Weekend Odds and Ends


V is For Vulnerable: This inspired and inspiring book is written by Seth Godin and illustrated by Hugh Macleod.  It sure looks like a book for kids, with the entire alphabet outlined in the spirit you see above. But with phrases like A is for Anxiety and F is for Feedback, you’ll quickly discover that the actual plan is to get under your skin and give you a new way to think about your work, with an added bonus of putting a smile on your face.  If you have been giving high school and college graduates a copy of the book “Oh the Places You’ll Go” to inspire them on their journey. This year you might want to consider this book instead.  Scroll down to see how you can win your own copy!

♥~ Odds and Ends Winner:

Congratulations Beth Ann Chiles,  the winner of the book,  The Art of Clean Up: Life Made Neat and Tidy.  Please send us a mailing address and we will mail it post haste.

♥~ Good Read:

The Coolest Experience I Had as an Apple Store Employee

The Future of Customer Service: These Companies Are Getting it Right

♥~ This is my Life:


♥~ Nightmare on Meow Street:


♥~ Bovine happiness…..Cows let outside after winter housing:

Cows belong in fields. We have known it for a long time. And the cows agree!

♥~ Student solves Rubix Cube while juggling:

This is Cole’s next juggling challenge.

♥~ Liu Bolin makes himself disappear in public spaces:


♥~ Picture Fun:

Mood Swings

Mood swings.

Stand off

For our Canadian friend, Joanne!


(thank you El Morno friend, Carol)


S is for Share your favorite letter of the alphabet and what you associate it with for a chance to win a copy of V is for Vulnerable. I will toss all the comments into a hat, pull one lucky winner and announce the winner next week on Odds and Ends. Fun, right?

Odd Loves Company!

11 thoughts on “Weekend Odds and Ends

  1. Love Odds and Ends. It is fun. The mood swing picture is too funny.
    W is for Woods and Wave, I like both!

  2. “D,” of course!! It’s for Debbie, Dallas, and Domer!

    Great customer service listing. Interesting mood swings picture — hadn’t thought of it that way, ha!

    • Excellent!! I thought the swing were very clever. The customer service listing mentioned several of my favorite stores. I love and support anything that makes my life easier/

  3. a lesson learned at the apple store that can’t be done as well in class. kudos teacher!
    the video just reinforces more wariness with cats.
    had no idea cows could act like dogs & horses!

    • The cat video was a little frightening. I didn’t know that about cows either, they seems like such slow moooving animals.

  4. Of course I like the Canadian cartoon. And if you’ve ever driven to Canada and crossed at a land border crossing you would know how true it is.

    Matt’s favorite letter of the alphabet is G because that’s the seventh letter and 7 is his lucky number. Matt is, in case it wasn’t obvious from that, a numbers guy.

    Me, I’m a person of letters. I like all the letters of the alphabet. I’m not sure I could even pick a favorite. B for Ben maybe. But how about M for Matt. Or C for Chicago and Canada. Or Y for Yellow, the happy color. And then there are all the other great letters. I really can’t decide!

    • Glad you saw and liked the cartoon.
      Matt, being a number guy is a good thing,based on his line of work, right?
      Y does seem happy—it’s even throwing it’s arms up in a big YAY sign.

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