Jack Russell’s Do NOT HOWL

Rascal does this all the time….whenever the mood strikes her…I’ve tried to explain, that her breed doesn’t howl. She howl’s louder. Rascal howls. Not well, but loudly. Kind of like the people at church who can’t sing, but that doesn’t stop them from giving the hymn everything they’ve got—which is not much.

I should have turned my I-Phone the other way…why doesn’t the I-phone camera have a voice that speaks up and says, “Stop, Reposition camera. Hold  horizontally. There should be an app for that….

Odd Loves Company!

6 thoughts on “Jack Russell’s Do NOT HOWL

  1. Oh My. That is a howl. Well, she seems to be doing her best. Does Rascal want something? Or is she just in the mood to howl?

  2. nice howling job there, rascal! full moon or what? when we had our cock-a-poo, cocker & boxer/pit bull, one would start & the other two would join in for a rousing howl session. the cocker could actually utter a sweet sound, the other two were, well, horrible. still, i wish i had recorded them. howl on, rascal!

    • Somedays you just gotta howl..don’t you know :-D. I use to love the sound of the howl and then an Akita came to camp…Rascal loves the sound of her own voice.

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