Peeps Pie and Peeps Topiary

 Peep Peep

On Tuesday I made a Peeps pie and a Peeps topiary. Early in the day I spray-painted the stick that I would use for my Peeps topiary green. I bought this amazing green paint with lots of glitter in it (I was deprived of glitter as a child and find it hard to walk away from it as an adult). The stick turned out pretty cool, so I then went on to spray-paint a few Peeps, thinking the glitter would give them a little extra Peep appeal. While the spray-painted peeps were drying, I was unloading the dishwasher and reached over and absent-mindedly popped one in my mouth. It wasn’t awful, but the sugar didn’t entirely conceal the spray-paint taste—it tasted like nail polish remover smells, but a little sweeter. I had swallowed it before I was entirely sure what I had done. Dearly departed, Joe always suggested milk when I poisoned myself, so I quickly poured a small glass to coat my stomach. I then called my mom because if I was dying from a spray-paint ingested peep, I felt she should know. The good news is I lived.

Peeps Pie

My Peeps pie was made with a Graham cracker crust, one layer of pastel M&Ms, and a layer of Peeps. It was not well received by our dinner guest, who used to be a best friend, or my son. Cole had a “thank you” bite, which is a tradition in our house, but then added that it looked and tasted like something a five-year-old had made in her Easy-Bake Oven. The “friend” refused even a taste. (This from someone who, I might add, once served me raw shrimp! Not wanting to be rude, I ate them without comment until her husband told her, in no uncertain terms, that they were as raw as the day they came out of the Gulf.) My opinion (in case, anyone cares), the Peeps pie really wasn’t all that bad, other than being a little overly sweet.


Next, I made the Peeps topiary. Cole, hoping for a little English lit. help, told me that it had a lot of character and then went on to add that it looked like something “you made, Mom.” Fail! I wanted it to look like the picture in the instructions. I wanted it to be Pinterest worthy. I wanted it to stand up straight.

Summing up, day two of Peeping included, but wasn’t limited to, Peep poisoning, a failed Peeps pie, an odd, uneven, leaning Peeps topiary, colored sugar tracked everywhere by spring-break campers, and boxes of Peeps littering my counters. Other than that, my second day of Peeping wasn’t all bad.

On Wednesday I’m making a Peep wreath and Peep popcorn. Why? Because quitting is just not part of my peepsonality.  (you love me, I know you do! Can I interest you in a small piece of left-over peeps pie?)

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17 thoughts on “Peeps Pie and Peeps Topiary

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  2. Considering that I have yet to taste a peep, I’m literally gob smacked at the possibilities. Interesting….

  3. Oh my. I think your peeps tree looks lovely. It’s unique, one of a kind. The pie, while it does sound a little too sweet for my taste, I would have had one small peepce.
    Looking forward to the next project!

  4. Love.The. Topiary!!!! If I was closer I would have definitely been up to taste your Peep Pie!!! I don’t know what Cole was thinking—I am sure it was delicious. Can not wait to see your other creations and will definitely be pinning your creations!!!

  5. I am here. Living through you, I am exhausted. The pictures didn’t show up on my computer. So disappointed. I will try again on another. I have to see this topiary. I have a friend who when the kids were little would play candy land with real candy. It would drive me crazy but the kids loved it just like all these peeps. I don’t dare show them to Noah or he will know what he is missing.

  6. Just saw the pics. The tree is great. Just like those fruit bouquets that cost a fortune. You Could definetly have those delivered. The pie I think you should melt and then it would be like fondue, maybe cole would like it better. Chew gum while you craft today so your aren’t tempted to eat any with glue and glitter.

    • What a nice thing to say. I have always liked you best. The gum idea is excellent. I bought one pack of gum for every box of peeps, while I was out today!

  7. Sorry, but the Peeps Pie sounds like something every dentist ought to encourage their patients to eat — so they’ll have more cavities to work on, of course!

    The topiary thing looks good, though. Much better than anything I could manage. Shame on Cole for being so blunt (sounds just like my Domer, haha!)

    • Well, Peeps do have a lot of sugar, it’s part of their charm. The Topiary was ok, but the white part of the Peeps kept showing and that was driving me nuts…I bought a pink and yellow highlighter today. Ha.

  8. well….those peep creations are certainly colorful, aren’t they?! how many boxes are left??? ohhhh…..ingested a spray painted peep. raw shrimp.

    • When anyone asks how many pups we have…My standard answer is always three (I do have three pups). It sometimes confuses people because my house sounds like barking is coming from every room….A long answer to your peeps question..three.

      I am chewing gum while peeping now, to avoid further ingestion.

  9. No THANK YOU, on the Peeps pie. Your Easter tree needs help! Haven’t you bought up all the peeps in Chicago yet?

    • No Pie? Can I interest you in a spider on a stick?
      My Easter TOPIARY was a nothing-mucher, but wait until you see my Peeps Wreath!! Nope, still peeps left for the others peepers I am inspiring.

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