Eggsibit Day, Something on a Stick Day, National Black Forest Cake Day

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March 28, 2013


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★~Eggsibit Day:

Eggsibit Day

The history of decorating eggs goes back to pre-recorded time. Most cultures have, at one time or another, had a tradition of decorating and giving eggs as gifts. Many artists love the challenge of decorating eggs due to their unique shape and fragility. Goose, duck, and hen eggs are usually “blown” for this process, whereby a small hole is made in one end and the contents inside the egg are blown out. The egg is then carved, dyed, appliquéd, or painted.

★~ Something on a Stick Day:


And the spider was inside her…..

Vickie (our friend and camp helper) brought me Peeps on a Stick earlier in the week (Vickie loves marshmallow eggs, so she understand my Peeps addiction) and told me that while her niece was studying in China, she ate a spider on a stick. I asked for proof. I mean, wouldn’t you? Proof was provided by way of the picture above. It was a king spider that had been sautéed/pan fried, and according to Vickie’s niece, it was crunchy and tasted like pork rind. She said, it was rather tasty and she would eat it again. However, she did pass on having a scorpion on a stick because the stinger creeped her out. Understandable.  I asked where the spiders came from, and Vickie said her niece hopes that they were bred for food and not caught in the kitchen pantry. I applaud Vickie’s niece adventurous spirit, but I think I will celebrate ‘Something on a Stick Day’ with a corn dog—or more Peeps.

★~ National Black Forest Cake Day

Black forrest cake

Chocolate, cherries and whipped cream, oh, my!

Calling this traditional German dessert a Black Forest cake, is a lot easier than the original moniker: Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.

This cake boasts layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream and cherries, with additional whipped cream, cherries and chocolate shavings liberally slathered on top. A tart cherry liqueur is also included in the mixture to amp up the sour cherry flavor. in Germany, the liqueur is a mandatory ingredient – otherwise the cake can’t be sold under the Black Forest name. You don’t mind, do you?

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1881- Greatest Show on Earth – P.T. Barnum and James A. Bailey merged their circuses to form the “Greatest Show on Earth.”

♥~ 1907- Irving Lazar “Swifty” _ Hollywood talent agent whose clients included Ernest Hemingway, Lillian Hellman, Cole Porter, Richard Nixon and Humphrey Bogart (who nicknamed him “Swifty” after Lazar met Bogart’s challenge to make him five film deals in one day in 1955)

♥~ 1930 – the city of Constantinople was given the more Turkish name Istanbul. The change inspired a popular song, “Istanbul (Not Constantinople),” which was a hit for the Four Lads in 1953 and later covered by They Might Be Giants.

♥~ 1968 – Hair Broadway Opening – The controversial rock musical Hair, produced by Michael Butler, opened at the Biltmore Theatre at New York City, after playing off-Broadway. For those who opposed the Vietnam War and the “Establishment,” this was a defining piece of work—as evidenced by some of its songs, such as “Aquarius,” “Hair” and “Let the Sunshine In.”

♥~ 1974 – A streaker (i.e.: someone running around naked), ran onto the set of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. The clever NBC censors decided to blackout the lower half of the TV screen on the videotape to prevent an ‘X’ rating. The streaker was arrested, but released, for “lack of evidence,” said Johnny.

★~ Born Today:

Lady Gaga

♥~ 1899 – August A. Busch Jr. beer magnate; Anheuser-BuschSt. Louis Cardinals owner;

♥~ 1905 – Marlin Perkins zoologist; TV host: Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom;

♥~ 1947 – John Records Landecker, popular radio DJ really was born, with the middle name “Records.” Landecker is best known for working at Chicago station WLS in the ’70s and ’80s.

♥~ 1948 – Dianne Wiest Academy Award-winning actress: Hannah and Her Sisters [1986]; Bullets over Broadway, Radio Days, Edward Scissorhands, Little Man Tate, Footloose

♥~ 1944 – Ken Howard actor: The White Shadow, The Thorn Birds, Country Girl, Oscar

♥~ 1955 – Reba (Nell) McEntire multi Grammy, CMA, ACM Award-winning singer: [30 #1 singles, 14 #1 albums]

♥~ 1970 – Vince Vaughn actor: The Lost World: Jurassic Park, A Cool, Dry Place, Return to Paradise, Clay Pigeons, The Sky Is Green, No Place Like Home, The Wedding Crashers, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie

♥~ 1986 – Lady Gaga  (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) better known by her stage name Lady Gaga, American singer, songwriter. 2008 single US & UK No.1 single ‘Just Dance’, 2008 single “Poker Face”, reached number one in twenty countries.

★~ Did You Know:

worlds fair

♥~ When a bald eagle loses a wing feather, it drops a matching feather on the other side.the birds don’t intentionally drop feathers. The molting process is synchronous, so the hormones that trigger the molt usually affect the same feathers in the same order.

