Herb and Spice Day, Iced Tea Day

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June 10, 2013

Burgundy lace, Acer palmatum

★~ Today’s Quote: Beginning: “And now,” cried Max, “let the wild rumpus start!” Where the Wild Things Are (1963)

★~ Herb and Spice Day:


Spices and herbs have been used in foods for centuries. Archeologists estimate that by 50,000 B.C. primitive man had discovered that parts of certain aromatic plants help make food taste better, according to the American Spice Trade Association (ASTA). Spices were once so costly only the wealthy could afford them. In 11th Century Europe, many towns paid their taxes and rents in pepper. One of the reasons for Columbus’ voyage in 1492 was to seek a more direct passage to the rich spices of the Orient. What’s the difference between a spice and an herb? Herbs are leaves of low-growing shrubs. Examples are parsley, chives, marjoram, thyme, basil, caraway, dill, oregano, rosemary, savory, sage and celery leaves. These can be used fresh or dried. Dried forms may be whole, crushed, or ground. Spices come from the bark (cinnamon), root (ginger, onion, garlic), buds (cloves, saffron), seeds (yellow mustard, poppy, sesame), berry (black pepper), or the fruit (allspice, paprika) of tropical plants and trees. Click for more information on Herb and Spices 

Today add a Little Spice (and Herbs) to Your Life!

★~ Ice Tea Day:

Iced tea is an iconic summer beverage and one of the most refreshing elixirs known to man. There is something magical about the combination of brewed tea, sugar, mint leaves, and fresh lemon slices served over ice. Historians believe that people began serving cold tea sometime during the 19th century. The drink became popular when vendors started selling it at public events and the World’s Fair.

Sweetened or unsweetened, flavored or unflavored, celebrate Iced Tea Day with a nice, tall glass of your favorite iced tea!

Southern Sweet Iced Tea
Iced Tea Granita
Long Island Iced Tea
Peach Iced Tea

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1902 –  Americus F. Callahan patented (U.S. No. 701,839) what he called the outlook or see-through envelope. The rest, of course, is accounts payable history…

♥~ 1943 – The Ball Point Pen was patented  by Laszlo Josef Biro of Budapest, Hungary.

♥~ 1972 – Sammy Davis Jr. earned his place at the top of the popular music charts for the first time, after years in the entertainment business.  The Candy Man, stayed at the top for three consecutive weeks.

♥~ 1976 – Paul McCartney and Wings set a record for an indoor concert crowd as 67,100 fans gathered at the Kingdome in Seattle, WA to hear the former Beatle and his new group.

♥~ 1988 – An American clergyman claimed the TV cartoon character “Mighty Mouse” had been shown snorting cocaine. CBS producers denied the claim and said he was only sniffing flowers.

★~Born Today:


 ♥ ~ 1881 – Leo Tolstoy Author,  Tolstoy two greatest novels, were War and Peace (1869) and Anna Karenina (1877)

♥~ 1895 – Hattie McDaniel Academy Award-winning actress: Gone with the Wind [1939]: 1st African-American to win Oscar; Judge Priest, The Little Colonel, Showboat, Saratoga, Since You Went Away; died Oct 26, 1952

♥~ 1915 – Saul Bellow Nobel Prize-winning writer: The Adventures of Augie March, Herzog, Mr. Sammler’s Planet, Dangling Man, The Victim, Henderson the Rain King; died Apr 5, 2005

♥~ 1922 – Judy Garland (Frances Ethel Gumm) singer: Over the Rainbow, The Trolley Song, You Made Me Love You, The Man that Got Away; actress: The Wizard of Oz, Meet Me in St. Louis, A Star is Born, Easter Parade, The Harvey Girls, Judgment at Nuremberg; mother of Liza Minnelli and Lorna & Joey Luft; died June 22, 1969

♥~ 1928 – Maurice Sendak author, illustrator:  Sendak was discovered by legendary children’s book editor Ursula Nordstrom in the 1940s while working as a painter for window displays at F.A.O. Schwarz. He went on to publish more than 50 books, including “Where the Wild Things Are,” one of the most beloved children’s books of all time. Sendak’s works are known as complex and characteristically dark. His many awards have included the Caldecott Medal, the Hans Christian Andersen Medal, the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award, the National Medal of Arts, and the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

♥~ 1965 – Elizabeth Hurley, Model, actress: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Christabel, Orchid House, Passenger 57

★~ Good To Know:


♥~ The worlds most expensive pen is the Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen – $1.47 million. The fountain pen has around 2,000 diamonds encrusted all over its body, the nib of the fountain pen comes in gold. Only one Diamante pen is created each year by the manufacturer, making it a rare collectible.

