Westminster-Walking On Air: Dog Lovers This Share is For You!

Doberman Walking On Air

I know….I’m back again!

I couldn’t resist sharing “Westminister-Walking on Air.

I love how the music compliments the show dogs. I don’t understand why the Doberman was first tho!! Sheesh.



Odd Loves Company!

* Credit for this share goes to Facebook friend Ginger Kenney

11 thoughts on “Westminster-Walking On Air: Dog Lovers This Share is For You!

  1. Love these show dogs! DD says he, too, could’ve been a fancy-schmantzy dog (but for the fact that he’s been “fixed”). And what the heck is that about? He says he worked just fine, thank you very much, and didn’t particularly want the cone-of-shame, haha!

    • Westminister starts tomorrow night and I will be watching start to finish. A show dog is a lot of work but so much FUN. I traveled the country with my red Dobe and while we never went to Westminister we were always in the company of beautiful dogs. When he took his Championship it was so exciting and is a wonderful memory.
      DD is beautiful and would have made a fine show dog! Love to watch the Shelties in the ring.

  2. i’ve learned this past year why the dobe is 1st here! they’re all beautiful dogs, especially in motion. i enjoy watching dogs run. thanks for the clip!

    • Lol. I don’t really mind. Dobes have always been my top choice (after terriers–of-course :-D). This Tuesday is the Working group night and hopefully one special Dobes big night at Westminister. We start watching Westminister Monday night and enjoy it until the very end!
      Thought of you when I posted the clip! Hope Nik enjoyed.

  3. Well of course the Dobe is first, silly you! FiFi, the Dobe, won the group so she will be part of the working group tomorrow night. She is absolutely gorgeous and the gal who owns and shows her is super nice. So please root for her tomorrow night.

    • We will be cheering for Fifi the Dobe on tomorrow night ^. There will also be a very handsome Akita!
      Such Fun!

  4. What is the name of that song, and where can I get a copy..I had to get up and dance to that one….Nice and jazzy. Of course, the Westie was a fav of mine. Such sweethearts.

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