AT&T Stop Does Not Compute

The common way to discontinue unwanted text message is to text back the word STOP.

After receiving the following text message from AT&T, I sent back a STOP text message.

The response explains a lot.


Maybe if I sent the text in Spanish?


No hablan español when it comes to the word STOP

Hope this post does not hurt my valued AT&T customer status…..

8 thoughts on “AT&T Stop Does Not Compute

  1. AT&T just doesn’t get it. They are pretenders. Yes, I have the service but if I had another better choice I would jump ship. They recently talked me into signing up for auto pay and it was a nightmare. I think the hold time, the transfers and the drone like service numbed my brain into compliance. It took me hours to straightened things out.
    I would STOP doing business with them if I did not have contracts and did not need the technology. And there lies the catch.

    • I know what you mean about taking your business elsewhere…that is the biggest hassle of all. And where do we go, it seems that many of these problems are not unique to AT&T. Although, they seem to universally annoy people..even people who don’t use them.
      Thanks for dropping my Odd and feeling our pain!

  2. Poor Katybeth. Sounds as if the idiots are taking over the world. For me, the idiots are in the form of charities who send me stuff nearly every day begging for money. Somebody has to pay for those cute notepads and address stickers — do they really think I believe that my money isn’t going toward that end?? Grrrrr!! Hope you get AT&T all straightened out soon!

    • For some reason I am on the text message list for AT&T advertisements. I checked and I am not signed up for these notifications. It is really not a big deal and is easily deleted except it annoys be every time I get one. I pay for the phone and because I use their service AT&T seems to believe they also have the right o push products to me on a daily base without giving me a way (that I know of) to opt out. I hate the energy I lose being annoyed and feel much better now that I have posted the text messages. I Hope you felt better to after your letter and post.

  3. Oh don’t even get me started. AT$T is the bane of my existence. I tense up before I even dial the phone to call them. Like Jeremy, I had a similar problem with auto pay. I must have lost my mind giving them permission to deduct money from my account. It took hours to straighten out. These companies are to big and too powerful and customers are no more than an inconvenience.
    I guess it is the price we are paying for technology but there are times I wonder if it is just not to high.

    • I wonder that too, Liz and I love technology, but I loved being able to talk to a person who had the power and genuinely cared about helping me sort things out.

  4. I have worked in banking so I know the risk if you enable a vendor to access your account. I prefer to “push” my payments to vendors rather than give the vendor access to “pull” money from my account. I’ve even had vendors tell me if I don’t sign up for their auto-pay I won’t be able to pay electronically. Mm hm – I think not. I have all my bills paid through my bank’s bill pay system. I can set it up to auto pay, or just enter the amount to be paid every month, and they handle the rest. At no charge to me. I even pay vendors like my lawn mower guy through bill pay – the way the bank’s bill pay system handles those payments is they issue a paper check and mail it to the vendor. Again, this is at no charge to me. And guess what, if a bill is paid late because of an error on the bank’s side, a quick email to them elicits a rebate of the late payment charge and a letter to the vendor saying it was the bank’s fault so that my credit rating won’t be harmed. I love my bank for a number of reasons, and their bill pay is one of those reasons!!!

    • I don’t auto-pay AT&T it just seemed like a bad idea. They tried to insist for one account, but telling them Comcast did not require auto-pay helped find an alternative solution. I’m going to look into cancel the other auto pays as well. My bank offers bill payment and I have used it successfully.
      Mmmm…a post that was a rant about Text messages and AT&T ended up be very helpful. Thank you!

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