National Sibling Day, Golfers Day, Cinnamon Croissant Day

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April 10, 2013


★~ Today’s Quote: “You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” ~ Anne Lamott

★~ National Sibling Day:


Today is the day for a Sibling Shout Out. Insist that while you will always be Mom’s favorite, you are really glad that your wish that they were never born wasn’t granted.

★~ Golfers Day:


Today in 1916 – The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) held its first championship tournament . This first PGA Championship title went to Britisher, Jim Barnes. Barnes won the match-play event at Siwanoy golf course in Bronxville, NY and was presented with a trophy and the major share of the $2,580 purse

Golfing is such a brilliant sport. It doesn’t involve serious injuries, grueling practices, sweating profusely, or youth. And when the game is over everyone meets at the club house for a cocktails!

★~ Cinnamon Croissant (Bun) Day:


The combination of a croissant and cinnamon is a treat that can’t be beat.

Although croissants were first created as far back as the 13th century, cinnamon has been around even longer. The spice is mentioned in Chinese writings in 2800 B.C. and it has since been used in various cultures around the world.

In Ancient Rome, people valued cinnamon more than silver and gold, and spices remained a highly prized luxury good through the Middle Ages. In fact, you could determine a person’s social rank by the number of spices they could afford. People used cinnamon to preserve meat, flavor their beverages, and cure certain ailments. Today, cinnamon is still one of the most popular spices and is a key ingredient in many baked goods.

To celebrate National Cinnamon Croissant Day, bake a batch by cracking open a can of Pillsbury Cinnamon buns, or heading over to Cinnabon!

★~ Today in History:

safety pin

♥~ 1841 – The New York Tribune began publication under editor Horace Greeley,who, some say, was the “single greatest journalistic influence in America.” Greeley edited the paper until his death in 1872.

♥~ 1849- Walter Hunt of New York City patented the safety pin. Mr. Hunt, sold the patent for a $400. Bet he could just ‘stick’ himself for doing that…Safety Pin Tip: Is there one huge, bulging hanging file in your file cabinet? Save space with a safety pin. See the photo here for a clearer explanation.

♥~ 1912 – The Titanic set sail from Southampton, England with 2,228 passengers and life boats for only half that many.

♥~ 1953 – Eddie Fisher was discharged from the Army and arrived home to a nice paycheck of $330,000 in record royalties. Fisher sold 7 million records for RCA Victor while on furloughs. Any Time was just one of several hits recorded during his stint in the Army.

♥~ 1970 – Officially resigning from The Beatles, Paul McCartney disbanded the most influential rock group in history at a public news conference. The Beatles hit, Let It Be, was riding high on the pop charts. The last recording for the group, The Long and Winding Road (also from the documentary film Let It Be), would be number one for two weeks beginning on June 13, bringing to a close one of contemporary music’s greatest dynasties.

♥~ 1998 – The anti-impotence drug, compound UK-92,480, went on the market in Sandwich, England. It later became one of the best-selling medications of all time: Viagra

★~Born Today:

Anne Lamott

♥~ 1847 – Joseph Pulitzer publisher: St. Louis Dispatch, New York World; His will left $2 million to establish the school of journalism at Columbia Univ. and a fund which established annual prizes for literature, drama, music and journalism.

♥~ 1915 – Harry Morgan (Bratsburg) Emmy Award-winning actor: M*A*S*H

♥~ 1929 – Liz Sheridan, Actress (“Seinfeld”)

♥~ 1932 – Omar Sharif (Michael Shalhoub) Actor (“Doctor Zhivago,” “Lawrence of Arabia”)

♥~ 1936 – John MaddenPro Football Hall of Famer: San Diego State defensive coordinator; NFL: head coach: Oakland Raiders [103 wins, 32 losses, 7 ties]; TV sports broadcaster: CBS, FOX [11 Emmy Awards as Outstanding Sports Personality-Analyst]; author: Hey Wait a Minute, I Wrote a Book!, One Knee Equals Two Feet (and Everything Else You Wanted to Know About Football), One Size Doesn’t Fit All, All Madden, John Madden’s Ultimate Tailgate Cookbook; video game marketer: John Madden Football; fear of flying puts him on trains and his customized bus

