restaurant here that makes wonderful Baked Alaska. I would never make it.
      Fun three day weekend for you!

  4. I’m not a snake–and that makes me happy. Despite all the good symbolism surrounding them I would not want to be a snake.
    Nutella hot chocolate sounds very good. Maybe we will try it this weekend. Thank God it is the weekend.
    Stay warm El Morno friend! It is mighty cold in your neck of the woods.

    • Nutella makes a good almost instant hot chocolate. And we are very picky about our hot chocolate.
      It is cold. But fortunately I have lots of furs to keep me warm and toasty.

  5. I got the Rabbit Rabbit part down this morning, yeah!
    I’m not a snake, either. Funny how they try to endow these critters with positive charms, when everybody knows a snake is just kinda creepy.
    Bundle up, Kb, it’s brr-cold out there (glad to hear that killing the ticks and fleas will be a plus, though!)

    • Way to go Debbie! I bet you have a fabulous month. Are you saying you are not charmed by a snake and a snake by any other name gosh darn it…is still a creepy old snake? Well, the Chinese disagree but I think you have made a very good point.

  6. i am year of the dog. how appropriate.
    that’s one of the benefits of freezing weather…..killing off insects & pests. i wish my area had more cold weather.

    • A dog! Wow. Lucky you. I’m a pig or a bore…or something like that. Last year it was very buggy in Chicago so I am glad to kill off the pests. Irene are you familiar with Rabbit Rabbit? It’s an old saying that if Rabbit Rabbit are the first words you say out loud on the first day of the new month—it will increase the your luck and good fortune for the month. If you missed saying it—just say it now…real quick and you will be covered. The rabbit rabbit ministry is very generous that way. Especially to those who may be new to the tradition.

  7. I was up past midnight and said Rabbit Rabbit then. I do hope that counts!

    My mom and I made Baked Alaska once. What a lot of work. It turned out great, the family loved it, but we never did it again. Really, it takes a serious time commitment.

    • Sabatinos makes a wonderful Baked Alaska (4441 W Irving Park Rd Chicago, IL 60641)—well really everything about Sabatinos is good—a bit pricey but the food and desserts are so good and everything is more or less included. Of-course if you have been you know this already 😀
      Kudo’s to your mom…I can not even imagine.

    • I don’t know. . .it’s not like I was keeping it from you. The next time you come, we will have Baked Alaska at Sabatinos.
      Glad you made it and are enjoying good weather.

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