♥~ More than 2 billion pens are manufactured in the United States annually.

♥~ There are 5 main kinds of pens used worldwide; ballpoint, fountain, soft-tip. rolling-ball and specialty pens.

♥~The first fountain pen was invented by L.E. Waterman in 1883, and had it patented in 1884.

♥~ The first ballpoint pen was invented by Hungarian journalist Laszlo Biro in 1938, but the first patent belonged to John J. Loud in 1888.

♥~In World War II, pilots used ballpoint pens because they do not leak at high altitudes.

♥~The oldest surviving fountain pen designed by Frenchman M. Bion, dates back to 1702.

♥~ The first American patent for a pen was received by Peregrin Williamson, a shoemaker from Baltimore.

♥~ Today, 4 fountain pen producers have a monopoly on the market, Waterman, Sheaffer, Parker and Wahl-Eversharp.

♥~ In October, 1945, Milton Reynolds, after a previous visit to Buenos Aires where he discovered the Biro pen, (invented by Laszlo Biro) copied the product and launched his own massive campaign in New York City, $100, 000 worth in the first day.

♥~ Parker introduced its first ballpoint pen, called the “Jotter” to the market in 1954, superior to both the Reynolds and Eversharp versions. Because the “Jotter” wrote 5 times longer, annual sales came to USD 3.5 million.

♥~ The BIC Crystal, sells 14 million Bics daily world-wide.

♥~ Black ballpoint pens manufactured by Parker have a lifespan five miles long of writing before the ink dissipates.

♥~ Quill pens were first used circa 700 A.D. and were the popular writing choice for 1, 000 years.

♥~ The United States of America’s Declaration of Independence was written using an eagle feather quill pen by President Abraham Lincoln.

♥~ The pen used by President Abraham Lincoln to sign the Emancipation Proclamation was a steel dip one made by the French Company, Blanzy, Poure & Cie.

♥~ On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year.

♥~ In The United States, the third largest writing instrument manufacturer is the Pilot Pen, and is the nest ever growing Company of this industry in the world.


I love a good pen, but I don’t think I could handle the stress of  owning a Aurora Diamante, can you imagine standing in line at the post office or the grocery story, and someone asking, “May I borrow your pen?”   I think, I will stick with a Uni-ball sign0 black pen.

First day of summer vacation for Cole. Does anyone know where we can find a  pre 1975 VW volkswagen Beetle that needs to be rebuilt? You know, the cars they drove back in the old days! I’ll tell you more about later. . .

Do you have a favorite pen?

Odd Loves Company!

15 thoughts on “Herb and Spice Day, Iced Tea Day

  1. The pen facts are interesting!! I just got some new ones at Typo in the Mall of America and they rock!!!! I will be writing all day!!! That store is amazing!!!!! My new favorite store!!!
    Going to brew a nice cold glass of tea to celebrate later!!!

  2. ice tea is a very popular drink here, but it’s not my taste.
    interesting pen facts! if given a choice, i’ll pull for a blue pen unless it’s for an important document. i appreciate a padded pen which can be a basic bic, pilot…… i, too, would rather not have to keep up with an expensive writing instrument.
    nik’s home & we’re on the couch. striving for some normalcy!
    good day!

    • I drink gallons of ice=tea in the summer. There was a padded pen I used a few years back that was great…I’ll try to remember the name of it and share. Rhythm and Routine is such a good thing! I bet your Nik loves having you around full time!

