Odds and Ends: Fun Links and Give Away

blue skies ahead


Congratulations, Odd friend, Geri you won last weeks Odds and End give-away! We will ship out your Mole Skin notebook on Monday! See below for this weeks Give-A-Way.

★~ Inspiration:  

Phyllis Sues: “To look good and feel good is work. To look great and feel great is a full-time job. There is no cheating! It’s daily! Minute-by-minute, second-by-second. This is the process I love and love to work at. The reward is liking myself and living a creative life. I will turn 90 this April and hope I can still create this in 10 years time.” Click to read more from Phyllis Sues 

Happy At One Hundred: Emotive Portraits of Centenarians

★~ Life Skills:

To add to your knowledge of perfecting basic skills, here’s a video tutorial on “How To Pour A Glass of Water.” Take note of the triple-filtered water, the industrial grade thermometer and the diamond-etched glass “steam-cleaned on the inside.” This isn’t child’s play hunny, the proper instruments are essential to performing this precarious task. Perhaps the best part of this tutorial is Bryce Chartwell’s, the how-to guru of obvious, graceful demonstration of the left-handed “De Fluge”


★~ Seriously Odd:

Can you feel it? Hear it? You might have to wait for it to start…


★~ Show Off’s:

Adventures of a Teenage Polyglot: Teen can speak 23 languages (I can speak 2 languages. English and Dog)



Sea Lion Has Rhythm (I have rhythm as long as I can see the person in front of me)


★~ Easily Amused:

Test Drive






Bonding Over a Cuppa


This Weeks Give-Away!

The Pocket Monkey, is one of the handiest gadget ever invented. Cole received one from the Easter Bunny (yes, the Easter Bunny) and uses it every day. I keep one in my wallet and have been surprised how many times I’ve used it. The Pocket Monkey (funded on Kickstarter and made in the USA) is a 1mm thin (size of a credit card) tools that easily fits in your wallet. The best way to understand everything a Pocket Monkey can do is watch the video below and then click over and visit the website.


Just leave a comment below for a chance to win a Pocket Monkey of your very own! I will throw all the comments into a hat and draw one lucky winner, who will be announced on Odds and Ends next Saturday.

And finally, Isn’t this the perfect come back?

Mr Rogers

Until we meet again Odd friends, just remember this: If it makes you smile, giggle or laugh…Do it again!

Odd Loves Company!

20 thoughts on “Odds and Ends: Fun Links and Give Away

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  2. Oh man—I love the Alice and Dorothy cartoon! That is priceless. It even got a thumbs up from the husband which is high praise! The pocket monkey is amazing—keeping my fingers crossed!!! Happy Saturday! And congrats to Geri!!!

    • Thumbs up to your hubby! The pocket money might make a great gift for your boys, everyone I have given it to has ordered more. And you can fly with them! TSA approved. 😀

  3. I WON! WOW. That is just great. I never win anything. Thank you SO MUCH. What a great way to start my weekend. Love all the links and yes I can hear the power tower jumping. How does that happen? Love the Mr. Rogers come back.
    Thanks again, for making my weekend!

    • Yep! You WON. I will ship on Monday. I have no idea how you can hear the picture. Must be an illusions reaction of some sort.
      Hope your weekend just gets better and better!

  4. What a fun post. The video on pouring water is so funny. Who knew. Loved the Dorothy/Alice picture and the Beagle reminds me of a the Beagle I grew up with. He had very strong opinions.
    Looks like you could rule the world with a pocket monkey. I want one! And what a great Fathers Day gift.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • The water video made me smile too. I bet you could rule the world with a Pocket Monkey! Hope you get a chance to find out!

  5. Great stuff as always. My kids have started asking about this post. Can’t wait to show them the power tower jumping rope. How does it do that! I do feel it. The kid who can speak all those languages is amazing. I use to speak some French, but I’m very out of practice.
    The pocket money is very cool. Sara ^ is right what a great gift for so many people. And reasonable. Hope I win one, but I’m ordering a few either way.
    Off to El Morno. I seem to be working my way backwards.

    • Shout to your kids! I ordered a few Pocket Monkey’s for Cole’s teachers –end of year Thank You. Hope you win one too! The kid that could speak all the languages amazed me.
      Have a great day.

  6. The pup and the popcorn was great! Unlike his mama, Darling Sheltie Dog loves popcorn — only he prefers it gently tossed to him (so he can catch it mid-air and show off), rather than scraping it up off the floor like a commoner!
    And the power poles playing jump rope were great — how’d they do that??

    • What a Prince! Only one of my pups can catch worth beans, but they all love popcorn. Like sharks. I have no idea how the power poles works…the mind is a mysterious thing i guess. Hope you had a nice day. It snowed this morning, rained, and then the sun poked it’s ray out for a bit. So odd.

  7. the swaying towers made me shudder at 1st with thoughts of hurricane force winds. then i noticed they were just playing jump rope. all is good.
    cute pup with the popcorn! so silly with those ears flopping.
    sea lion has good taste in music.
    polyglot, eh? i like his confession of eavesdropping!
    pocket monkey….the guy did a good job promoting. will pm be the next swiss army knife that practically everyone has?
    had to drop my head in shame at mr. rogers.

    • Power towers just want to have FUN :-D. I like the pocket money because it fits in your wallet. No bulk. And you can fly with it unless the TSA agent didn’t get the memo. Mr. Rogers, has a way…
      Hope you and Nik had a wonderful day!

  8. The beagle is cute. I wonder if there is something about the smell of popcorn beagles don’t like. It’s the one food item at home that Joey will ignore if we drop. George eats it right up. Power towers are great. I read Phyllis Sue’s post. Seriously awesome. And of course, if the only thing the pocket monkey could do was nick a banana and peel an orange I’m all in. The fact it does so much more is just icing on the cake.

    • How interesting. I eat popcorn all the time, but have never noticed if Joey begged a piece of not. Probably, because I am surrounded by all the other popcorn sharks. Cole can peal an orange with the pocket money like a pro, I like it because it does not add weight to my purse. Phyllis Sue is a real inspiration.

  9. These were all good, except the guy who drove the car. With out a doubt before he could have said it was just a prank, I’d of killed him with my bare hands!
    That P.M. is way cool.

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