Tracking Test! Scent It, Drop It, Seek It, Find It, DO IT!

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Really, is it fair for my sweet mother to put me through this? God knows, I have given her the best years of my life. Good Lord, one daughter is good for only so many dog titles.

Tomorrow (Sunday, February 16), my mother and her trusty Doberman, Trinket, will run a tracking test in hopes of earning their Tracking Dog Excellent title. To obtain the coveted TDX title, a dog must first earn its TD title and then show beyond a doubt that it has the ability to discriminate between scents and possesses the stamina, perseverance, and courage to do so under a wide variety of conditions. The track is at least 800 yards long, the scent on the track is not fresh, and there are a total of five to seven turns, both left and right. Keep in mind that neither handler nor dog has any idea where the final article will be; the handler must trust her dog’s nose completely.

My mother and Trinket have trained in the Southwest Desert dust for the last three weeks with a good friend and expert tracker Norma. The two of them have outwitted pick-up trucks with full gun racks to defend their practice tracking trails. Norma has walked miles to lay track, and my mother has held on to and been pulled by a 70-pound muscled Doberman as she traversed the tracking trail, leading with her trusty nose.

They are ready. Tomorrow is the big day. I hope my mother has a bit of diarrhea — that’s always a good sign. I hope Trinket dreams of being duly qualified to sniff out ham sandwiches in purses and small children lost in the mountains. I hope to hell they call me with good news, because, daggumit, I am getting too old for this. I’m a wreck.

Please join me in keeping everything you own crossed for an outstanding performance. My sweet mom and her trusty, beautiful Doberman will give it better than their best.

And between us, win or lose, I’m so proud of my mom for going out into the dessert, harnessing up her beloved Doberman, and giving her all. Make no mistake, my mom is a winner — always has been, always will be.

And on Monday, no matter what they outcome, they will leave for an agility trial up the road. Sigh.

May the track be with them! (DM: I love you lamp)


9 thoughts on “Tracking Test! Scent It, Drop It, Seek It, Find It, DO IT!

  1. Good Luck Marcie! Sounds like a tough test, but one you are up to passing with flying colors.
    Be back later for El Morno and to read the show update.

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  3. Good Luck Marcie and Trinket. I’m off to Church in this morno and promise to ask for a little divine help not that you will need it I’m sure!

  4. here’s hoping the things that cannot be controlled fall into place & the tremendously hard work & dedication your mom & trinket have put into attaining the tdx title come together for them today & reward this team. thanks to norma for being your mom’s partner in crime & for the hours of work she has put into this endeavour. i have my nervous competition butterflies! will stay tuned for the update.

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  6. Thank you all for your good wishes! We came very close, got more than half way, but couldn’t quite do it. Unfortunately we drew the last track, Trinket doesen’t do well in the heat.
    We’re off to an Agility trial on Fri. So maybe we’ll get that last OPEN leg.

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