Peeps Wreath and Peeps Popcorn

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Today (Day 3 of Peep week), I gather my Peeps together to make a Peep Wreath and some Peeps popcorn.

Hot glue guns and I have always had a good relationship, so I was pretty sure the Peeps Wreath would come together smoothly. However, I realized right away that gluing Easter grass to the wreath mold with my hot glue gun was not going to work. Hot glue melts green plastic Easter grass. I moved on to adhesive spray glue. The only mishap came with the second or third spray – the nozzle somehow turned towards me and I gave myself a good shot of adhesive in the neck. Thank God it wasn’t my hair! In any case, after I peeled the glue off my skin and attached all the Easter grass, the Peeps could be glued in place with my hot glue gun.

Peeps Wreath

If I do say so myself – and I hope you will join me in saying so too – I think my Peeps Wreath is my best effort so far. And since my kitchen cabinets are green, the Easter grass that stuck to them during the wreath making process blends in nicely…and if I pretend the colored sugar under my feet is sand, I can almost imagine that I am on vacation in Hawaii. Kind of.

peeps popcorn

The next project was Peeps popcorn. I melted Peeps and poured it over popcorn. How can I say this nicely, and in the spirit of Easter Holy Week? I can’t. Making Peeps popcorn is a no good, awful, horrible project. First, melted Peeps are hot. I’m sure you knew this, but did you know how hot? Picture hot purple, orange and pink sticky molten lava, and then picture pouring it over popcorn on a cookie sheet and trying to form it into small clumps. Pouring the melted Peeps from the pan onto the cookie sheet with the popcorn was impossible because the melted Peeps stuck to the pan. Using a spoon, spatula, or knife to push the melted Peeps out of the pan was impossible because the utensils stuck in the gunk. YES! I coated everything liberally with Cooking Spray, but the end result was still one big, awful, terrible, sticky mess. It was just awful. How did the peeps popcorn taste? Not bad.

I almost bought a floor Swiffer at Target, thinking it might help pick up some of the sticky colored sugar on the kitchen floor. Then I said to myself, “Self, who are you kidding? Just go to Home Depot and see if they rent bulldozers when you are finished Peeping on Saturday.” Cole has always wanted to drive a bulldozer…maybe it will make up for making him taste a Peep dunked in vodka. I needed a taster for tomorrow’s project! Bet you can’t wait!

Odd Loves Company, 

19 thoughts on “Peeps Wreath and Peeps Popcorn

  1. I’m really enjoying your peeps adventure. The wreath is beautiful. So stylish and springish.
    Maybe you should stay away from peep food and just enjoy Peeps for what they are – a marshmallow sugar treat. Just a thought.
    Looking forward to peeping some more with you!

    • My wreath is beautiful? Really?? Thank you so much. You might have a point. Peeps might be at their best raw and without additional ingredients.

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  3. Katybeth, you are so creative and entertaining with your peeps ! You are inspiring .. I don’t think I have ever eaten a peep..must try some. 😀

  4. WOW–The wreath is so cute. Thanks for the popcorn warning! I wonder why it was so sticky? Can’t wait to hear the vodka story…schnockered peeps, I can picture it!

    • Thanks? i’m not sure why it was so sticky, but it was the stickiest mess I have worked with! And Liz, I have worked with some sticky messes!

  5. I’m laughing because I have made Peeps Popcorn and it was AWFUL and mine did not look anywhere as good as yours did…What a hot molten mess!! Love your wreath, that sounds like a project I might enjoy, except maybe for the glue and the Easter grass.
    Looking forward to more. Your stories are so funny. Maybe because I can relate, but could never write it as well as you do.

  6. The wreath is lovely. The peeps popcorn was interesting. However, the most thrilling part of your peep adventure is, your doing it in your own home and not mine. You know what sugar on the floor does to me. It’s a secret deep seated fear I have.

    • This fear is not secret! I’m glad you liked my wreath, Cole can make you one when he visits…If you want. And Rice Krispie treats too!

  7. masterful wreath presentation! yes, your best outcome to date.
    can’t imagine the kitchen mess though….

  8. Have you heard of the Washington Post’s Peeps Show? Every year they hold a contest for the best Peeps-built dioramas. They’re usually quite hilarious. I haven’t seen it this year though, so I’m just guessing it hasn’t run yet. Maybe you can do Camp Run-A-Peep for 2014!

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