Talk Like A Pirate Day, Butterscotch Pudding Day, Does the Dog Die?

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September 19, 2013


★~ Todays Quote:  “I cannot have a man who is afraid of everything, I don’t have the time to soothe insecurities and fears, I cannot have a man who is standing on a stone by a creek, watching for the fish to swim by and every time he sees a fish he says “Oh look, this fish scares me, I wonder what this fish means, this fish might mean- this, or this fish might mean- that” for God’s sake, they are just fish, and they don’t mean anything! Such a sad thing, so many fine, strong men standing on top of little stones, pointing at fish all the time! Such a waste! Such a waste of time! I can only have a man who will leap into the water, not minding the damn fish and whatever other little things that scare him. I need to have someone who is braver than me; if I am a pirate, he has to be the pirate Captain, if I am a pirate Captain he has to be the flying dragon.”  ― C. JoyBell C.

★~ International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Avast, tiss a fine sunrise. It be speak like a scurvy pirate day me buckos! To get in the groove, here’s How to Truly Talk Like a Pirate.

★~Butterscotch Pudding Day:

Butterscotch is a delicious concoction consisting primarily of brown sugar and butter. Its early history dates back to 1848 and a company called Parkinson’s of Doncaster in southern Yorkshire. Contrary to what its name might suggest, butterscotch is in no way related to Scotland and does not contain liquor.

Worlds Best Butterscotch Recipe,

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1819 – It was such a beautiful fall day that poet John Keats was inspired to take out pen and pad. He inked one of the best-loved English poems, Ode to Autumn.

♥~ 1876 – Melville R. Bissell of Grand Rapids, MI patented the carpet sweeper on this day. The name, Bissell, became synonymous with carpet sweepers during the first half of the 20th century — much like Frigidaire and refrigerator, Jell-O and gelatin dessert.

♥~ 1970 – She could turn the world on with her smile. The Mary Tyler Moore Show was seen for the first time on CBS-TV. It became one of the most successful television shows of the 1970s. The last, original episode aired on September 3, 1977.

♥~ 1974 – Eric Clapton received a gold record for I Shot the Sheriff. The song reached #1 on the pop charts on September 14th.

♥~1982 –  ‘Smiley’, the first ‘emoticon’ was used in an email posting on this day. Scott E. Fahlman, in a bulletin board discussion at Carnegie Mellon University, wrote, “I propose the following character sequence for joke markers: :-). Read it sideways. Actually, it is probably more economical to mark things that are NOT jokes, given current trends. For this, use :-(.

♥~ 1998 – At the 22nd annual Oktoberfest in Cincinnati 25,000 kazoos were distributed in an attempt to set a Guinness record for the ‘World’s Largest Kazoo Band’.

★~Famous Birthdays :

Batman Adam West

♥~ 1932 – Mike Royko journalist:  Syndicated columnist to more than 600 newspapers nationwide, Pulitzer Prize winner and author (Boss, Slats Grobnick). Born at Chicago, IL, he died there, Apr 29, 1997

♥~ 1928 – Adam West actorBatmanThe Detectives, Starring Robert TaylorThe Last PrecinctHooperThe New Age

♥~ 1949 – Twiggy (Leslie Hornby) fashion model: mini-skirt; actress: The Boy Friend, Madame Sousatzka, Body Bags, The Princesses

♥~ 1964 – Trisha Yearwood singer: She’s in Love with the Boy, The Song Remembers When, Wrong Side of Memphis, Believe Me Baby [I Lied], How Do I Live, Inside Out

♥~1981- Slimey the Worm’s Birthday: Slimy is part of the Sesame Street family and is Oscar’s pet worm. Slimy is the smallest of all characters on Sesame Street, being only 2¾in. However, his is small size does not affect his dare devil attitude. Slimey won a gold medal in the Worm Olympics, and has parachuted from a plane, been shot out of a cannon whilst kissing girlfriend Glo and become the first worm in space. As Lou Berger, head writer for Sesame Street, put it,”Slimey shows viewers that even the smallest creature can be the most heroic, and that’s an important thing for kids to see.”

