Kitchen Klutzes Of America Day, Sewing Machine Day, Weed Garden Day

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June 13, 2013

Chicago Storm

Last nights Chicago storm! Thanks to high riser dweller and cute pug owner Kelly

★~ Today’s Quote:  There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met. ~ William Yeats

★~Kitchen Klutzes Of America Day:

I Love Lucy

Happy Kitchen Klutz Day to Me. Kitchen Klutzes are usually acquainted with almost every cooking accident imaginable, but we seldom cause massive injury, destruction, or poison anyone so we earn the title Klutz instead of menace. Of-course, there was the time I burned down a part of the kitchen, decided to take up juggling cuisinart blades, and posioned my sweet Mom with a corn dog.  There was the cousin who poured hot carmel on my hand (by accident, my hand was in the way of the carmel), and Joe almost drowned me in Gazpacho when he forgot to put the blender lid on (he said it was an accident!?) I do have skills tho, I can order takey outey quicker than an accomplished cook can crack an egg. So there!

I’m told these simple dishes will help Kitchen Klutz’s cook more like Julia Child and less like Lucy Ricardo.

How to Make Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs
Super-Easy Pizza Sandwich
Easy Cake Mix & Cool Whip Cookies
1-2-3 Apple Crisp
Quickest Cocktail Meatballs
Super-Easy Roasted Potatoes
Simplest Tomato Sauce Ever (Marcella Hazan)

★~Sewing Machine Day:


Thomas Saint patented the first sewing machine in 1790. Since then, the sewing machine has become one of the iconic symbols of the Industrial Revolution, representing the transition from traditional handmade goods to automated production.

Although times have changed and the hey day of sewing machines has dramatically declinded there are still about 64 million sewers in the United States.

If you like to sew, sewing machines are the ultimate gadget, and I applaud all of you who can make them hum!

★~Weed Your Garden Day:


Weeding the dreaded chore.  A few tips to make it a little easier:

~ Spend 10 minutes a day weeding: TIP: Use an old screwdriver to get to weeds between concrete pavers. Use an old table fork for twisting out tendrils of henbit or chickweed. When going after bigger weeds, use a fishtail weeder to pry up taprooted weeds, like dandelion or dock.

~ Mulch, mulch, mulch: Bare soil is an invitation for weeds to seed and take root. By covering the soil with mulch, you can prevent future weeds from growing.

~ The old saying “Pull when wet; hoe when dry” is wise advice when facing down weeds. After a drenching rain, stage a rewarding weeding session by equipping yourself with gloves, a sitting pad, and a trug or tarp for collecting the corpses.

~ Weeds self-seed so if time is short prevent spreading by cutting off the heads, dropping them into a plastic bag and removing the rest later

★~ Today in History:


♥ ~ 1789 – Mrs. Alexander Hamilton served  General George Washington a new dessert, ice cream!

♥~ 1884 – The Roller Coaster was invented.  In 1884, the world’s first roller coaster opened at Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. Built and later patented by LaMarcus Thompson, the “Gravity Pleasure Switchback Railway” boasted two parallel 600-foot tracks that descended from 50 feet. The cars traveled at six miles per hour. Riders paid five cents each for their rides. The roller coaster was a sensation, and soon amusement parks all over the US and the world featured them. Click for more fun facts about roller coasters

♥ ~ 1921 – Babe Ruth connected for a 460-foot home run deep into the center-field bleachers at the Polo Grounds in New York City. It was the longest homer in the career of ‘The Sultan of Swat’.

♥~ 1935 – Jim Braddock defeated Max Baer in a 15-round decision. Braddock captured the world heavyweight boxing title for the win in New York City.

♥~ 1970 – The song Make It with You, by David Gates and Bread, was released. It turned out to be a number-one hit (8/22/70). Though Bread had a dozen hits, including one other million-seller (Baby I’m-A Want You, 1971); Make It with You was the group’s only number-one tune.

♥~ 1985 – Doonesbury cartoon strip took a shot at Frank Sinatra by portraying the ‘Chairman of the Board’ as a friend of organized crime; the Mafia.

