Tickled My Funny Bone

I love you lamp

I’m easily amused.

This picture has tickled my funny bone for the last couple of days, so I thought I would share. I guess, one of the reasons I find it so funny is I can picture myself leaning over and saying, “I love you lamp.” My type of humor. Dumb but funny.

Isn’t it interesting what amuses us? Cole laughed as hard as I did when I showed him this picture, and my sweet mom will howl when she sees it.  My dear Aunt will be very amused. My dad, didn’t really get it.

Hope you are laughing along with me today!

Odd Loves Company!

7 thoughts on “Tickled My Funny Bone

  1. You’re right this is dumb but very funny. I will share it with my kids. I suspect one daughter will be very amused and the other one not so much so…she might not even “get it.” Which of-course will make me laugh even harder.

    • Oh, I think “oblivious” is very much aware he/she is being annoying. I couldn’t wait to share with my mom and then latter, say “I love you lamp.” So dumb. I know. I know.

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