Red Rose Day, Peanut Butter Cookie Day

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June 12, 2013

white birch and azalea.

★~ Today’s Quote: The easiest way to attract a crowd is to let it be known that at a given time and a given place someone is going to attempt something that in the event of failure will mean sudden death. ~ Harry Houdini

★~  Red Rose Day:

La Rose

Red roses convey deep emotions – be it love, longing or desire. Red Roses can also be used to convey respect, admiration or devotion. A deep red rose can be used to convey heartfelt regret and sorrow. Celebrate today with one red rose or a dozen. More facts under Good to Know.

★~ Peanut Butter Cookie Day:


The Aztecs invented peanut butter in the 14th century, but peanut butter cookies didn’t become an American favorite until the early 1900s. In 1916, George Washington Carver began promoting the peanut and its many uses. As part of the campaign, he published three peanut butter cookie recipes in a research bulletin entitled, “How to Grow the Peanut and 105 Ways of Preparing it for Human Consumption.”

In 1932, the Schenectady Gazette published the first peanut butter cookie recipe that called for crisscrossed fork marks on the top. Today, a peanut butter cookie just wouldn’t be quite right without this iconic decoration!

To celebrate National Peanut Butter Cookie Day, dig out Grandma’s famous recipe and make a batch of delicious homemade peanut butter cookies for your family!

Peanut Butter Cookies

Easy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1880 ~ Baseball’s first El Perfecto, a perfect game, was recorded  … a perfect game being when no batter reaches a base during a complete game of at least nine innings.  A southpaw, left-handed Lee Richmond of the Worcester (Massachusetts) Ruby Legs, pitched himself to perfection with a 1-0 shutout of the Cleveland Spiders in a National League game. Five days later, on June 17, the second, official perfect game was pitched by John Ward in another National League game between Providence and Buffalo.

It was two and a half decades later before this feat was accomplished again. This time, the now famous Cy Young of the Boston Red Sox, stopped the Philadelphia Athletics in an American League gam

♥~ 1897 – Swiss cutlery maker Carl Elsener patented his penknife, a “useful pocket tool,” later became well-known as the Swiss Army Knife.

♥~ 1923 – Harry Houdini, while in a straitjacket, suspended 40 feet in the air, amazed a large audience as he freed himself of the constraints.

♥~ 1963 – Elizabeth Taylor starred in the $40,000,000 film epicCleopatra. The movie certainly gave ticket buyers their money’s worth. Cleopatra lasted for four hours, three minutes. It opened at the Rivoli Theatre in New York City on this day. Richard Burton starred as Marc Antony, Rex Harrison played Julius Caesar, Hume Cronyn played Sosigines, Carroll O’Connor was Casa and Roddy McDowell appeared as Octavian.

♥~ 1965 – Queen Elizabeth honored the Beatles by making them members of the Order of the British Empire. Several British Army officers were so outraged, they returned their medals

♥ ~ 1977 – As Britain celebrated the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, The Sex Pistols reached No. 2 in the singles chart with ‘God Save The Queen’.

♥ ~ 2007 – Delcambre, Louisiana, approved an ordinance setting up to six months in jail and a $500 fine for being caught in saggy pants. Mayor Carol Broussard said guys who couldn’t keep their pants up were better off just wearing a dress.

★~ Born Today:

Heidi by Johanna Spyri

♥~ 1519 – Cosimo I de’ Medici:  Cosimo I became the Duke of Florence at age 17, and like so many of his family members, Cosimo I was a major patron of the arts. He built the Uffizi building, and it became the home of the Medici family’s personal art collection, and it is now one of the greatest art galleries in the world. He purchased and expanded the Pitti Palace, which became the home of the Medici family for hundreds of years after him, and he created the famous Boboli Gardens behind the palace for his wife Eleonora.

♥ ~ 1827 – Johanna Spyri: children’s author: best known as the author of Heidi, the story of an orphan girl who goes to live with her grandfather in the Alps, where she plays with goats and sleeps in a hayloft and gets into trouble

♥ ~ 1929 – Anne Frank: Annelies “Anne” Marie Frank is one of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Her diary has been the basis for several plays and films.

♥ ~ 1933 – Jim Nabors actor: Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C., The Andy Griffith Show, The Jim Nabors Hour; singer: Back Home Again in Indiana

★~ Good to Know:


♥~ A single rose cost $3.75 in 1878. When adjusted for today’s inflationary rate, that same rose would cost $93. Today the average cost of a dozen long stemmed red roses delivered to impress or show appreciation to that special someone cost around $80.

♥~ 60% of the 1.5 billion cut roses imported and sold in the United States come from Colombia South America. Thirty years ago, only 7% of all cut roses sold in the U.S. were imported.

♥~ There are more than 15,000 different varieties of cultivated rose species worldwide. The Barbara Streisand, a lavender hybrid tea with a pink blush, was selected by Ms. Streisand after she auditioned 3 hybrids for 2 years in her own garden which is filled with 1200 roses.

♥~ Georgia, Iowa, New York, and North Dakota list the rose as their state flower.

♥~ The most expensive privately developed rose specie is the Juliet. An English breeder spent 14 years and $5.5 million dollars to cultivate this apricot colored variety.

