Cousins Day, National Tequila Day

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July 24, 2013


★~ Today’s Quote: “Nobody will understand the craziness of your family better than your cousins”

★~ Cousins Day:


Today is the day for cousins to exchange funny childhood memories, stories about crazy relatives and share a hug or phone call. Cousin Carla is visiting and will swear along side me that our family is odder than your family. Try us.

★~ National Tequila Day: 


I’m going to make a Margarita today to toast Cousin Carla, and then clink her margarita with my little coke! Cheers!  In fact, we should all take the time to celebrate tequila in all its forms, from the incredibly cheap rocket fuel that powers house parties when the keg runs dry to the complex spirits designed to be sipped and savored like a fine whiskey. It’s only right that we show appreciation for what’s considered North America’s first native-born distilled spirit. I hope this is not going to be too much of a burden for you . . . if it is, you can always listen to some tequila music: “Tequila Sunrise” by Alan Jackson or The Eagles; Toby Keith’s “Whiskey Girl” — it’s not really about tequila, but it does mention tequila prominently in the chorus — and Deana Carter’s “You and Tequila.” There are a lot more to choose from, but this will get you off to a good start. However you choose to celebrate Tequila Day, let’s have a toast! One is one too many, and one more is never enough . . Via Con Dios. Cheers amigos!

♥~ The word tequila is an ancient Nahuatl term. The Nahuatl were the original people who lived in the area of Tequila.

♥~ Tequila must be distilled and bottled in Mexico to be genuine Tequila, otherwise is not Tequila but an imitation, this is recognized by US and European laws and Mexico considers tequila its national heritage property.

~ Tequila is made from an Agave plant – a tree generally found in the mountains in the Tequila region of Mexico. I

~ There are three simple steps to shooting tequila. Lick the salt, shot the tequila and suck on a slice of lime.

~ The US is the number one tequila market – much larger than Mexico

~ According to a 2008 Brown-Forman survey, on average, Americans consume 185,000 margaritas per hour. The South (Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, etc.) accounts for 34.9 percent of margarita sales. (Cheers On-Premise Handbook 2008)

~ And what about that little worm? The famous “worm” that is found in some bottles of Mezcal. (Tequila is never bottled with a worm. The CRT specifically prohibits placing a worm in the bottle.) The worm is actually the larva of one of two moths that live on the agave plant. The reason for adding the worm to the bottle of Mezcal is obscure. But one story, is that the worm serves as proof of high proof, which is to say that if the worm remains intact in the bottle, the percentage of alcohol in the spirit is high enough to preserve the pickled worm

★~ Today in History:

High Noon

♥~ 1933 – During his third Fireside Chat, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt showed why the homey, warm, comfortable discussion was, indeed, a fireside chat. The President stopped the discussion on the air (remember peeps, this was radio) and asked for a glass of water, which he then sipped. Newsman Robert Trout is credited with coming up with the name, Fireside Chat, because of real moments like this.

♥~ 1987 – Hulda Crooks, at 91 years of age, climbed Mt. Fuji. Hulda became the oldest person to climb Japan’s highest peak. When she got to the top, she was heard to say, “Hey, dudes — how do I get down from here?”

♥ ~ 1951 – As America’s first major drive-through hamburger chain, Jack in the Box® restaurants (founded in 1951) helped pave the way for a new drive through dining experience.

♥ ~ 1952 – High Noon, starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly, opened at U.S. movie theaters. The role won Cooper an Academy Award for Best Actor. The title song, sung by Tex Ritter, also won an Oscar. Cooper did the movie for $60,000 plus a percentage of the gross.

★~ Born Today:


♥~ 1898 – Amelia Earhart -the 1st woman to fly solo across the Atlantic; 1st woman to fly solo from Hawaii to California. Sadly she never managed to complete her mission to fly around the world in 1937. She disappeared July 2, 1937 near Howland Island in the Pacific during a round the world trip from Florida to California. She is often remembered for never letting anything stop her from pursuing her dreams.

♥ ~ 1920 – Bella Abzug (Stavitsky) feminist, attorney, U.S. Congresswomandied Mar 31, 1998

♥ ~ 1951 – Lynda Carter actress: Wonder Woman, Partners in Crime, Hawkeye; Miss World-USA

♥ ~ 1957 – Pam Tillissinger: After a Kiss, How Gone Is Goodbye, Blue Rose Is, Happy Ever After (Comes One Day at a Time), Drawn to the Fire, Real Man

♥~ 1962 – Kevin Butler footballChicago Bears kicker: Super Bowl XX

♥~ 1969 – Jennifer Lopez actress: In Living Color, Selena, Hotel Malibu, Money Train, Anaconda, Angel Eyes

★~ Good to Know: 

Google Chrome

♥~ Use the chart above to determine the relationship between you and another relative.

1. Determine the common ancestors you and the other person share.
2. Starting with your common ancestors in the upper left corner, find yourself across the top and note the column.
3. Again starting with your common ancestors in the upper left corner, find the other person down the left side and note the row.
4. Go to the box where your column and their row coincide.
5. This is the relationship you share with the other person.

♥~ 26 states allow first cousin marriages; most people can marry their cousin in the US.

♥~ US prohibitions against cousin marriages predate modern genetics.

♥~ No European country prohibits marriage between first cousins. It is also legal throughout Canada and Mexico to marry your cousin. The U.S. is the only western country with cousin marriage restrictions.

