Quirky Country Western Song Day, Holi, Joe Day, Spanish Paella Day

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March 27, 2013



★~ Full Moon: 

Full moon

Today’s Libra Moon is the first full Moon of the astrological year, which begins with Aries. It is a special Moon for many religions, especially Judaism and Christianity, because it marks both Passover and Easter. .

Like the season of Spring, the Sun in Aries heralds the arrival of the Dawn, the beginning of a new cycle of life. Bold, courageous, inquisitive, Aries’ energy wants to ignite our creativity. It’s primal fire after all! The Full Moon is in the opposite sign of Libra, the sign of the harvest at Autumn Equinox. This Libra Moon takes in Aries’ youthful fire and desire for life and reflects back the awareness that the fire must be shared with others, that it be used responsibly. The cosmic dance of Self and Other gets played out in this first, sacred Full Moon of the year.

★~ Quirky Country Western Song Titles Day:

What country music song always puts a smile on your face? Perhaps it’s Johnny Cash’s “Every Time I Itch I Wind Up Scratching You,” Kenny Chesney’s “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” or Homer & Jethro’s “She Made Toothpicks Out Of The Timber Of My Heart.” Today is the day to pay tribute to these unique songs!

Country music evolved from Appalachian folk music in the 1920s and became a nationwide sensation in the 1940s. The Grand Ole Opry radio station in Nashville, Tennessee began broadcasting weekly concerts that showcased all the different genres of country music—hillbilly, honky-tonk, bluegrass, western, rockabilly, gospel, and more.

Put on your cowboy hat, get out your banjo, and belt out your favorite quirky country music song!

★~  Joe Day:

“Joe” Day celebrates you if your name is Joe. The name Joseph reached the height of its popularity in the 1890s (ranked no. 6) and 1910s (ranked no. 5). From 1911 to 2011, Joseph was the eighth most popular baby boy name in the United States, trailing behind James, John, Robert, Michael, William, David, and Richard according to the Social Security Administration.

Enjoy a “cup of Joe,” (a cup of coffee)! This phrase originated from a modification of the words java or jamoke. The use of Joe in phrases was common in the 1930s and appeared in various expressions, including “an ordinary Joe” and the reference to an enlisted man as “GI Joe” according to World Wide Words. And let’s not forget “Joe Camel,” created in late 1987 as the mascot for Camel cigarettes. Here is a piece of trivia for you: in 1991, the American Medical Association published a report stating that five and six year olds could more easily recognize Joe Camel than Mickey Mouse, Fred Flintstone, Bugs Bunny, or even Barbie. Joe Camel was retired in 1997, but a marketing test done in 2009 showed that Joe Camel lived on. When five and six year olds were shown a picture of the camel without any brand attached alongside other popular TV characters, they easily recognize him as Joe Camel.


His Exploding Heart

Holi (also known as the Festival of Colors) is a popular Hindu festival that celebrates the arrival of spring, and the triumph of good over evil.

People all over the world gather together to feast, dance, pray, and light bonfires. Another Holi tradition is a mischievous activity called “playing colors.” People of all ages run through the streets throwing brightly colored body paint on each other. The game continues until everyone is covered from head to toe in the colors of love and life.

★~ Spanish Paella Day:


Paella is a hot rice dish that was developed in Valencia, Spain during the 1800′s. Traditionally, the meal is made with white rice, green vegetables, meat (usually rabbit, chicken, or duck), land snails, beans, saffron, and olive oil. It is cooked over an open flame fueled by pine cones and pine and orange branches, with a bottom layer of toasted rice, then served in then pan in which it was cooked. In fact, the name “paella” actually derives from an Old French word for “pan”.

Paella quickly became popular and spread across several continents, and different variations were created. Today there are three main types of paella — Valencian paella, seafood paella, and mixed paella. The dish is a favorite for competitions, with many chefs creating gargantuan paellas at large gatherings, hoping to out-do the current record for the largest paella credited in the Guinness Book of World Records. The current record holder is Chef Juan Galbis. On October 2, 2001 he created a paella that fed approximately 110,000 people!

