Scrabble Day, Peach Cobbler Day

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April 13, 2013

Finally spring light!

★~ Today’s Quote: Children are the most desirable opponents at scrabble as they are both easy to beat and fun to cheat. ~ Fran Lebowitz


★~ Scrabble Day:


The official game of rainy days spent stuck in the hotel during a beach vacation, Scrabble is sold in 121 countries, with 29 different language versions. There are 101 accepted two-letter words and 1015 three-letter words in the English language. I always wondered about that…Really. Play a game of scrabble today and may the word quixotry be with you.

~  Scrabble is a real word. It means “to scratch frantically.”

~  Scrabble sets are found in one out of every three American homes

~  If all the Scrabble tiles ever produced were placed end to end they would reach the equivalent of eight times around the earth.

★~ Peach Cobbler Day:

Peach Cobbler

If you eat cobbler in the United States more than likely you will be eating a dessert made from peaches and batter. When it is baked, the batter rises into a dumpling.  If you order cobbler in Europe you will be treated to a meat dish made into a type of casserole. Good to know don’t you think?

Did you know that the world’s record for the  largest peach cobbler (so far) was 11 by 5 feet and 8 inches deep? It was made out of 90 pounds of butter, 150 pounds of sugar, 150 pounds of flour, 32 gallons of milk, and 75 gallons of peaches! This gigantic cobbler was made for the Georgia Peach Festival in 2007 and every year they try and out-do the previous year. I bet they call each other precious, peachy, and bless each other hearts a lot during that event: “We just love Mary Jo to death but she kain’t make a peach cobbler worth giving to the dawgs…Bless Her Heart.” Why not make a peach cobbler for dessert tonight? Peach Cobbler Recipe.

★~ Today in History:

Hank Aaron

♥~1954 – Hank Aaron debuted for the Milwaukee Braves. In his first ever major-league baseball game, Hammerin’ Hank went 0-for-5 against Cincinnati. Aaron’s first major-league homer came 10 days later.

♥~1958 – Van Cliburn of Kilgore, TX earned 1st prize in the Soviet Union’s Tchaikovsky International Piano Contest in Moscow.

♥~1963 – Pete Rose got his first major-league hit for the Cincinnati Reds. Twenty one years later to this day, ‘Charlie Hustle’ collected his 4,000th hit. Rose was playing for Montreal when he achieved the feat

♥~1976 – The Federal Reserve issued a $2 bill as United States currency. After a great deal of fanfare at the time, the bills are virtually uncirculated today.

♥~1987 – The Population Reference Bureau reported that the population of the world had surpassed five billion.

★~Born Today:

Butch Cassidy

♥~1743 – Thomas Jefferson 3rd U.S. President [1801-1809]; married to Martha Skelton [one son, five daughters]; nickname: Man of the People; died July 4, 1826

♥~1866 – Butch Cassidy: Notorious outlaw who robbed banks and trains throughout the American West during the late 1800s. Born Robert LeRoy Parker at Beaver, UT, Cassidy formed “the Wild Bunch”—a gang that teamed him with Harry Longabaugh (“the Sundance Kid” ). Under pressure from Pinkerton agents, Cassidy and Sundance fled to South America in the early 1900s. Details of Cassidy’s death are uncertain, but many believe he was killed in San Vicente, Bolivia, in 1909, while attempting to rob a mine station.

♥~1899 – Alfred M. Butts architect, scrabble game inventor.

♥~1906 – Samuel Beckett author, critic, playwright: Waiting for Godot, The Unnameable, Eleutheria, Malone Dies, Malloy, Endgame; died Dec 22, 1989

♥~1950 – William Sadler actor: Die Hard 2, The Shawshank Redemption, Hard to Kill, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, Rocket Man, Roswell, The Green Mile

♥~1970 – Rick Schroder actor: NYPD Blue, Crimson Tide, Texas, Lonesome Dove, Hansel and Gretel, Earthling, The Champ, Silver Spoons

★~ Did You Know: Odd News This Week:


♥~ Trick Goldfish Saved:  Leighton Naylor of Thornton, Lancashire, England, trick goldfish Einstein developed swim bladder, a disease which caused him to floated upside down—and then sink to the bottom of the tank when he could no longer float at all. But do not despair, this story has a very happy ending! Leighton saved Einstein by making him an adjustable lifebelt that allowed him to stay afloat. Einstein is now swimming happily with his tank mates, Pat, Frank and Blondie.