♥~ 1951 –  Steven Seagal, Actor, Executive Decision, Under Siege series, On Deadly Ground, Out for Justice, Marked for Death, Hard to Kill, Above the Law

♥~ 1954 – Anne Lamott, American novelist and non-fiction writer. She is also a progressive political activist, public speaker and writing teacher. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, her nonfiction works are largely autobiographical. Interview with Anne Lamott

★~ Did You Know: Craziest Golf Courses in the world 

♥~ Nullarbor Links

Nullarbor Links  

The world’s longest golf course. It stretches across 1,365 kilometres (848 miles), over 18 different towns and roadhouses along the Eyre Highway in Australia. The par 72 course features water hazards, sand traps, and poisonous snakes.

Trivia: The word golf does not mean “Gentleman Only, Ladies Forbidden.” This is an internet myth. 22.8% of golfers are women.

♥~ Lost City Golf Course


This 13 hole golf course boasts a water hazard full of live Nile crocodiles, making this one of the most exciting golf courses in the world.

Trivia: The chances of making two holes-in-one in a round of golf are one in 67 million. Many Japanese golfers carry “hole-in-one” insurance. In Japan if you hit a hole-in-one it is customary to share your good luck by throwing a party complete with gifts for all your friends. The youngest golfer to shoot a hole-in-one was Coby Orr, who was five years old at the time. It happened in Littleton, Colorado, in 1975 on the 103 yd fifth at the Riverside Golf Course, San Antonio, TX.

♥~ The Legend Golf and Safari Resort

The Legend Golf and Safari Resort

The Legend Golf Resort in Limpopo, South Africa is more than just a golf course. It’s also a wild game safari with lions, elephants, rhinos, and leopards that roam about as you take your best shot. On top of that (literally), one hole features a tee box 400m above the green on the edge of a cliff.

Trivia: Americans spend more than $630 million a year on golf balls.

♥~ Himalayan Golf Club

The Himalayan Golf Club in Nepal

The Himalayan Golf Club features stunning views of the Bijayapur river running through the middle of the course, and the Himalayan mountains all around it. When you’re building golf courses in the middle of Himalayan mountain ranges, you’re bound to be tight on space, so several of the holes actually share greens.

Trivia: 80% of all golfers will never achieve a handicap of less than 18.

♥~ Uummannaq Ice Golf Course in Greenland


Uummannaq, Greenland hosts an annual ice golf championship where players need to avoid both icebergs and hypothermia to compete. There is no formal course per se, but they still manage to host a 36 hole tournament (which takes place over 2 days) every year.

Trivia: 125,000 golf balls a year are hit into the water at the famous 17th hole of the Stadium Course at Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Golf Course

Dubbed “The World’s Most Dangerous Course,” Camp Bonifas is only 2 miles shy of the Korean Demilitarized Zone. The base features a one-hole course with an Astroturf green. Oh, and minefield. Lots of minefields.

Trivia: Golfing great Ben Hogan’s famous reply when asked how to improve one’s game was: “Hit the ball closer to the hole.”


I’m an only child, but I like other people siblings! I don’t golf, but I have a friend who along with a few friends, borrowed a golf cart after having a bit to much to drink and fell out of it. I did not know this person then, but I wish I had!! I do love Cinnamon buns and bought some in a can, to pop open on the counter and eat with gusto!

Cole is still visiting his grandparents and was checking out golf exercises for seniors, but sent me a video about shooting ping pong balls through ping pong paddles at super sonic speeds. I pointed out the video said not to try the experiment at home and mentioned the makers of the gun had five college degrees between them, we have one between us. Missing him? No. A little bit. A very little bit.

Wishing you a winsome Wednesday.

Odd Loves Company!

