19 thoughts on “Coke Cola! We Nailed It!

  1. Well you were sure persistent and “nailed” your project to the final end. Congrats on a job well done!

    • Thanks…My brother-in-law makes wine which is a ton of work and when I asked him why he made wine he told me, “Well you have to do something.” Made sense to me and I kind of applied his motto to my project; along with the hours I spend outside in the summer. 😀

  2. YAY You! Your fence looks so cool. I love that the bottle caps came from so many different places. The music is a tad over powering but adds so much to the atmosphere of the video. :-D. What is next?

    • Thanks. My kid drowned me out but he is free and available so I don’t complain too much. What’s next? I’m glad you asked… I’ll let you know!

  3. That is a lot of bottle caps. Did you have blisters from nailing it? Looks good, tho. Very different.
    I’m going to guess 2918 bottle caps.

    • I did have a blisters at first but over time I could hit the nail in with two strikes. I worked on my technique. We will count them up this weekend.

  4. I had my doubts that you could find that many bottle caps over the summer. It looks great tho and seems to really fit into your campy back yard. How many? Wow, I have no idea but I’ll guess 1,529.

    • I had help from family and friends. It looks fun and was a easy way to add some color to the fence without paint. Sounds like a good guess too me!

    • Thanks Duane! It was fun. And it would be a great way to keep kids busy, I wish I had this idea when Cole was younger. ♥

  5. Awesome job and impressive results! I’ll bet you enjoyed downing all of those Cokes (or did you seek contributions from family and friends??)

    • Thanks. I drink a lot of coke but not that many in 2 months….I had help from friends, family, and bought some on e-bay, heck, in the end I was picking them up on the street….

  6. nice racy red accent to your backyard! i am impressed by the numbers the project produced. i am not a great estimator, but will play anyway. my guess is 2500 coke bottle caps.

    • Thanks. It was fun. i really don’t have an idea how many caps it took we lost count after the first 300. It was fun and hammering is a great stress buster. 😀

  7. Way cool! A very unique idea. I saw your comment above about the broken bottle glass…. ha ha! Just shows you have not forgotten El Paso and Juarez.
    😀 8)

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