Coke Bottle Cap Project


bet you were wondering, waiting for an update, but afraid to ask…..No, we aren’t quitters—the Coke bottle cap project is still in progress. A drought of bottle caps slowed our progress down, but we still managed to finish two more sections of fence, and more caps are on there way.

I sent a description and pictures of our project to the Coca-Cola Company, and they responded with a lovely letter, some coupons and the promise of more when I send them pictures of the completed fence (Thank you, Debbie, for the suggestion.)

Coke Bottle Camp Fence from Katybeth on Vimeo.

The picture above is from many moons ago—my horse Viva enjoying a refreshing Coke break after a horse show win.


Odd Loves Company!

10 thoughts on “Coke Bottle Cap Project

  1. I was waiting but did not want to appear pushy. Looking good and so great that Coke is willing to support your project. If I run into a stash of metal coke bottle caps I will send them your way.

    • I love Coke. Metal caps are hard to find in bulk. I have a few people who drink Coke from the bottle like I do and I have also found them in bulk on Ebay. My last large stash was from israel! The fence is going international. 😀

  2. Cole sounds so good on video has he considered doing voice overs?
    The fence is looking great! It’s so kicky looking. I can’t wait to see the final outcome. We don’t drink bottled coke so I can’t help you out with bottle caps, but I will keep cheering you on!

    • Thanks! I am going for the kicky look. I’ll pass your message on to Cole. One of his teachers calls him “Big Daddy” and suggested he would make a great late night Chicago DJ. 😀

  3. now the weekend can begin with the bottle cap update! neat that coke responded to your letter. great idea, debbie! will look forward to the finished project.
    those are janis joplin type glasses there!

    • I like to get you off to a good start. I was cool? I had Janis Joplin glasses? Oh wow! Wish I had known that back in the days 😀

  4. Coke also responded many years ago to Viva enjoying a coke. They sent us several coupons for cases of coke and also featured Viva in their company magazine.

  5. Wow–it is looking great! If we drank Coke in bottles we would be sharing our caps with you but alas–we don’t! I absolutely love the picture of Viva!!! What a fabulous pic!

    • Viva was a wonderful horse, in every way. So much fun to ride and so much heart. I wasn’t as lucky with her foal, tho. Mean as a snake.
      Thanks for thinking of us. Metal caps are a challenge.

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