21 thoughts on “National Sibling Day, Golfers Day, Cinnamon Croissant Day

  1. greetings to my four siblings! funny bird picture!
    i find safety pins as a very useful invention.
    i do not golf. have only golfed once & that was a few years ago. i prefer faster paced sports. don’t mind sweating in the least. actually i enjoy hard earned sweat! that’s just me.

    • Love safety pins. Right up there with Duct tape and WD-40. I’m more in favor of a light glow, but I’m impressed by those that push themselves in any sport!

  2. MORNO,
    Late to Golf day? I’m changing internet suppliers. Those courses are amazing. I knew about a few of them, but had no idea I could play golf in the Himalayans. I’ll pass on the gators, I’ve seen one of those in Florida and it wasn’t pretty. The facts were good too. I’ve never had a hole in one, but would happily buy a round of drinks for the honor.
    Took cinnamon buns to work. It’s been a dry spell for the crew.
    My sis, who knew she would turn out to be such a great pal. and chef. Glad we kept her around.
    Have a good one.

    • Golf day was written with you in mind. I think you should try the Lost City Golf Course. Golfing along side Lions could prove interesting. I bet golf is a faster game on that course.
      I bet you were a popular guy this morning! Maybe you should take your sis a cinnamon bun!

  3. Cinnamon is my secret ingredient to Chili. In fact a dash of cinnamon in any tomato based dish does wonders.
    I gave up Golf because it takes too long to play. Stay dry in this lovely stormy weather. Campers running you out of towels???

    • You got it…lots of muddy, furry feet! Next time I make chili I will add a dash! Believe or not, I do make chili from time to time!

  4. It has been pouring here all night. Please turn off the faucet. We will be flooding soon if it don’t quit.When will we start warming up? I’m sick to death of this cold gloomy days! I was stuck in doors all winter and I want to get out to walk or ride my bike, for heavens sake!

    • It has been a gloomy day. We had an awful storm this morning, and it seems pretty stormy tonight too. Hopefully, it will all be over soon and we will be complaining about the heat and sipping lemonade!

  5. A day late and a dollar short, as the saying goes. But I wanted to extend a shout out to my siblings. And siblings in law.

    Love cinnamon. A little dash in spaghetti sauce is also quite good. Just a dash, mind you.

    I like golf. Something I can do with my hubby and grown son.

    I’ve been enjoying the rain – it has been sorely needed here in Chicagoland. I like the greyness of it all. Check back with me in about a week though – I’m sure I’ll have changed my mind if it’s still raining!

    • Well for once it’s not raining here. Sunny, cool, and everything in bloom. Love spring in Vancouver, Canada!!
      Good to hear from you.

    • Good cinnamon tip! Thank you. Golf is a lovely social sport. Time to visit while hopefully beating them soundly.
      I love the rain, to a point. It’s nice nesting and sleeping weather. On the other handy muddy, furry feet and pups that shake when it thunders isn’t fun for any of us after the first day. 😀 . I have a stack of towels a mile high!

    • A few days late here – but thanks Joanne! Glad you’re enjoying the rain – wish I could say the same. Still lots of snow here… Good to hear from you – hopefully we’ll see at Larissa’s shower and / or wedding….

  6. Cole is headed back to Chicago. I miss him already.
    Cinnamon buns are a tasty treat. Those golf courses were amazing. If I didn’t do dogs I’d play golf.

    • Enjoy your pup now and play golf in your old age! Cole misses you too. Good God, how much ice cream did you feed the kid…he came home telling we must pick up a carton of Mexican Praline ice cream.

  7. Golf Day? Who knew? And it was pretty enough outside for me to enjoy it, had I but known!! My fault, Kb, not yours! You do an amazing job of keeping us updated on what’s what — it’s just that sometimes I’m reading a day behind.
    My sis and I have had some great fights, but it’s true what they say, Blood is thicker than water!

    • I know, of-course this post was written with you and Mike in mind! Hey, you found an outfit for graduation. So much more important. I forgot to ask you on your post when we get to see pictures???
      No sibs for me. Never missed it as a kid, as an adult it might be fun IF we got along.

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