Punch Day, Gibberish Day

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September 20,2013

Roll Roll Roll  Your Hay!

★~ Today’s Quote: ‎“When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on Earth. So what the hell, leap.” ~ Cynthia Heimel

★~ Punch Day:


While some associate punch with Everclear, trashcans, and college, a true punch (or panch, which is Hindi for “five”), is comprised of five main ingredients: sugar, water, citrus, spices, and alcohol.

An Indian discovery, punch gained popularity among sailors who took advantage of the abundance of Caribbean sugar cane as the perfect ingredient for their new drink of choice. When punch arrived in the new world, many drinkers relished the taste, texture, and simplicity of the drink, and enjoyed sharing it in large quantities.

“It’s the original mixed drink,” says David Wondrich, drinks historian and author of Punch. “It caught on early in American history and quickly became a sensation.” It’s easy to understand why — it’s delicious and comes in large containers.

Rum Punch

7 Ways to Toast National Punch Day

Cousin Carla shares her opinion about Punch 

★~ Gibberish Day:

And what is Gibberish you may ask, to wish I shall answer….

Dutch unintelligible gibberish, meaningless talk or writing; also, double Dutch; often in the phrase it’s Dutch to me. The preacher preaches double Dutch or Greek, or something of the sort. Greek Gibberish, unintelligible or meaningless language; usually in the phrase it’s Greek to me. The allusion is most likely to the unintelligible and senseless sound of any foreign language to those who do not understand it. The expression dates from about 1600; it is found in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar:

But, for my own part, it was Greek to me. (I, ii)

Mumbo jumbo. Meaningless chanting and ritual; nonsensical or pretentious language. This expression evolved as an English rendering for the African deity Mama Dyumbo, whom the Mandingo tribes venerated with mystical rites incomprehensible to the European explorers. The expression is now frequently used to describe senseless or ostentatious language contrived to obscure a topic or befuddle the listener. ubble-gubble Nonsensical talk, drivel, prattle. This uncommon expression, perhaps derived as a rendering of inarticulate vocalizations, appeared in W. B. Johnson’s Widening Stain (1942).

Go forth speak gibberish…

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1819 – Patent Leather was invented by Seth Boyden. Mary Jane’s today we celebrate you!

♥~ 1859 – The first electric cooking range was patented by George B. Simpson

♥~ 1969 – Sugar, Sugar, by The Archies, hit number one in Billboard. The Archies sat at the top of the hit heap for four weeks.

♥~ 1973 – In three straight sets, Billie Jean King showed who was the better tennis player in the Battle of the Sexes. She defeated Bobby Riggs in the televised event at the Houston Astrodome, 6-4, 6-3, 6-3. Howard Cosell was the announcer.

♥~ 1976 – Playboy magazine released an interview in which Democratic presidential nominee Jimmy Carter admitted that he had “looked on a lot of women with lust.”

♥~ 1984 – NBC-TV debuted The Cosby Show.

★~Famous Birthdays:

♥~ 1928 – Dr. Joyce Brothers (Bauer) psychologist; writer: The Successful Woman, The Practical Plan for Liking Yourself Better; syndicated columnist; TV contestant: $64,000 Question[1955]; panelist: The Gong Show

♥~ 1934 – Sophia Loren  (Sofia Scicolone) Academy Award winning actress: Two Women [1961]; Black Orchid, Marriage Italian Style, Desire Under the Elms, El Cid, Man of La Mancha,Grumpier Old Men, Brief Encounter

♥~ 1947 – Jude Deveraux began writing in 1976 and her first book, The Enchanted land was published in 1977.  Currently, she is the author of thirty-one New York Times bestsellers.

♥~ 1967 – Kristen Johnston actress: 3rd Rock from the Sun, The Orkly Kid, Backfire!, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, Nobody Knows Anything

★~ Good to Know:

A little silly for a TGIF.

(full version)


(short version)



I loved that beer prank! My bucket list includes  engineering, creating, and executing an epic prank. It’s in the works to happen during the 2013-2014 school year.

Wishing everyone a fabulous Friday! Any special plans for the weekend?

Odd Loves Company!

9 thoughts on “Punch Day, Gibberish Day

  1. Morno,
    Lending a hand at a golf tournament over the weekend. Not much of a punch guy. It is too messy and is usually too sweet.
    The prank was a good one. The after prank party probably made up for the work involved to pull it off.
    Have a good one.

  2. I don’t mind a bit of punch now and then, but Cousin Carla is right — it *is* messy!
    Not a big weekend planned. My Rebels have a bye week, and ND hosts Michigan State. I’ll be watching!
    I never particularly liked Mary Janes, either. Frankly, I’m still sorry I was born too late for saddle shoes, which I think look pretty cool (odd, I know!)

    • I like a cup of sherbet punch. It’s tasty. Of-course you just can’t go wrong with little bottles of cold coke!
      Go ND!
      Saddle shoes are cool. Mary Jane’s pinched.

  3. punch is not my thing either. there are other beverages to drink.
    great prank…..their accents made it even better! seemed like a great bunch of friends.
    it has been overcast & rainy the last 24 hours here. it has put me in a fantastic mood! full sun gets old. nice thing is nik & i have gotten in all our walks between rains.
    nothing much scheduled this weekend besides football & relaxing. oh……& chores.
    good evening!

    • They did seem like they were having such fun together. The accents were great.
      Cloudy skies and dry walks–as they say, “couldn’t want much more, now could you?” Have no idea who “they” is but I think they sense.
      Sounds like a good weekend to me!

  4. In your words, punch is a nothing mucher for me. I hope to start my weekend by getting out of the car and going to sleep. We’ve been on the road for over 13 hours. Only another hour or so 🙂

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