★~Born Today:


♥~ 1865 – William Butler Yeats Nobel Prize–winning Irish poet and dramatist, born in Dublin, Ireland. He once wrote: “If a poet interprets a poem of his own he limits its suggestibility.”; died Jan 28, 1939

♥ ~ 1903 – Red (Harold) Grange Pro and College Football Hall of Famer:. Perhaps the most famous football player of all time, Grange had a spectacular college career at the University of Illinois, being named an All-American in 1923, 1924 and 1925. When Illinois dedicated its Memorial Stadium on Oct 18, 1924, Grange scored four touchdowns against Michigan in the game’s first 12 minutes. Known as the “Galloping Ghost,” Grange joined the Chicago Bears in 1925 for what amounted to a barnstorming tour, the start of a professional career dictated by Grange and his manager, Charles C. (“Cash and Carry”) Pyle.

♥~ 1926 – Paul Lynde comedian, actor: The Paul Lynde Show, Hollywood Squares, Love American Style, Temperatures Rising, Bewitched, The Red Buttons Show; cartoon voice: Claude Pertwee; died Jan 10, 1982

♥~ 1951 – Richard Thomas Emmy Award-winning actor: The Waltons [1973]; Roots: The Next Generation, All Quiet on the Western Front, Johnny Belinda

♥~ 1953 – Tim Allen (Timothy Allen Dick) comedian, actor: Home Improvement, Showtime Comedy Club All-Stars II, The Santa Clause, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Galaxy Quest

♥~ 1986 – Mary-Kate Olsen actress: Full House, It Takes Two, Two of a Kind, So Little Time

★~ Good to Know:

Black Hawks

♥~ Hockey is an emotional game…during a 1988 series against the Bruins, Devils coach Jim Schoenfeld ripped Don Koharski’s officiating with the line: “You fat pig! Have another doughnut!”

♥~ Fifteen clubs have made the Finals after a sub-.500 regular season. The Rangers have done it twice (1937 and 1950).

♥~ Nine penalty shots have been awarded in the Finals. Mike Richter denied Vancouver’s Pavel Bure in 1994’s Game 4.

♥~ Larry Robinson holds record for most consecutive seasons (20) in the postseason, with the Canadiens and Kings.

♥~ Calgary’s Martin Gelinas scored the quickest OT goal (1:25) that decided a Game 7, against Van- couver (April 19, 2004).

♥~  Montreal’s current drought (no Cups since 1993) is the longest in the team’s history. The Habs have won 24.

♥~ Brett Hull is the only player in the top five career playoff goal scorers who did not play with the Oilers dynasty.

♥~ Glenn Hall was in goal for the Blues when Bobby Orr scored in OT to send Bruins soaring to their first Cup in 29 years.

♥~  Bob Baun scored OT goal on a broken leg in Game 6 of Finals to help send the Leafs to eventual Cup victory in 1964.

♥~ There was no Stanley Cup winner in 1919 because of a flu outbreak. The Canadiens andSeattle Metropolitans were tied 2-2-1.

♥~ The Stanley Cup itself has logged more than 400,000 travel miles during the past five seasons, according to

♥~ Chicago’s Ed Belfour, Pittsburgh’s Tom Barrasso and Montreal’s Patrick Roy share the single-season playoff record for most consecutive wins by a goalie (11).

♥~ No one’s name appears on the Stanley Cup more than Jean Beliveau (17 times, including 10 as a player).

♥~ The Stanley Cup was first awarded in 1893 to the Montreal Hockey Club, the top amateur team in Canada. The Cup did not belong exclusively to the NHL until 1926.

♥~  The Cup has been won on an overtime goal 15 times. Most recently, Patrick Kane scored at 4:06 of overtime to beat the Flyers in Game 6 of the 2010 finals.

♥~ Although the name of every Cup winner has been engraved onto it, you can’t actually see them all. That’s because every 13 years, an old ring is removed from the top of the Cup to make room for a new one on the bottom.

♥~  The original Cup had much smaller rings than the ones you see today. After a while it got so long and skinny people called it the “Stovepipe Cup.” It was redesigned in 1958 to its current, broader shape.

♥~  When the Devils’ Martin Brodeur won the Cup in 2003, he took it to a movie theater and ate popcorn out of it.

♥~ Only one name has ever been crossed off the Cup: Oilers owner Peter Pocklington put the name of his father, Basil, on the Cup in 1984. The name was later overwritten by a series of Xs.

♥~  There are three versions of the Stanley Cup: The original bowl given by Lord Stanley, which is on display at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto; the “Presentation Cup,” which is given to the champions each year; and the “Replica Cup,” which is used as a stand-in when the Presentation Cup is not available.

