Shoe Review 7: What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

Lunar Boots

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Have you ever wondered about Space Boot? At $30,000 a pair, moon boots make Manolos seem like cheap skates. Manolos wouldn’t hack it in space. Moon walking demands the highest of high-tech shoes—like those designed by Dave Graziosi’s team at ILC Dover, a manufacturer of space suits for NASA in Frederica, Delaware.

“We’re planning for the moon and beyond,” says Graziosi, an aerospace engineer. “Next stop: Mars.” The latest in space footwear, the M2 Trekker, is constructed in three parts—an inner pressure bladder, a middle structural layer, and a protective cover.

The shoe will need to tolerate temperatures from minus 350˚F (minus 212˚C) to plus 350˚F (177˚C), resist micrometeoroids (at 45,000 miles an hour [72,000 kilometers an hour], even dust is destructive), hold up on the rocky surface of the moon, yet comfortably allow the wearer to hike back should the lunar rover conk out miles away from the landing module. The boot is slimmer and lighter than the last generation shoe worn by Apollo astronauts.

To be precise, the first man on the moon is myth—it was the first shoe on the moon. Those shoes—Neil Armstrong’s boots (size 9 1⁄2 medium)—are still on the moon, along with nine other pairs of boots worn during the Apollo missions. When the Apollo astronauts collected moon rocks, they had to jettison their boots to compensate for the additional weight they brought back. Three decades on the moon have taken a toll. The metal buckles and snaps on the boots would be fine. No oxygen on the moon, so no oxidation and rust. But the silicone soles and synthetic fabrics have probably off-gassed and degraded. Should anyone try to retrieve them, there’s a good chance the shoes would turn to powder if touched.

And now lets blast forward and see what our shoe reviewers have to say…..

Kelly’s Shoes:


Beautiful brown leather
Boots made for any weather
Dress up or dress down

Reviewed By: Ranger Shoewalker 

This is an interesting pair of boots. While most of us wear matching foot gear, it is enough for this person to know that their boots are similar. This tells me that these are the boots of a trendsetter. Anyone can be a fashion trendsetter and anyone can make up words. By redefining the meaning of an existing word -pair – the owner of these boots defines themselves as a fashion AND linguistic trendsetter.

The differential heights of the boots gives away that the wearer has two vastly different length legs. This condition can be embarassingand time consuming since those who suffer from it walk in circles. Rather than bemoan their condition, this person compensates by wearing different shoes.

I can’t help but notice that the carpet is immaculate, as are the boots. Given that most of us tromp through whatever is in our path when we wear boots, I’m pretty sure that these boots belong to a neat freak. A neat freak with uneven legs who doesn’t understand what a pair is.

*Want to know more about Rangershoe Walker? Click over and say HI on his blog Blurt.

Reviewed By: Signora di Avvio

I’m not your typical girly-girl.  Oh, I may wear a flowery mini but I am wearing it with these no-nonsense brown boots.  I also wear them with shorts, sundresses and jeans.  I will be wearing these shoe long after I graduate from college.  I will resole these shoes several times.  I will keep the leather in good condition and I will pass them down to my daughter (in reality she will steal them from me!) and I will love them forever.

Good To Know: American designer Beth Levine is widely credited as the first person to introduce boots into Haute Couture.

Daina’s Shoes: 


April in Chicago is such an unusual season,
Wish I could go traveling but alas there is no reason.
I could go to Paris or maybe even Rome
It’s raining, raining, raining and I don’t want to stay at home!

Reviewed By: Princess Bootie

These boots belong to a “take no prisoners” kind of gal. She does not suffer fools lightly and has no sympathy for the self-created drama that some people shroud themselves in. She is always prepared whether you need a band-aid, a postage stamp, an emery board or an extra toothbrush. She is not easily flustered and loves to have a good time. I imagine her laugh to be loud and full with nothing held back.

Reviewed By: Bootlegger

I am having a hard time with these shoes.  They look a bit like slippers on steroids.  Like you might wear them to the beach but only if you lived in Iceland.  How can a shoe be casual and cold weather?  I guess I can’t understand because I live south of the Mason/Dixon line and it snows here about once every twenty years. However with global climate change it’ll be snowing more regularly here soon.  Most likely during a hurricane in a thunderstorm in summer.  Just keep on pouring those toxins into the atmosphere and destroying the ozone people, your just encouraging the planet to kill us off sooner.  Maybe one day soon I’ll be wearing shoes like this.

Good To Know:   ‘Ugg’ comes from the word ‘ugly’, as these shoes were thought to be out of fashion because of their weird shape and size. But the warmth and comfort they provide are unmatched. Australian sheep herders who used to walk miles and miles used to wear these boots. These shoes are made for comfort and durability. (Are these boots Uggs? Only Daina, knows the answer to that question. My guess? Maybe, but doubtful).