★~ Good to Know:


I do not see movies with animals in them. Recently, Cole and I saw the movie The Family staring Robert De Niro. In the first scene of the movie they show the family dog and I worried about something happening to the dog for the rest of the movie. I tell myself, the animal is just playing a role in a movie and is not “really dead” any more than the characters are really killed off. It doesn’t work. I saw the movie Patton 30 years ago, and still remember the scene where two donkeys were shot on a bridge because the army needed to pass.  It was about a 10 second scene in a 2 hour movie.   I am not alone, in wanting be protected from movie moments like these….

There now a website for people like me: Does The Dog Die?

The comprehensive site answers the all-important question of whether a pet dies, is harmed or survives in movies ranging from classics like Rear Window and Apocalypse Now to modern films like Moonrise Kingdom and The Five-Year Engagement. I wish I had known about this site before I went to see the movie, The Family. I could have relaxed and enjoyed more of the show.

And the best part? The site spoils only the fates of pets in the film, not key plot-points or details regarding human characters. You can check out the description for any movie without ruining the rest of the movie for yourself.

So if you are like me and want to avoid any movie where The Dog Dies, check out the link. I am suggesting they add categories: Is any animal shot? Do any parents of any animals die? Are any animals killed by predictors?  Dearly departed Joe once insisted, during a movie I did not want to watch in the first place, that the  hyenas were not going to attack, kill, and eat the two lion cubs. He lied. I still haven’t forgiven him.


This describes our weather.

Have a jolly day me buckos.

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11 thoughts on “Talk Like A Pirate Day, Butterscotch Pudding Day, Does the Dog Die?

  1. Morno,
    Its scurvy pirate day again already? Guess I had better start drinkin’ ‘n lookin’ fer treasure to pillage.

    Does the dog die movie site. What will they think of next?

    I be off. Have a jolly day.

  2. I’ve bookmarked “Does the Dog Die” for future reference. As an animal lover, I, too, can’t stand to watch animals suffer in movies. I wouldn’t have forgiven Joe either (though I imagine he was just trying to ensure he’d have your company!)
    Pirate Day again? Seems like we just had that. Oh, well, kudos on getting Rascal to pose in costume. What a doll!
    We didn’t get the big rains you did, more’s the pity. We’re really dry and could use a watering!

    • Yep that site will take a lot of stress off my movie partners. Rascal adores dress up and the compensation that goes along with it. She will run and bring me hats or capes out of the box when I take it out of the closet.
      Hope a little rain fell you way!

  3. I was just talking to my paint partners yesterday about not watching movies where dogs die. I saw “Lassie come home” when I was little and all that dog went through to get home was a real trauma for me and I will avoid animal movies. My son wanted me to see ” Marley ànd me” and I refuse. Can’t stand to see any animal being mistreated. I hope when I die I go to doggie heaven. Can’t think of any other place that would be so entertaining and filled with love. Of course God will be near by.

    • Oh no! I did not see Marley and me, either? Why would I want to see a movie about a destructive puppy, the drama about a loyal and wonderful older dog and then have her die at the end. Hello? That is so not entertaining for me. When I was little all Lassie had to do was show up on the screen and I was in tears.
      Lets enjoy the happy moments! Doggie heaven, now won’t that be something.

    • Yep–that is Rascal, love and joy of my life, she loves to play dress up and will even bring things to me from the dress up box. Wishbone was/is a fun show.

  4. Argh matey. That’s the best I can do. Pirate Rascal poses a problem for all who cross his path. Glad I live where I do!
    Not a butterscotch anything person. Too sweet for me.
    I’m good when animals are free from harm. I was at the cinema happily watching a movie when a rabbit’s neck was snapped. The cracking sounded all too real.
    Good evening!

    • It’s a nice start and effort for Pirate Day!
      I would not been happy at that movie-those sorts of things stick with me forever! I much prefer carmel over butterscotch.

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