♥~  North Pond Hermit:   Stories of the North Pond Hermit circulated for decades as evidence of burglaries were uncovered through the years. The elusive hermit never stole money or caused damage, but took food and supplies. Finally, the officials at Pine Tree Camp, a camp for people with disabilities, installed an alarm. And this week, police arrested 47-year-old Christopher Knight, who may be responsible for up to a thousand such burglaries. Knight left home in 1986, two years after graduating high school, and his family thought he’d gone to New York. However, the hermit lived alone in the woods for 27 years. He only had contact with another person once, a hiker he spoke to briefly. Knight has not yet offered an explanation of why he avoided human contact all those years.

♥~ Worlds Largest Wasp Nest:  An abandoned house in San Sebastián de la Gomera, Spain, was investigated by police after calls from neighbors. Inside, they found a wasp nest that almost filled a room! Experts measured the nest at 21 feet 9 inches. Guess, solving this problem is going to take more than a squirt of wasp spray.

♥~ This Bites:  A burglar broke into a home in East Wenatchee, Washington, and was still there when the owners returned home. They found him feeding the dog from the refrigerator. The suspect hung around for a while, talking with the frightened homeowners and revealing his name, and then left. The burglar called for the dog, a lab-pit bull mix named Buddy, and Buddy followed him out the door. Police found Jason L. McDaniel at his home, and arrested him. Buddy was on the lam for a few days, but rumor has it that he is back home with his family.


Cole is going to take the ACT college test today. He needs to be at the testing site by about 7:30am (ungodly hour for a teen on the weekend) so I offered to drive him. My morning will be spent at a nearby Starbucks. Since he is taking the test without any real preparation (at his request) I’m not really nervous for him. If he does well great and if he doesn’t, he’ll know what he needs to prepare for next time. And be better prepared for the SAT in a few weeks. Cole and his high school college counselor, put together a list of some schools that fit his criteria, so I guess our next step wii be taking some College road trips. College post coming to an Odd blog near you soon.

Check out Weekend Odds and Ends for some fun links and a chance to win a Pocket Monkey.

Wishing you a Super Saturday!

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11 thoughts on “Scrabble Day, Peach Cobbler Day

  1. Morno,
    Peach cobbler one of my favorites and my sis makes my mom’s recipe and it is delicious. Maybe I can talk her into for Sunday dinner. No golf today the weather is crappy, but tomorrow rain or shine as long as their isn’t lightening.
    Not a scrabble kind of guy. Would rather play trivia if I have to play a board game.
    Have a good one. Good luck to Cole.

    • You go for it. Offer to order Chinese if she makes dessert. Hope you had a great day and I passed the luck along. Thanks!

  2. Love Peach cobbler. Yum. Love the story about the goldfish. I bet that dog was in the dog house after they welcomed him home. What a traitor.
    Relaxing weekend, I’m looking forward to it. The ACT/SAT I remember them well, good luck to Cole.

    • The gold fish was a heart warmer. Sheesh, I am happy I can just keep mine alive. I thought the same thing about the dog. Hope you enjoy your weekend. Thanks for the luck.

  3. OMG all those Wasps??? Never in a million years would I be on the same block as that house. Funny about the dog, tho and I love the fish story.
    Peach cobbler sounds so good. If I can find some nice peaches it might make a tasty dessert for tomorrow nights dinner.
    I play Word these days, and can’t remember the last time I played a game of scrabble.
    Just took a break, and now I am off to take kids to a birthday party and do a little shopping.

    • The wasps are very yucky and like you I would stay far, far away.
      I haven’t played Word yet, but have lot of friends who love it. I spend enough time on line.
      Hope you got everyone where they needed to go and had a great day!

  4. scrabble holds a special place in my heart….that was the chosen game for my mom & me. we played the last time i was in town & she did great as a 92 yr old! the game is in her closet at the nursing home waiting for my arrival.
    cobbler is big around here. i never really developed a taste for it. rather have pie!
    good day!

    • much luck to cole on his acts. a rite of passage when it’s time for taking the atc & sat, isn’t it?

      • What a fun thing to do with your Mom. Something you can both look forward to. Thanks! Both tests are a first step so yes it is a rite of passage. The SAT is in s few weeks. Cole thought he did Okay, would have done better if the test started at a reasonable hour–like noon… 😀

  5. I’m not much on peach cobbler. Something about a hot peach that I just don’t like in my mouth — peaches should be cold!
    And despite the fact that I truly love words, Scrabble isn’t one of my favorite games. Probably because everybody seems to resort to measly three-letter words like ‘cat,’ ‘dog,’ and ‘eat.’
    Lots of luck to Cole on the ACT. If he doesn’t get the score he wants (or needs), he can always take the thing again.

    • Gotta love a scrabble snob! Some of only know how to spell three letter words! :-D. Lots of whining about the ACT, but he felt he did good enough. Who knows, your right there is always a do over which is very nice.

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