Armed Forces Day, No Dirty Dish Day, Museum Day, Cheese Soufflé Day

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May 18, 2013

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★~ Today’s Quote:  “And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.”  ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

★~ Armed Forces Day: 

Armed Forces Day

Many Americans celebrate Armed Forces Day annually on the third Saturday of May. It is a day to pay tribute to men and women who serve the United States’ armed forces. Armed Forces Day is also part of Armed Forces Week, which begins on the second Saturday of May.

★~No Dirty Dish Day:


I’m not sure if we are all supposed to eat on paper or plastic plates, make reservations, gather our dirty dishes and wash them,  load them in the dishwasher, or just throw them out the window. I vote for celebrating this day in an eco-conscious, earth-friendly way! Because that is just who I am! You choose the place for dinner (just make sure they have cheese soufflés on the menu), and I will make the reservations! Those clean dishes in the picture up above belong to El Morno friend Emily! I told her “Next time Emily alternate colors, please!”

★~International Museum Day:


When was the last time you took a day trip and visited a museum?   If you can’t remember, or if you are always saying, “We live in this great city with so much to offer, but we never make it to the Art Museum, Field Museum, Science of Industry Museum . . . we really should go someday” then today might be  a good day to visit or make plans to visit a home town museum some day soon.

★~ Cheese Soufflé Day:


Soufflé have been around since the 18th century in France, and the term soufflé means “puffed up.”

Cheese Souffle
No Fail Bacon & Cheese Souffles
Cheesy Spinach Souffle

★~ Today in History:


♥~1959 – Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa was pictured on the cover of LIFE magazine. And the headline read. “A National Threat: Hoffa’s Teamsters.”

♥~1963 – If You Wanna Be Happy, by Jimmy Soul, hit #1. The song stayed at the pinnacle of popdom for two weeks. “If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife. So from my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you…”

♥~1968- Grateful Dead, The Doors, The Steve Miller Band and Jefferson Airplane all appeared at The Northern California Rock Festival in Santa Clara.

♥~1974 – The Streak (DON’T LOOK ETHEL!) started a 3-week run at number one on the Billboard pop music chart. The novelty tune, by Ray Stevens, was about people running nekkid where they shouldn’t be nekkid, like, in public. It was the second number one hit for the comedian who made numerous appearances on Andy Williams’ TV show in the late 1960s, as well as his own show in the summer of 1970. His first number one hit, just prior to The Streak, was Everything is Beautiful. Both songs won gold records, as did his comedic Gitarzan, a top ten hit in 1969. “Booga-da, booga, da!”  Favorite Oscar Moments

♥~1992 – The season finale of Murphy Brown aired on CBS with Murphy Brown, played by Candice Bergen, giving birth to an illegitimate son (Avery Brown). The following day, U.S. V.P. Dan Quayle publicly lambasted the comedy, saying that the program ‘glorified’ single-parenthood. Quayle also complained that the TV situation made a mockery of families with fathers.

 ★~ Born Today:


♥~ 1889 –  “Thomas Midgeley; Midgeley is responsible for millions of deaths. Not directly, of course, but by, “just doing his job,” and then pushing hard to market ideas he knew weren’t true—so he and his bosses could turn a profit.

His first mistake began when he figured out that adding lead to gasoline appeared to make cars perform better. At the time, two things were widely known by chemists: 1. Adding grain alcohol to gasoline dramatically increases octane and performance, and 2. Ingesting or sniffing lead can lead to serious injury, brain damage and death.

The problem for those that wanted to be in the gasoline business was that grain alcohol wasn’t cheap, and the idea couldn’t be patented. As a result, the search was on for a process that could be protected, that was cheaper and that could open the door for market dominance. If you own the patent on the cheap and easy way to make cars run quieter (and no one notices the brain damage and the deaths) then you can corner the market in a fast-growing profitable industry…

As soon as the lead started being used, people began dying. Factory workers would drop dead, right there in the plant. Even Thomas himself contracted lead poisoning. Later, at a press conference where he tried to demonstrate the safety of the gasoline, he washed his hands in it and sniffed it… even though he knew it was already killing people. That brief exposure was sufficient to require six months off the job for him to recover his health. . .” Seth Godin, click to read more. 

♥~ 1897 – Frank Capra: Academy Award-winning director: It Happened One Night [1934], Mr. Deeds Goes to Town [1936], You Can’t Take It with You [1938]; It’s a Wonderful Life, Lost Horizon, Pocketful of Miracles; died Sep 3, 1991. Capra said, “I wanted to glorify the average man, not the guy at the top, not the politician, not the banker, just the ordinary guy whose strength I admire, whose survivability I admire.”

♥~ 1928 – Pernell Roberts actor: Bonanza, Trapper John, M.D., Ride Lonesome; died Jan 24, 2010

♥~ 1931 – Robert Morse: Tony Award-winning actor: Tru [1990], How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Secret Storm, Wild Palms, Where Were You When the Lights Went Out

♥~ 1952 – George Strait singer: LPs: Strait Country, Ocean Front Property, Beyond the Blue Neon, Holding My Own, Strait out of the Box, Blue Clear Sky, Carrying Your Love with Me, One Step at a Time

♥~ 1970 – Tina Fey actress: Mean Girls, Martin and Orloff, Saturday Night Live [also head writer]; married to actor, composer Jeff Richmond, Tina Fey, born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania (1970). She worked with The Second City improve troupe, then as an actor and writer on Saturday Night Live,and went on to create her own TV series, 30 Rock. But she returned to SNL during the 2008 election to do a series of extremely popular impersonations of Governor Sarah Palin.

