Potyucks Part 2 – Devil Eggs

Deviled eggs

When we last left off, I was making deviled eggs to take to our end of the year school potyuck. All the eggs had been peeled, and I was carefully examining them for dog hair. I strive to cook dog hair free, but when you run a Bed and Biscuit Inn, a dog hair or two in your food is inevitable. My family just removes the hair, tries to guess which dog it belongs to, and carries on. However, I worried that the more discerning foodies would mind finding a dog hair in their deviled eggs and doubted they would believe that dog hair was a new type of organic seasoning. I decided instead that if someone announced finding a dog hair in their food, I would immediately start clapping and screaming “YOU WON, YOU WON!” and hand them a prize. Done with scrutinizing the eggs, it was time to move on to making the egg goop (sometime referred to as deviled egg filling).

While I was mixing the egg goop, Vickie, our friend and camp-run-a-pup helper, was reading my first blog post about the potyuck and sent me a text telling me that she had some nifty decorating tips that would be perfect for filling the eggs with the goop. Vickie arrived shortly after the text with tips and pastry bags in hand, and my fear of dog hair and food poisoning subsided. Presentation, my friends, is everything. Vickie knew eggxactly what to do, and with a little clever maneuvering on my part, she filled each egg to perfection! She offered to let me use the decorating tips, but I felt it would be a shame to interrupt the flow of her artistic work. The fact that she was up to her elbows in egg goop had nothing to do with my reluctance. Really! Just as Vickie was finishing filling the last egg, Cole (my 17-year-old son) walked through the door, scarfed up four of them, and gave them his seal of approval. After a sprinkling of paprika, all that was left to do was to pack them up for the trip to the potyuck. Easier said than done. Transporting those devils was a real challenge because they couldn’t be covered without messing up their puffed up tops.

Cole and I left for the potyuck with one tray of deviled eggs in his lap and the other tray on the table between the two front seats. We were merrily motoring along, until Cole casually poked the top of a deviled egg with his finger, put his finger in his mouth, and then poked it again. I yelled at Cole; he responded, “The devil made me do it!” Then suddenly, a moron pulled out in front of me. I hit my breaks, and the garage door compartment located above the tray of eggs flew open, propelling the garage door clicker directly into the deviled eggs. No yolk!

garage clicker

Would you believe from our garage to the home hosting the potyuck was only 6.8 miles?

Deviled eggs

(These were the eggs Cole was holding–not the eggs the clicker fell on)

Arriving at our final destination, Cole graciously offered to put the trays of deviled eggs on top of the cooler he was carrying into house. Ha! Protectively, I whisked what was left of my deviled eggs inside, found a pretty platter to put them on, and repaired the damage. Considering everything they had been through, they  looked pretty darn good, and they were gobbled up appreciatively with no mention of dog hair. I confirmed the next day with our host that I wasn’t on her most wanted list for food poisoning.

Going forward. I’m not going to push my luck. I’ll stick to what I know best and take beverages to potyucks, or perhaps pretty paper goods. Presentation is everything.

Part 3 coming soon to an Odd Blog near you: The 10 most annoying things about Potyucks. As determined by my highly scientific survey.

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18 thoughts on “Potyucks Part 2 – Devil Eggs

  1. Oh my, this was too funny. The visual of Cole poking, you slamming, clicker tumbling, eggs smashing is awful and funny at the same time. If only someone had found a dog hair. Yes, you most certainly should stick with beverages or paper goods!
    Thanks for starting my day out with a giggle.

    • Oh gosh, maybe I should have planted the dog hair myself–anything to amuse! 😀 Yep, I am sticking to what I know from now one! Glad I made you giggle!

  2. i wish i had those deviled eggs in my fridge! of course, the process could not go smoothly although it ended in success. i second beth ann’s remark ^!

    • Murphy’s laws often apply to me, but so does the expression all well that ends well. I think the Universe knows I love a story and keeps me entertained at my own expense. If Cole did know how to make me laugh, I surely would have killed him by now. It is his saving grace. The bad news. You just don’t thing to remind a 17 year old not to poke the the deviled eggs. I would make you a platter of deviled eggs, if I could…of-course maybe you would rather I not. 😀

  3. How funny…..transporting deviled eggs is tricky for sure..I dislike Potyucks..you never know who brought what and if their kitchen is clean, right ? Guess I am getting picky , picky about things. 😉

  4. They looked good enough to eat, and evidently they were that and more. Thank God that’s over. One more year.

    • They were tasty…You know what I am really happy about? I did not fall for putting the goop in the plastic bag and snipped it off the end of the bag and using it to fill the eggs. Has that every worked for anyone? I am calling major mess on that tip. One cook book even suggested filling a baggie of goop and putting it along with the eggs into a cooler and filling the eggs at the event. I’m just not buying it. Yep. Done.

  5. They looked pretty and good to me! Of course, around my house, dog hair is a given, but I understand some folks don’t truly appreciate it. Seriously, people, it’s probably a lot more sanitary than people hair!

    • Well, obviously we aren’t fussy about much. I think I would rather have a dog hair than a person hair in my food—but of-course I would rather have a dog hair or a person hair of someone I know over some one I don’t…and can you believe we are really talking about this?? 😀

  6. Hey, they looked very good! That Vickie is sure a handy person to have around. I can not believe my Grandson poked deviled eggs. Ewww that would get your finger all yucky.

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