Cousins Day, Tequila Day, My Birthday!

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July 24, 2013

Cousins Day, Tequila Day, My Birthday!

I am toasting my birthday, and Cousins (especially those that visit, shop, cook, and cut-up fruit) with a Banana, Pineapple Pina Colada! One of my birthday gifts was a Ninja blender. And for those of you that wonder if I get out enough worry no more!  I’m sure, I’ll be seeing a lot of my new AA friends. OMG the frozen adult drinks this blender makes and I love are endless!! And I’ve only had it 1 day.

The cake is from a new client-friend who read on Odd that I like to eat cake in the bathtub and brought me TWO amazing decadent cakes when she brought her pup for a visit. I might have been a little embarrassed that a total stranger knew that I ate cake in the bathtub,but I wasn’t. And besides once she handed me the cake boxes we were friends. Good friends.

Cousins Day, Tequila Day, My Birthday!


Please help me celebrate my birthday by having a wonderful day! And use me for an excuse to indulge in anything that makes your heart happy.

Click to find out more about today. Wonder Woman and I have a lot in common!

Cousin Carla, Cole and I are off to adventure. Will report back later.

Odd Loves Company,

18 thoughts on “Cousins Day, Tequila Day, My Birthday!

  1. A Birthday toast to the El Morno Queen! Hope you have a royal day. And watch out for those girlie drinks!

    • Thank you for the toast. Her Royal El Morno Highness had a day fit for a queen!
      You do have to watch those girlie drinks! They sneak up on you.

    • Thanks Vickie. It was awesome! Thanks for making it possible for us to escape while Carla came to play.

  2. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one. You’ll love your Ninja – they are the best.

    • I do love my Ninja and we’ve only just kissed. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us! I am anticipated a long and happy relationship.
      Thank you for the birthday wishes.

  3. I’m dying to hear all about your birthday, the restaurant, the fondue, the cupcake tour, everything.
    Love you,

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