★~ Good to Know:


♥~ Un-Happy Meal:  . An unnamed man in Cork, Ireland, stopped by a McDonalds for a burger and decided  the  high chair designed for infants and toddlers was “just right.” It wasn’t.  When he couldn’t get out, police were called. They managed to free the man from the high chair, and no charges were filed. However, witnesses, who say alcohol was involved, managed to snap a picture that went viral. A spokesman for McDonald’s remarked that anyone using their high chair  should always have adult supervision.

♥~ A frugal Arizona citizen put a wet roll of toilet paper in the microwave. It began to burn and filled the apartment with smoke, causing several hundreds dollars in damage. Waste not want not…except when it comes to wet toilet paper.  Pitch it.

♥~ Mickey does not approve:  Forget the FastPasses. Apparently the secret to skipping the long lines at Disney World is to hire a disabled person.  The New York Post is reporting that some deep-pocketed New York City moms are hiring a motorized scooter-bound guide to pose as a family member so they and their kids can jump to the front of the lines. According to the report, families book tours through an outfit called Dream Tours in Florida, which on its website claims to provide “quality based, memorable, and affordable vacations, to people with special needs.” The Disney guide charges $130 an hour, or $1,040 for an eight-hour day, citing a Manhattan mom who claims she hired a tour guide using a motorized scooter. “You can’t go to Disney without a tour concierge,’’ she told the Post. “This is how the 1 percent does Disney.” The mom said that a guide using a motorized scooter escorted her, and her husband and their two sons around the theme park and were able to immediately go onto rides while others waited for hours. Disney allows each guest who needs a wheelchair or motorized scooter to bring up to six guests to a “more convenient entrance.” Disney is looking into and vows action “It is unacceptable to abuse accommodations that were designed for guests with disabilities,” spokesman Bryan Malenius told CNN Wednesday. “We are thoroughly reviewing the situation and will take appropriate steps to deter this type of activity.”


Last night, I saw the movie The Great Gatsby. The location and sets were amazing; fireworks exploded, as the cascading champagne flowed at the insanely over-the-top parties. The actors were handsome, beautiful and bold. The story was the same, Gatsby lives in the past and spends his future constructing an elaborate monument to the woman of his dreams, to show her how much he has always love her . . . I liked it. Best movie, ever? No, but entertaining.

It is suppose to be a nice day, so I’m looking forward to spending some time outside with my pups, cleaning up the yard. What are your plans for this fine Saturday?

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10 thoughts on “Armed Forces Day, No Dirty Dish Day, Museum Day, Cheese Soufflé Day

  1. Morno,
    Wonder how Disney will shut down the disabled pass racket. . After all it’s how the “1 percent does it” and disable people need to earn a living. I’ve had a chocolate souffle that tasted mostly like air before, but I’ve never had a cheese souffle.
    Golfing today with a buddy who is retired Army. Wonder if we put an American flag on the clubs what kind of perks we can expect. Have to check it out.
    Have a good one.

    • I’m not sure how one would address that issue of “proof” but if anyone can figure it out it will be Disney. Hope you and the Army guy had a good game and picked up a salute or two.

  2. Good Morno!
    Funny, we were seeing the Gatsby together! I went last night too and really enjoyed it. Your right, it was a beautiful movie all the way around. We have a restaurant in town that make wonderful chocolate souffles. You have to order them at the start of the meal and they are expensive, but worth it.
    All I have on my counter is a cereal bowl, so I’m good on Dirty Dish day.
    I might have consider drying tp in the microwave, but would never rent a disabled person. Now, if you happen to have a family member or close friend who has a qualifying disability that would like to go to Disney on your dime…why not. I think it it’s all in the “1% attitude” of the mom in the article. You just know she is a whiner and a pain about everything.
    To do list is a mile long today, so I’d better get started.
    Have a wonderful day!

    • I agree about the Mom they chose to interview. I hope the disabled person charges her double. I would have dried tp in the microwave…It works for socks and gloves you just have to watch it closely. Glad it never occurred to me to be that frugal!
      Chocolate souffles are the best!

  3. So for once I am on top of stuff….I ran the dishwasher this morning before dog school and now they are all put away, so right this second we have no dirty dishes! Give me a couple hours though…

    • I always announce the minutes the kitchen is clean…”Ok who wants to make lunch now? or dinner.” Your right clean is in the moment! Nice to have those moments, tho!

  4. Morno,
    I enjoyed The Great Gatsby too. The sets and clothes were fabulous. Dishes are done for the moment. I like chocolate souffles, but not cheese souffles and I have never made either one of them. The Odd news was funny. I bet that guy that got stuck in the highchair was embarrassed. At least you hope so. If you can afford to rent a disabled person, why not. I know that sounds awful, but the park isn’t out the cash and not many of us could pay Disney prices and rent the privilege of being first in line. I doubt that many people do it. It may send the wrong message to the kids, but that is something the parents have to live with, not Disney.
    Saturday’s are always full of errands. Have a good one.

    • I kind of feel the same way about “renting a disabled person.” I guess life isn’t fair even at Disney. But your right I doubt that many people would pay the rental price tags!

  5. today, without knowing it was dirty dishes day, i did not do dishes. an oddity for me. had a busy day with nik’s class, a retirement party & whatnot.
    good night!

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