  3. Morno,
    I have been using the same Bic pens for years but have no idea what they are called. A good pen and a legal pad are still the best gadgets. I enjoy a glass of ice-tea. My daughter makes it when she is around. My kids loved the The Wild Things. I liked reading it to them and rilling them up at bed time. Which turned my ex into a Wild Thing, not in a good way.
    Home today, waiting for some estimates on home repairs, I’m hoping will convince me not to undertake the repairs.
    Have a good one.

    • Wild Things is a fun book to read. I still have Cole’s copy. If I remember right Joe did a fair amount of winding up Cole with that book too…it’s hard not too.
      Hope your estimates came in the way you wanted them too.

  4. Just stopped by to say Morno and Byo–We are pack up and off to the Grand Canyon in about an hour. DH had one last conference call before he could put work behind him for a couple of weeks. We are taking it slow and easy with lots of stops to see cheesy tourist traps along the way, as well as enjoying some scenic spots. Stopping early and enjoying the hotel pools. I will have some internet, so I’ll check in with the El Morno group as often as I can…Hubby and I have a deal about laptops and smartphones but we are certainly not going cold turkey.
    I drink Ice Tea by the gallon, and buy Bic uni-roll pens by the dozens.
    Have a wonderful day!

    • Hope you have a wonderful trip. Sounds like you plan too. Be sure to miss us, check in when you can, and if you send us a picture–Saying–EL MORNO wish you were here…I will post it!


  5. Doesn’t anybody else find it odd that 100 people choke to death every year on ballpoint pens?? How??
    You’ve listed my personal favorite, the Uni-ball in black ink. It’s absolutely the best I’ve found for writing checks.
    Not an iced-tea fan. Don’t know why (my odd stomach again, I guess), but I can’t drink iced-tea — and LOVE hot tea! Go figure.
    Don’t know anybody with an old VW Bug. Can’t wait to hear the story though!

    • Ok..I did a little research–and this is what I found…You’re going to love it…People choke (percentage isn’t available) on Ball Point pens when they believe they can swallow them part way and then try to pull them up again. No joke. Really, makes you wonder about people doesn’t it?

  6. I drink ice Tea from morning to night. I like to put a wee splash of lemonade in it in the summer.
    Yeah, I’m kind of curious about the people who choke on their pens too. Guess their Mom’s never told them not to put some things in their mouth.
    TTF N

    • I taught you that trick–when I introduced you to Starbucks Ice Tea Lemonade. Read up (Debbie comment) to see explanation for ball point pen..it’s a good one….

  7. I’ll probably offend somebody with this comment on iced tea, but back in college my husband and I had friends who were Mormon. We were curious and open-minded, so when they suggested we take what amounted to their “confirmation class” we agreed, saying “But don’t expect us to convert.” They said it was fine, and hoped we’d change our minds, but added we would understand their faith better at the very least which is always a good thing for ecumenism. We lived as Mormons for 4 months while we took their classes and found the experience fascinating and educational. Yes, there were some doctrinal issues that were sticking points for us, but the biggest problem was …lack of caffeinated beverages! Especially iced tea. NO iced tea. EVER. For people reared on sweet tea (where I come from you even get it in a bottle if it’s 3 digit temperatures outside!) that’s just too hard. The spirit may be willing, but the flesh still needs it’s iced tea!

    • The lack of caffeinated beverages would be the deal breaker for me. CRAZY IDEA. What is the thinking behind that one? I drink sweet tea all summer—Some people call it my hummingbird juice but I love it and so does Cole.
      Good for you for truly experiencing a different way of life! Look at what great stories you have–you know me it’s all about the story!

  8. I too like hot tea, but not iced tea. Just not to my taste.
    Also curious – how do you choke on an entire pen? Maybe it’s just the cap???
    My new favorite pen is the Pilot G-2 0.38. It’s a super fine gel and writes more smoothly than anything I’ve ever tried. I had to stock up for my Bar Prep classes! Though a word of caution. Pens are apparently one of the items hoarders begin to hoard. I heard that in a law school lecture (elder law issues). Ever since I’ve tried to limit my pen intake. If I bring a new one home, another one has to get tossed or given away. At least, I try to stick to that plan!

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