Joe Miller Joke Day, Bratwurst Day, Rum Day

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August 16, 2013

Giant River Otter Eating Fish - Explore #229 on 8/16/13
★~ Today’s Quote: Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.  Steven Wright

★~Joe Miller’s Joke Day:

Jest day

Joe Millerwas an English comic actor during the early 18th century. And on his birthday, it is customary to tell a stale or worn out joke in his honor. From Joe Miller’s Jests, London, 1739: “A melting Sermon being preached in a country Church, all fell a weeping but one Man, who being asked, why he did not weep with the rest? O! said he. I belong to another Parish.”  Now it’s your turn.  Joe Miller Jest Book. 

★~Bratwurst Day: 

bratwurst @ Schnitzelbank Restaurant

If every dog has its day, then it should come as no surprise that there’s a day dedicated to the celebration of the bratwurst. The name of this savory sausage is the compound form of two German words — brat which means “fry” and wurst which means “sausage.” Bratwurst originated in Germany and has been around since the fourteenth century.

★~ Rum Day:

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!  For some, rum brings to mind eye-patched pirates, tiki bars, and fruity drinks consumed on warm sea-side evenings, but the spirit has a long and complicated global history. Once a key leg of the slave trade, rum underwent a mass commercialization during which low quality vodka-like versions were produced and is now re-emerging as a specialty alcohol. And with that change, rum has graduated from being useful only in the context of the unappreciated college dorm rum-punch and is now a key focus of spirit connoisseurs.

A sugar-cane based tipple, rum comes in a variety of iterations, some made directly from sugar cane juice (like rhum agricole and cachaça) and others from a caramelized sugar cane molasses (like rhum industriel). Some are aged in bourbon barrels, and some are spiced with cinnamon or rosemary or pepper. For the drinker, this means not only a bevy of rum producers to choose from, but also a slew of fantastic rum cocktails to shake and pour and drink.

Dream Girl by William Ward
1 ½ oz Bacardi Limon
½ oz Cointreau
¾ oz Royal Rose Raspberry Syrup
1 oz Lemon Juice

1. Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice.
2. Shake vigorously and strain into cocktail glass.
3. Garnish with lemon twist.

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1829 – The first Siamese twins  brought to the United States arrived in Boston, MA. Chang and Eng (Bunker) were 18 years old when they arrived from their homeland of Banesau, Siam. The twins were joined at the waist.

♥~1960 – A world record for a successful free fall was set by Colonel Joseph W. Kittinger Jr.  Kittinger  dropped from an altitude of 102,800 feet, more than 19 miles, before opening his parachute — at 17,500 feet — over New Mexico.

♥~ 1977- Elvis Presley, singer died at Graceland Mansion in Memphis, Tenn., at age 42. Elvis had an unprecedented 107 hits on the pop music charts and an unprecedented number of fans. His first hit was Heartbreak Hotel in 1956 and his last, one of two RCA hits released after his death, was Guitar Man in 1981. Presley had 28 gold records, 12 number one songs and 38 top-ten hits.

♥~ 1984 – Janet Harris set a world record in Selsey, England, by eating 7,175 green peas in an hour—one at a time, using chopsticks.

♥~ 1999 – Former town manager Leon Wurl became part of the new Main Street in Erie, Colorado, when his wife poured some of his ashes into the hot asphalt. Wurl had led the push to re-pave 14 of Erie’s streets before his death a year earlier.

♥~ 2002 –  Scientists at the University of Glasgow in Scotland published research validating the so-called “beer goggles” effect. In their study of 120 male and female students, those who had drunk a moderate amount of alcohol found the faces of the opposite sex 25% more attractive than their sober counterparts.

★~ Born Today:


♥~ 1930 – Frank Gifford College/Pro Football Hall of Famer: USC, New York Giants; broadcaster: Monday Night Football; husband of Kathie Lee Gifford

♥~ 1953 – Kathie Lee Gifford (Kathryn Lee Epstein) talk show host: Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee, Today; singer; married to Frank Gifford

♥~ 1958 – Angela Bassett actress: Waiting to Exhale, FX, What’s Love Got to Do with It?, Malcolm X, Boyz N the Hood

♥~1958 – Madonna (Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone) singer: Material Girl, Like a Virgin; actress: Dick Tracy, Desperately Seeking Susan, Shanghai Surprise, A League of Their Own

♥~ 1968 –  Andy Milder, Actor (“Weeds”)

★~ Good to Know:

are you a horse


Yesterday, Cole and I had chiropractor appointments. I took him with me because he did something to his back whilst pushing the Bug out of the carport. Figured, we would go double or nothing. They kept us waiting for about 45 minutes past our appointment time, but the receptionist was charming about the delay and I had a book so I wasn’t too annoyed. When It was our turn, Cole went first. I’m no dummy.  When it was my turn the Doctor (he looked about 14) took some x-rays and then ask me to schedule an appointment for today so we could discuss a treatment plan. Not what I was expecting, but I agreed. On the way home, I was grumbling (mildly) about the wait, and the return visit when Cole said   “Mom, you weren’t mean to the Doctor, were you?”  WTH?  No. I .Was. Not. Mean. Mean? Unless you work for AT&T, or ask me to pull over and wait after ordering from the fast food drive through lane (which I just don’t understand) I’m probably not going to be “mean to you.”  I just answered Cole with a slight smile and told him I didn’t think I was  mean, but I wanted him to go first when we went back for our treatments.  While I might not be mean, I’m not always all that nice. 😀

Happy Friday. Any FUN weekend plans?

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6 thoughts on “Joe Miller Joke Day, Bratwurst Day, Rum Day

  1. Morno,
    I am not a horse. Of-course, I knew that. Brats and rum it doesn’t get much better and we are grilling Brats on Sunday. I will have some rum tonight and beer with my Brats.
    Good luck with the chiropractor and be nice.
    Have a good one.

  2. Morno,
    Kids started school on Monday so this weekend we are hosting a back to school pot luck. I think we are all looking forward to getting back on a regular schedule. Brats and rum would be a nice pot luck addition. I’ll suggest it to the chief chef.
    Hope the Chiropractor helps you and Cole. Good idea letting Cole go first.

    • I vote for Brats! School already, I think it should start after Labor Day and will make that change when I am voted president.
      I figured if Cole screamed, I would pass.

  3. it took a university study to confirm what we already know about the effects of drink & the attractiveness of the opposite sex?!
    rum & coke with lime used to be a favorite drink. should have one again sometime.
    good luck with your & cole’s chiro treatments. keep us posted. i personally enjoy hearing about things like this!
    good day!

    • I know, right? Rum and Coke is very tasty.
      Cole found out he has an extra vertebrate in the lumbar region. He feels very special. I am just twisted. I stood on something that jiggled me and then laid on a roller bed that felt great. The adjustments were ok–hard for me to relax. But the clicker thing was helpful and he also put something in my ear that pulsated. Cole loved them. Cole has two more treatments but I will carry on for awhile to see if we can clear some things up long range. Thanks for asking.

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