♥~ You can make alcohol out of milk. Or anything else with sugar, really. The most common “lactose liquor” drink is called kumis, a fermented dairy product made from the milk of a female horse. The fermentation process takes between two and five hours at a temperature around 81 degrees Fahrenheit. The finished product has a relatively low alcohol content of about 2.5%.

♥~ The phrase “That’s What She Said” dates back more than 100 years. The infamous one-liner has apparently been dropped at inappropriate situations since Edwardian times. It was phrased “Said the actress to the bishop” back then — a little more proper-sounding, sure, but just as heavy on the innuendo. Another version, “As the girl said to the soldier,” was reportedly recorded in a sound test for the 1929 Alfred Hitchcock film Blackmail.

♥~ Days on Venus are longer than years. Unlike Earth, it takes longer for Venus to rotate on its own axis than it does to rotate around the sun. It takes the planet about 243 Earth days to complete one full axis rotation, but only 225 days to orbit the sun.

♥~The 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville, Tenn. turned a whopping profit of $57. Despite drawing more than 11 million visitors and projecting a budget surplus of $5 million, when the books were finally settled in 1985, the Knoxville fair only came out $57 in the black. The City of Knoxville itself did not fare so well, and emerged from the festivities $46 million in debt, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.


Do you want to see what a Scorpion on a stick looks like? Ok.

Scorpion on a Stick

Cool, right? Thank you Vickie and niece Vickie for this amazing food on a stick show and tell! Spiders AND Scorpions, I’m not sure you could ask for much more!

Tonight, Cole and I have been invited to a birthday celebration at Fogo de Chao where we will be able to choose from the 15 cuts of delectable fire roasted meats that are brought to our table, sliced, and served by our gaucho chefs. It will be more fabulous food than I can possible eat, but Cole will more than make up for me, and I will totally enjoy the dining experience and company. A nice break during the thick of our busy camp week. Tomorrow, we decorate Easter Eggs, and Rascal – It’s TRADITION.

Marching onward into another Peeps inspired day! Hope you have a Eggcellent Thursday!

Odd Loves Company!

10 thoughts on “Eggsibit Day, Something on a Stick Day, National Black Forest Cake Day

  1. Morno,
    Now I am wondering if that spider tasted like chicken? The eskimo make a good point. Black Forrest Cake used to be my grandmothers favorite. We always had it on her birthday.
    Last day of the week for me, looking forward to a 4 day Easter weekend. The weather is suppose to be golfing pretty.
    Have a good one!

  2. Pingback: Choose Easter Peep or Spider on a Stick?

  3. Morn,
    Lots of Odd to catch up on today. No spider, thank you. I don’t want them to sit down beside me either. I do like corn dogs.
    My DH and I were given Lady Gaga tickets and she put on an amazing concert. She gives you the feeling that she cares that you came to see her perform. I’ve been a fan ever since.
    We dye our eggs tomorrow, too! Next week the kids are off and we off to see my parents. It takes a lot of planning to get the gang on the road, but I’m looking forward to the trip.
    I need to go and see your peeps project!

  4. Good Morning,
    Black forrest cake is wonderful. I use to have a simple recipe for one that I served when we had bridge club at my house. I wonder if I can still find it.
    Good for Vickie’s niece for being willing to try new things. I might have tried Spider on a stick but agree that scorpion is creepy.
    My grandkids arrive on Saturday so I’m getting ready, I imagine we will dye a few eggs,and the Easter bunny will show up to hide the eggs and deliver baskets.
    Have a nice day.

  5. Can’t wait to see what Rascal adorns this year! Happy Easter to you and Cole! Maybe you should ‘hide’ treats for the campers to find!!

  6. I made a Black Forest Cake from scratch for a high school home ec project. It turned out great and I was sure it was because I snuck into it some cherry liqueur I had to smuggle to class. Of course, it was a little harder later that semester when I had to convince the teacher that my secret sauce for my Crepes Suzette Flambe didn’t, honest, contain alcohol. The teacher, who was really a very lovely lady but too trusting by far, kept marvelling at how we got the dessert to flame up properly without alcohol. The all-boy Shop class who were the invited guests that day in my home ec class sure enjoyed the Crepes!

    I love Fogo. Between the meat and those lovely bread rolls I’m in heaven. Hope you both enjoyed!

  7. O.K. out of all these food groups I think I’ll stick with Black Forest cake.
    I love Fogo too but it’s a complete waste on me. That’s definetly a Cole and Johnny place.

  8. the state fair, where i’ve never visited, always has an incredible array of stuff on a stick. no spiders for me on or off a stick. i’ll take a slice today’s cake though!

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