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Everyone is a winner this week! Odd has enough Pocket Monkeys for everyone that commented on last weeks Odds and Ends post to receive one. Soon you will all be nicking bananas, and pealing oranges like Ninja Monkeys. Along with other things, of-course. If I don’t have your address, I will be in touch!

★~ Inspiration:  The Boston Marathon tragedy is beyond words, but the way Boston took care of their city, and each other…..WOW!!


Manhunt Underway, Boston Under Lockdown 

The People Who Watch Marathons:

Comfort Dogs Arrive In Boston To Help With The Healing

Jon Stewart Rips Into CNN For Lying About The Boston Marathon

★~In Case You Were Wondering:

Bike messenger

What it would be like to be a female NYC bike messenger. Career change, anyone?

★~ Good To Know:

Drug test

★~ Useful 


Hinge Packing Tape, is a useful product in an odd sort of way.

I-phone soup bowl

Uhm, just don’t drop the phone in the soup! Your I-Phone warrantee won’t cover damage caused by soup. This product is still under construction, so you will have to wait. Try to be patient!

★~Potholes? Chicago? Maybe…



★~ The Most Incredible Kids’ Tree House You’ll Ever See!

tree house

This awesome tree house might be a little over the top, but it was planned for fun and to last generations.

★~ A Few Giggles

Dove Campaign Parody: Men, Less Beautiful Than They Think. So silly.


Did you miss the original campaign? Here it  is…



Dog leash


cell phone

Another Odd give away next week! In the meantime, you can  comment to win a Zappos gift card on Odd Shoe Reviews which will be posted throughout the day.

I leave you with this to think about: Shouldn’t we have a version of “Where’s Waldo” for kids with ADD called “Here’s Waldo?”

Same time, same Place next week!

Odd Loves Company!

13 thoughts on “Odds and Ends: Fun Links and Give Away

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  2. We all won a Pocket Monkey? That is so cool. I am going to take very care of mine! Thank you!
    Loved this weeks links. The way Boston handle the bombings is beyond amazing. Now, we care for the victims families who might somehow find the strength to recover over the senseless killing of their loved ones by two monsters. One who is only 19. Makes me so angry.
    That treehouse is wonderful. So much care and love went into designing it. A fine example of creative and innovative (stealing from El Morno :-D).
    Thanks again! I’m so excited.

    • Yep! You are most welcome.
      Nineteen years old. So many angry young men. Make me sad and angry too.
      Good point about the treehouse. Thanks for bringing the morning full circle.
      Have a great day!

  3. So proud that I am originally from MA, and so proud of Boston and how they handled this week’s nightmare!

    Kym Perfetto has got to be the calmest woman on earth! I could never even think about being a bike messenger in NYC…and for 5 years??!! No way!

    Awesome tree house!

    • Welcome to Odd! You have a lot to be proud of when it comes to your home state.
      I agree no way. I see those messengers in Chicago and think they must be crazy.
      Maybe the grown-ups are the ones who need the tree house. 😀

  4. We’re ALL winners?? Way cool — thanks in advance for your generosity!
    Love the comic of the dog and the cat — sounds just like something DD would say to the neighbor’s felines!
    I always wanted a tree house, and that one is awesome. Of course, I’d have to take it over now and use it as my writing space!!

    • All winners. DD is a bit snooty about cats? We have the trees for a tree house, but we let the kids climb the trees, and bought a trampoline, something I always wanted and it provide hours/days of fun. Sad. We are talking it out this summer. It’s old and the kids are too heavy.

  5. I won. My husband is going to be so jealous! Thank you so much. Can not wait to start using my pocket monkey!
    Boston. First, my heart goes out to the victims families. And second, it felt so good to see Boston nail the evil doers. They were able to act quickly, and get the job done.
    The tree house, my kids are desperate for one and we are thinking about building one this summer. We will not being showing them these pictures. But, I will be looking for ideas. We have the ideal tree.
    The bike messenger has to have nerves of steal and be a little bit crazy.
    Thanks again!

    • I thought the same thing about the messenger. Well, if your husband loves the pocket monkey, don’t give it to him and let the kids give him one for Fathers Day. A totally affordable Fathers Day gift.
      I bet your tree house will be very cool! Can’t wait to hear about it.

  6. wow! i normally don’t go for *everyone’s a winner*, but i’ll make an exception today. that’s mighty kind of you…thank you!
    boston. the article about spectators is absolutely true. marathoning would be nothing without spectators & their hoopla. marathoners & the crowds will STILL be out in force. the @^#*”</s chose the wrong venue. proud of boston.
    very brave nyc bike messenger!

    • Oh, I love it when everyone is a winner. Use to pray for soccer ties when the kids were little. I understand competition, believe we all need to accept loss when it comes our way, but love it when it works out where ever one can win. Of-course those same little kid kept score like hawks, and my especially wanted to win or lose, but never tie.
      The crowds will come! Maybe even more so now.

  7. Great assortment of links. Like everyone I was horrified and saddened over Boston, and then I was pissed off. The Boston Police made it very clear, they weren’t messing around and that felt good. Justice would be served.
    Loved the treehouse, and the story of the NYC messenger. That girl has nerves of steel. The man Dove commercial is hysterical.

    • Justice was served. Unfortunately, it won’t bring back anyone loved ones. So sad. Isn’t that Dove commercial too funny!

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