♥~ Around Valentine’s Day, the average price of roses increases 42%, on average. This past Valentine’s Day, 214 million roses were sold in the United States. Nearly 60% of those the roses that were sold that day were red.

♥~  Keep your roses (or any flowers) looking fresh by adding a crushed aspirin to the water before adding the flowers to the vase. Also, don’t forget to change the vase water every few days.

♥~ Add  a few drops of vodka (or any clear spirit) to the vase water for antibacterial action along with 1 teaspoon sugar to helo flowers last longer.


Cole and I are searching for a tree to plant where the trampoline used to be, he learned about trees on his school learning trip and is now convinced we need a tree that looks like ‘Cousin It’ in the Adams Family television/movie show. I will remember the name later. I think a tree is a great idea, one that doesn’t take acres to grow might be an even better idea. If you have any suggestions, we are all ears. Remember  we live in the frozen tundra in the winter, and the humid tropics in the summer.

Camp is tail wagging with pups checking in and out so I’d better get high behind and go get ready to meet and greet my furry friends. If you would like to see some of our Camp pictures…click over to my Camp-Run-A-Pups Face Book page. You don’t have to sign up for Facebook. I update with pictures almost every day.

What kind of whimsey will fill your Wednesday?

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16 thoughts on “Red Rose Day, Peanut Butter Cookie Day

  1. Morno,
    Peanut butter cookies for the office today. The bakery on the way makes some good ones and who knows maybe a rose run this afternoon for my hard workers.
    I still have the Swiss Army knife my dad gave me, and my son has managed to hang on to the one I gave him. I bought my daughter a bright pink pocket knife she picked out when she was about 8. She told me it would “go with most of her clothes.” These days she carries it on her key chain and it still makes me smile and still matches most of what she wears.
    Better get a move on if I’m going to make a bakery run. Have a good one.

    • Your daughter sounds like a very clever girl! Today, you are going to be the hit of the office. Make sure the roses are RED.
      Have a great day!

  2. In this climate can’t go wrong with a good ole Canadian Maple tree. But it also depends on how much money you have to spend and how quickly you want the tree to grow. And whether it is a sunny spot or shady. If you provide me with a few more details I can ask my brother for advice – he is a certified Forester who works with trees and knows all about such things.

    I never heard about adding sugar and vodka to a vase for cut flowers. Is that in conjunction with the aspirin? Or did you mean to drink the vodka with sugar as you sat back and enjoyed the lovely roses, with aspirin nearby for the ensuing hangover?

      • Let me get back to you on all these questions. Glad to know we have a tree expert we can branch out to…Thats a releaf. I learned yesterday trees are expensive, but a good investment.Love the Dutch Stroopwafels!!So tasty!! Thanks!

  3. love peanut butter! my mom would buy it in cases for our family of seven. i have used pb to administer meds to my dogs. they’re crazy about it, too!
    i meant to comment yesterday on what a great start to the summer you & cole were making on your to-do list. child labor can be a good thing!
    everyone should have a swiss army knife.
    nothing exciting planned for today besides recovery. probably a lot like yesterday & the day before & the……!
    good day!

    • Thanks..we are moving through our list. I think we are almost summer ready. Cole is good to have on the home team and usually a good sport–although he does get a bit cranky about old ladders that are past there prime.
      We eat a lot of peanut butter around her too. Hope you have plenty to read. I know you must be ready to recover and hit the ground running!

  4. Wonder why roses have to be so expensive cut when you can buy a bush for less than 10 bucks and grow your own for years to come??
    As for trees, depends on how much space you have, how much sun the area gets, etc. I wouldn’t recommend a Bradford pear, pretty as they might be, because they’re always the ones struck and split by lightning.
    A nice solid sugar maple turns pretty in Fall and is quite hardy. No pin oaks or sweet gums — nasty, ans drop those spiky balls all over the place.
    Hope that helps!

    • I’ve always bought into the myth that roses are very persnickety. Not true?
      I need to take a picture of the tree spot. Not full sun but a lot of sun. We have 4 large pine trees around the property that my father-in-law planted about 60 years ago, but we want to plant one in the middle of the yard. Oh sheesh let’s hope Cole doesn’t find out about the Bradford pear…he would want one for sure… 😀 !! Sugar maple…I’ll google.

  5. A weeping willow kind of looks like Cousin It if you stretch it a bit……
    Happy peanut butter cookie day—yum. I still have a few left from my last batch that Carlton has not discovered in the freezer…..or at least at last check I still had some!!!

    • I love weeping willows, but I don’t have the space. I need to post a picture of the yard without the trampoline.
      MMMM…betting on Carlton! Do you remember Carlton the Doorman? “This is Carlton Your Doorman” Rhoda show….Loved Carlton.

  6. I love those sugar maple mother had one in her back yard in Rockford. In the fall it would turn bright was so pretty..and it did not get too large.

    • They are very pretty and a great tree for this part of the country….They are high on the list.

  7. I think the sugar maple would be a good bet. I love the tree in front of our house, it’s covered in pretty pink flowers all summer. However, it a VERY messie tree. I have to sweep the front enclousure almost every day.
    Peanut butter cookies are the best.

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