♥~ Children of non-related couples have a 2-3% risk of birth defects, as opposed to first cousins having a 4-6% risk.

♥~ Second cousins have little, if any increased chance of having children with birth defects.

♥~ The frequency of cousin marriages in the USA is about 1 in 1,000. The frequency of cousin marriages in Japan is about 4 in 1,000

♥~ It is estimated that 20 percent of all couples worldwide are first cousins. It is also estimated that 80 percent of all marriages historically have been between first cousins!

♥~ In some cultures, the term cousin and mate are synonymous.

♥~ Albert Einstein married his first cousin. And so did Charles Darwin, both had children with very high IQ’s

♥~ Franklin D. Roosevelt, the longest serving US president in history married his cousin (not a first cousin, however they shared the same last name).

♥~ Current studies indicate that cousin couples have a lower ratio of miscarriages — perhaps because body chemistry of cousins is more similar. The verdict is still out.

♥~ We are all cousins. No two people are more distantly related than 50th cousins


Why yes, it’s true! Today is my birthday! And, I’m delighted to share it with Amelia Earhart and Lynda Carter . . . now where did I leave my Wonder Woman bracelets? I’m celebrating with Cole and Cousin Carla, doing we don’t know yet what, yet. The weather is amazing, last night it dipped to below 70 and the high today will be 74F. The Chicago Botanical Gardens may be in our future. 

Remember, I told you one of my favorite things about Cousin Carla visits is she cuts up watermelon for us? See…!


And she’s witty. . .compliments of Cousin Carla. . .

Knock Knock,
Whose there?
Cantaloupe who
Cantaloupe because my dad took the ladder.

Please go forth and have a wonderful day . . . after all, it’s my birthday!

Odd Loves Company!


20 thoughts on “Cousins Day, National Tequila Day

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great day to celebrate your 29th !!! Raising my cup of coffee to you this morning (No tequila for me—-it’s a tad early) in salute and wishing you the best today. Cousin Carla sounds like so much fun and I am a little envious as my mom was an only child and my dad’s sister died early and her kids were never really a big part of our family so I missed the close cousin experience. My boys, however, grew up having fun with their cousins .
    I also loved the relationship chart. Several people have tried to explain that to me so now I have to just print this out and keep it for reference!!! You rock!!!

    • THANK YOU! I toasted you with a cuppa this very morno (Thursday) ♥. My Mom hated her cousins but I got very lucky and while I’m an only, Joe’s family provided lots of cousins for Cole and my cousins have become Cole’s second and third cousins. I needed that chart too! Glad you find it useful!

  2. Morno,
    Happy Birthday to the El Morno Queen. Sounds like you have a good cousin day planned no matter where you end up.
    Margarita sounds good! After all it is your birthday. Cheers! Have a good one.

    • Birthday wishes graciously accepted! We wandered aimlessly yesterday and had the best time! I didn’t have a margarita but I did have a very yummy pina colada!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! what a fine day to have a birthday! i don’t believe i read an age but that’s ok. looks like the weather is fantastic for your special day.
    not a tequila person even though margaritas are very popular here.
    yes, cousins are special. i’d have to say i am closer to my 1st cousin than my siblings. among other things, she is an animal lover…..need i say more?!
    the relatives chart is very helpful. it can get confusing quickly.
    i will be in cpr/aed & 1st aid classes all day today. i’ll keep reminding myself that this is important stuff to know.
    more good news from home: dr said to begin weening from the boot! yes!
    good day!

    • Over 21 :-D. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Nice to have cousins you enjoy and having Carla visit is a lot of fun. People CPR or furry CPR?
      YEA! So glad you are going to be boot free soon!

  4. Happy Birthday to YOU. So nice of you to give a us a reason to drink tequila and toast your birthday year! Margaritas!
    Irene ^^ good news for you! Moving on out of the boot.
    Have a day as wonderful as you are!

  5. Good Morno!
    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dear Katybeth! Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a grand day with Cousin Carla and Cole and who ever else is lucky enough to celebrate with you.
    Not much on Margaritas but I’ll toast your year with my morno OJ.

  6. Happy Birthday, Katybeth. I hope you have a wonderful day! I enjoy a strawberry Margarita every now and then.

    • Thank you. We had a great day. Even the chipmunks at the Botanical gardens came out to say hi.

  7. Happy Happy B-day, Kb!! Hope it’s the start of a simply wonderful year!

    You’re a Leo. In your honor, I purchased another cat (cheetah, I think) for Darling Dallas — not a real cat, of course; it’s one of those skinny, unstuffed things with lots of squeakers.

    No margarita for me. Something about that pickled worm just wouldn’t sit well on my stomach, I fear.

    Thanks for the relationship chart. I always get tangled up in that sort of thing!

    Enjoy your day!

    • How nice! I hope Dallas loves his new kitty! Rascal is very fond of those unstuffed toys.
      I found that chart because I have an awful time keeping everybody straight and we are a small family.

  8. Happy Birthday..I am sure you and cousin Carla and Cole will make it a fun day.
    I have no appreciation for Tequila..YUK 😀

    • I have never tried tequila. Carla is trying to talk me into a strawberry Margarita tonight (Thursday) Last night I stuck with a lovely Pina Colada with a cherry and umbrella. YUM.

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