Carol’s Shoes:


When in a rush, I love these shoes
slip on sneakers they let me move
out the door and down the street
with in seconds, don’t skip a beat
there’s no laces, no string to tie
slip on sneakers no time for goodbye

Reviewed By: Shoebedo

What does one look for when a comfortable shoe is sought after? Simple design and comfortable construction and these shoes simply do not (eschoe) eschew that. They embrace and hug the foot of their beloved lady and offer a dignified yet practical means of transportation for her sole.
The ease of the slip on/slip off enables the wearer to quickly change into her dancing shoes at a whim and allows a quick transition without all the laces and buckles that can trip a wearer up.
While these shoes may not be the shoe of choice for a fancy event where a dance card is to be filled –they appear to be the well-heeled and popular choice of someone who can out class most of the regular world.
I give 10 toes up for a shoependous choice of an everyday favorite.

* Want to know more about Shoebedo? Click over and say HI on her blog It’s Just Life

Reviewed By: Limou

Beware the owner of these shoes!  She is the type who will sneak up on you and goose your hiney.  She moves stealthily and almost silently as she stalks her prey, looking for someone to make laugh or play a prank on.  She likes to be comfortable and light on her feet because you never know when the next opportunity to wreak havoc and cause mayhem may occur.  These shoes are deceptively bland.  You never notice until . . .GOTCHA

Good To Know: St. Crispin Is the patron saint of shoemakers. St. Crispin’s day in October 25th.


Disclaimer: Please remember that the opinion of the reviewers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of your shoe review hostess, nor do the shoes in all fairness necessarily reflect her taste.

This concludes our seventh Shoe Review.Thank you Kelly, Daina, Carol  for submitting your shoes for review, and a big shout out to our super shoe reviewers. Don’t forget to leave your comments for a chance to be included in our drawing for a Zappos gift card.

So what’s your review?


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17 thoughts on “Shoe Review 7: What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

  1. Now these first boots are well worn! The reviewer is right they do look like a mismatched pair, with the one on the left looking shorter and browner than the one on the right. Regardless of that they look comfortable and supporting, like a nurturing old friend for feet. This person appears to be confident and can pull off wearing these shoes with most outfits.
    Also, doesn’t the one on the left look a bit like a Monopoly piece?

  2. a lot of styles of boots in these reviews. i’m not a boots person, but like the looks of these.
    i’ll call them uggs even though i’m not for sure. they make sense in cold country. people wear them here & we’re not exactly there!
    my kind of shoe these slip ons. simple & ready to go!

    • I have several pairs of Uggs and love them. And some are pretty attractive. The retired ones become dog shoes. They are really warm and would not be worth the expense in warmer climates. But in the frozen tundra…they work.

  3. Those don’t look like real Uggs to me, but they do look warm and practical.
    I can’t believe Kelly’s legs really are uneven in length. More probably, it’s the angle of the photo that makes these boots look like one’s taller than the other.
    Carol’s shoes would be perfect for walking along the beach!

    • Must find Daina who is on the lamb and have her share the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I can’ remember if Kelly’s legs are uneven or not! 😀

  4. Yea! More shoes. Let’s hope that first pair boots is photographed with an artistic flair and poor Kelly is not lopsided. Nope, those boots aren’t Uggs, but they are nice boots. Really, I have no idea if they are Uggs or not, but if you are going to guess do it with conviction.
    Carol’s shoes look so comfortable, if I owned them I would never want to take them off.

  5. OMG…Laughed my booty (pun intended) off…Yes they’re Uggs! Well worn, loved Uggs. Never thought I would get the ugly things but they are everything an ugly shoe should be. Loving these reviews…You know some excellent writers out there KB…

    • So. They were Uggs. Love my Uggs. Your right everything an ugly boot should be! The reviewers are so clever, and I am so lucky!

  6. My legs are in fact very even, I suppose the angle I took the photo at, and the angle the shoes are positioned caused this illusion of different shoe heights. They are indeed a “pair” of shoes (same size and height) from pacsun. Hope that clears things up 😛

    • I’m not sure. We might need another picture, and a little more information. What about the monopoly piece comment. Can’t dispute the truth.

  7. If you are a Seinfeld fan this will make sense to you, but if not prepare to be lost.

    Carol’s shoes look like they should be in a boutique at Del Boca Vista retirement home. After a lifetime of dancing and dodging, this person has clearly said “Enough already with the laces and the bows, sheesh!” Total comfort for anyone and still in style for anyone born when FDR was in office.

    “For the love of God, turn on the Air Conditioner!”

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