♥~  Only three teams have come back to win Stanley Cup playoff series after trailing 0-3: The 1941-42 Maple Leafs, the 1974-75 Islanders and the 2010 Flyers.

♥~ Think it’s easy lifting the Cup? It’s not. It weighs 34.5 pounds, which is heavier than some of those gigantic bags of dog food. Trying lugging one of those around on skates.

♥~ A Montreal woman, Louise St. Jacques, is currently responsible for engraving all the names onto the Stanley Cup. It takes her about 10 hours to add all the new names each year.

♥~ The first woman to have her name engraved on the Cup was Marguerite Norris, who was president of the 1954 and 1955 champion Detroit Red Wings. Since then, 11 other women have been added to the Cup.

♥~ Charlotte Grahame, a director of hockey administration for the Colorado Avalanche, had her name added to the Cup in 2001. Later, her son John Grahame won the Cup with the Lightning in 2004. They are the only mother-son combination on the Stanley Cup.

♥~  There are several mistakes on the Cup, including the spelling of the 1981-82 Islanders, which was misspelled “Ilanders.” Only one name has been corrected: That of 1996 Colorado Avalancheforward Adam Deadmarsh, which was originally misspelled “Deadmarch.”

♥~ The longest streak of consecutive playoff appearances belongs to Boston Bruins, who made the postseason every year from 1968 until 1996, a span of 26 years. The longest current streak belongs to Detroit, which has made the playoffs for 20 consecutive seasons, beginning in 1991.


On Wednesday, Chicago was told to expect a terrible storm to roll through in the late afternoon: thunder, lightening, wind, grapefruit size hail….they canceled baseball, and sent people home early from work. Cole, was headed  to a friends house for a going away party, so I reminded him about the storm, warned him to stay inside and asked him to check in with me a couple of time. He left this phone message…

“Mom, just wanted to let you know I found a garage to park my Audi in, so if it starts to hail my car is fine”

Good to know, right?

The storm was a nothing mucher. Which was good news because if Chicago had lost power during the BlackHawks game….Well, I don’t even want to think about it.

Wishing everyone a terrific Thursday!

Odd Loves Company!


P.S. I didn’t check all of those Hockey Facts…so if someone has better information, we’ll take your word over the wonderful wild often unchecked web….

12 thoughts on “Kitchen Klutzes Of America Day, Sewing Machine Day, Weed Garden Day

  1. Morno,
    Go Blackhawks. Hell of a game. Good facts. Lots I don’t know. Glad the storm passed Chicago up. We had rain, and a drop in temperature, but not much else.
    I don’t mind weeding if I can do it before it’s too hot outside. A mindless chore that offers instant gratification.
    I’m sure you were relieved to find out Cole’s car was just fine. Priorities are important.
    Have a good one.

    • I think the key to any yard work is working during the cool hours or cooler hours.
      Yep, I was so worried about that car–it’s a Mom thing.

  2. Go Blackhawks! I know nuthin about Hockey, but if El Morno is a fan of the Hawks, so am I.
    I would love to be able to really sew and own a cool sewing machine. I’ve thought about taking some lessons, but just haven’t fit it in the schedule. My mom is a wonderful seamstress but I never learned much beyond hemming, sewing a button on and in home ed I made an apron (Secret: my mom really made it or fixed it. My apron was the best one)
    Cole’s phone call was funny…really shows the difference between the teen mind and the adult mind. Very different priorities.
    Happy Thursday!

    • Thanks Chicago appreciates your support! You want to be a sewer? Well, then put it on the list when you have the time! I’m sure your apron was beautiful!!

  3. what a start to the stanley cup last night! sorry i did not stay awake for the 3 ots.
    after reading singer’s sewing advice, it’s quite evident why i do not sew!
    i was always amused by paul lynde’s humor on hollywood squares.
    we need that rain here! fantastic lightening pictures of your skyline though.
    good day!

    • I do not sew either! The storm was full of lightening…I would not have wanted to be out in, but I do like watching it roll through.

  4. WGN showed all kinds of lightning photos last night — glad to hear you’re safe and sound!
    I never got into sewing. I blame my dear mom, who swore she got a headache every time she sat down at the Singer!
    Domer helped me get some weeds yesterday that the lawn guy somehow missed — how does one claim to deserve pay when one doesn’t do the job right??!

    • Would be cliché to say it’s hard to find people who show up and do a good job? Because it is hard! The lightening was amazing. Fortunately all our trees survived it!

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