Ben & Jerry Free Cone Day, Antique Day, Chinese Almond Cookie Day

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April 9, 2013

Free Cone Day

★~ Today’s Quote: If the track is tough and the hill is rough, THINKING you can just ain’t enough”  Shel Silverstein

★~ Ben & Jerry Free Scoops

Ben and Jerry

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★~ Cherish an Antique Day:

Do you have any family heirlooms hidden away in your closets? In 1979, the first episode of Antiques Roadshow aired in the United Kingdom. Local residents presented their family heirlooms and collectibles for appraisal, and learned their true value. The show was an instant success. On the American version of the show, the most valuable find to date was a set of carved rhinoceros horn cups, which were appraised at $1-$1.5 million!  Happy antiquing!

★~ Chinese Almond Cookie Day:

Chinese almond cookies are round, flat and adorned with an almond sliver. Whip up a batch of the cookies or just head out to your favorite Chinese restaurant.

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1878 – The 134th White House Easter Egg Roll. Children roll eggs across the lawn using long spoons. Games, food, live entertainment accompany the annual event,

♥~ 1953- Warner Brothers, the first of the major Hollywood studios to introduce 3-D motion pictures, chose this day to premiere “The House of Wax” at the Paramount Theatre in New York City. The stage show preceding the movie was headed by singer Eddie Fisher. The film’s stars, Vincent Price, Phyllis Kirk and Frank Lovejoy attended the premiere. 23 3-D films were released in 1953, The House of Wax being the first.

♥~ 1956 – Grace Kelly graced the cover of LIFE magazine. The caption read, “Education of a princess; for a movie and for real.”

♥~ 1963- Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was named an honorary United States citizen by President Kennedy. Churchill was the British Prime Minister during World War II, and he worked extensively with Roosevelt to achieve victory. He was the second person ever to receive the honorary US citizenship (Marquis de LaFayette was the first, and since then only 6 other world figures have joined the club). So let’s all put on our trench coats, light a cigar, and pay tribute to Churchill and his legacy

♥~ 1965 – TIME magazine featured a cover with the entire Peanuts gang. It was a good day for Charlie Brown.

♥~ 1977 – The Swedish pop group Abba made its debut at number one on the American pop charts, as Dancing Queenbecame the most popular record in the U.S.

★~Born Today:


♥~ 1926 – Hugh Hefner publisher: Playboy magazine

♥~ 1939 – Michael Learned Emmy Award-winning actress: The Waltons [1972-73, 1973-74, 1975-76; Nurse [1981-82]; Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, All My Sons, Deadly Business, A Christmas Without Snow

♥~ 1954 – Dennis Quaid actor: Dragonheart, Wyatt Earp, Postcards from the Edge, Everybody’s All-American, The Right Stuff, Jaws 3, The Long Riders, Breaking Away, September 30, 1955, Switchback, Frequency, Traffic; songwriter, actor: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, Tough Enough, The Big Easy; brother of actor Randy Quaid

♥~ 1979 – Keshia Knight Pulliam actress: The Cosby Show

♥~ 1986 – Leighton Meester Actress (“Gossip Girl”)

♥~ 1990 – Kristen Stewart Actress  (“Twilight” movies)

★~ Did You Know:

♥~ In 1988, a Gloucestershire bookseller paid  $8, 843.00 for a lock of Lord Nelson’s hair.

♥~ One of Sir Isaac Newton’s teeth was sold for $3, 241 in 1816. It was bought by a nobleman who had it set in a ring.

♥~ The red slippers worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz fetched  $165,000 at auction in 1988.

♥~ A bottle of 50-year-old  Glenfiddich whisky was sold to an Italian businessman for 38.000.

♥~ The loin-cloth which Charlton Heston wore in the movie Ben Hur was auctioned for 1,650 in 1997.

♥~ In 1993, a two-tone, mint condition Dinky toy Foden tanker, purchased in the 1950s, was sold to a Californian for $7,667.

♥~ A yo-yo signed by President Nixon sold for  $16,029 at auction.

♥~ A 1965 letter written by John Lennon to this then wife Cynthia was sold for 22,525 in 1997.

♥~ A Stiff teddy bear was sold for $143,640 to a Japanese businessman in 1994.

♥~ A four inch long lock of Beethoven’s hair was sold for $5,223.30 in 1994.

♥~ The marriage certificate of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller was sold for $9,793.68


If you had the money and could buy an outlandishly expensive piece of history, art, celebrity/sports memorable  what would you choose?  I can tell you right now I would not buy someone else’s hair or teeth. I might buy a beautiful lamp. Maybe a Tiffany lamp! Your turn!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Odd Loves Company!

16 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry Free Cone Day, Antique Day, Chinese Almond Cookie Day

  1. I would buy one of the jewelled Faberge eggs that were created for the Tsar imperial family. Mind you, the price of one of those could possibly feed a small nation but they are so exquisite.

  2. I don’t think I would buy a fingernail or a hunk of hair or teeth either—-what I would really love is the original John Wesley teapot…….but I suspect that is impossible so I have a replica instead. Lots of work go into these posts, Katybeth! I am so impressed!!!! And I always learn something !!! Happy Tuesday!

  3. Morno,
    Internet issues again. I thought we had it fixed. We have a Ben and Jerry’s about 5 minutes from work. I see an office field trip in our future.
    Running behind. Have a good one.

  4. Good El Morno!!
    The cone news is great news. We have a Ben and Jerry’s not to far from where the kids go to school and I have car pool today. I wonder if it will be swamped. Should I pick the kids up early :-D?
    We don’t have many antiques, actually we don’t have any. However, I love pin cushions, so I might look for a pin cushion that sat on the dressing table of a queen.
    Almond cookies sound good with coffee.

    • FUN. Hope you enjoyed every lick of your cones! A royal Pin cushion…La De Da Da!
      I thought you could only eat Almond cookies with Chinese food 😀

  5. hmm ben & jerry free day. not sure if there’s a convenient location.
    i could certainly go for a couple chinese almond cookies!
    i would purchase a beatles something or another. no hair or teeth for me either.
    good day!

    • Beatles is good. Maybe a gold record? Chinese almond cookies, one of the best parts of ordering Chinese food.

  6. No Ben and Jerry’s, sigh. Ice cream does sound pretty good, warm as it’s been, though!
    I’m with you — no locks of hair, teeth, or body parts, please. I’d prefer something frame-able (perhaps a page from one of Mozart’s early compositions) or wearable (like a bauble from a long-ago king or queen)!
    How’s that “empty” house feeling about now?!!

    • The bauble idea is a great idea! I also like the idea of having something Mozartzie on the wall. Very cultured.
      Great! I have been sleeping in until 7am this week. No school, no late night projects, and rain that keeps my pups snuggled under for a little longer. Someday, I will miss him more, but a once in a while break is not a bad thing

  7. I’d buy Julia Child’s kitchen. It was just perfect with those pegboards. The pegboards had magic marker lines drawn around all the kitchen implements (like a workshop) so if it was missing you knew it! It is in the Smithsonian, so I guess I will have to settle for just seeing it. I met her. She was awesome.

    • What a great story! My big spoon is always missing. I bet meeting Julia would be awesome! Anyone that loves butter is a friend of mine!.

  8. I’d probably buy another oriental rug, I just love them. The boy has eaten two containers of ice cream. Have you tried Mexican Praline? It’s very good. Cole can vouch for that. He also seemed to enjoy the cherry with bits of it.

    • Cole likes ice cream? Imagine my surprise. At home, we eat buy one cartoon, get the other cartoon free! It doesn’t last long.

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