★~ Today in History:

Backlit Cherry Blossoms at Sunrise

♥~ 1513 – it was Easter Sunday, when explorer Juan Ponce de Leon first sighted a mass of land which he later named in honor of Easter, “Pascua Florida.”

♥~ 1912 – One of nature’s most beautiful spectacles is the blooming of 3,750 cherry trees, the first two of which were planted on this day in 1912 by First Lady Helen Taft and Viscountess Chinda, wife of the Ambassador of Japan. The cherry trees, a gift of friendship to the United States from the people of Japan, are located in West Potomac Park around the Tidal Basin, at Haines Point in East Potomac Park and on the grounds of the Washington Monument.

♥~ 1976 – Pittsburgh quarterback Terry Bradshaw’s  recording of “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” reached #17, the highest position the country classic had ever reached on the country charts.

♥~ 2001 – Twelve days before his 88th birthday, Berry Thomas became the oldest bowler in America to roll a perfect 300 game.

★~Born Today:


♥~ 1868 –  Patty Smith Hill, kindergarten teacher, and later influential educator wrote a song called “Good Morning to All” in 1983 to start the day with her kindergarten class. Her sister Mildred, an accomplished musician, provided the melody.  The Hill sisters’ enjoyed their version of “Good Morning to All” so much they began spontaneously singing it at birthday parties changing the lyrics to “Happy Birthday.”  “Good Morning to All” was published in the songbook Stories for Kindergarten. Over time the Happy Birthday version of the song began to take over.  The song appeared in the Broadway musical “The Band Wagon” (1931), and was used for Western Union’s first singing telegram in 1933. A third sister, Jessica Hill, noticed the similarities between “Happy Birthday to You” and the song her sisters wrote, and sued to copyright the song in 1935.  According to Forbes magazine, the song produces about $2 million in licensing revenue each year. ”

♥~ 1963 – Quentin Tarantino Academy Award-winning screenwriter: Pulp Fiction [1994]; writer, director: From Dusk Till Dawn, Four Rooms, Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Reservoir Dogs

♥~ 1970 – Mariah Carey Grammy Award-winning singer: has sold more than 120 million albums and singles since her debut in 1990; only artist with a #1 single in every year of the 1990s; has spent more weeks at #1 than any other artist.

★~ Did You Know:  


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Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

5 thoughts on “Quirky Country Western Song Day, Holi, Joe Day, Spanish Paella Day

  1. Morno,
    Guess I better get ready to do a little howling tonight. I’ve had Paella and it’s good, but watch out for the spices.
    Here is a fact I read on the napkin when I was on my golfing vacation, I guess it is true, The chances of making two holes-in-one in a round of golf are one in 67 million.
    Have a good one.

  2. Good Morno,
    Well I’ll be switched (sticking with country theme) I had know idea about the Ketchup cups. Love country music, I’ve never eaten Spanish Paella, Holi sounds like a fun holiday. Joe the camal I remember him well. Cigarette industry was amazing in it’s ability to create memorable and lasting advertising campaigns. Here is a fact for you: The average kid watches over 100 commercials each day–recently learned in a PTO meeting. I hope my kids watch less, but the speaker said we would all be surprised.

  3. Land snails? Definitely not! I’ve never tried paella, but now that I know it’s got snails in it, I probably never will. I’m odd like that!

    Interesting Holi game, throwing colors on everybody. I’ve never tried that, either. Golly, look how much I’m missing!

    Hope the skies are clear enough tonight so we can see the full moon.

  4. not much for c&w music although i do like terry bradshaw’s choice of song. i didn’t have the guts to listen to his version though.
    i have a brother named joe & he fits his name…..a regular good guy.
    funny you mentioned festival of colors. a former colleague ran a 5k last weekend where all runners wore white & had people tossing some type of color whatever on them as they ran. i was trying to figure out the point of the run & missed that detail. now i understand even more!
    had no idea how to properly use a ketchup cup!

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