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Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter


Have you ever been to Costco or Sam’s Membership Club, optimistically sampled something, and then, after the first bite, you’re convinced the seemingly friendly sample lady is part of a larger plot to kill you? Why else would she be standing their luring you toward her with free samples of a product that tasted so awful that after pitching the half-full paper cup in the garbage, you were afraid to walk down the aisle where the full-size product was stored, afraid it might hold a grudge, jump out of the case, and strangle you, seeking out its revenge for unintentionally making such an awful face after tasting the sample that you dwindled the line down to one person—a person like my dear dad, who will eat hospital pudding and swear it tastes like chocolate mousse. Samples are very tricky. Reviewing samples is even trickier.

My mission: A representative from the PB Crave Peanut Butter company contacted me after reading “Food Of The Day” on El Morno and asked if I would try their peanut butter and then write a review on Odd. I was being asked for my culinary opinion! How could I say no?

Soon after contact was made four jars of different flavored peanut butter were delivered by UPS as promised, and with a great deal of excitement, I grabbed a spoon and opened the first jar of Choco Choco peanut butter. It needed to be stirred. First problem. I love being the first one to dip my spoon into a smooth new jar of peanut putter. Did I ever share the story about how my sweet mother snuck up behind her brother, who was staring into a brand-new jar of peanut butter, overjoyed with the idea of taking the first scoop, and with the precision and speed of a cobra, stuck her spoon into the jar of peanut butter he was holding and scooped him? It did not bode well for their relationship. Having to stir my sample jar of Choco Choco did not bode well for our relationship. And yet, I did realize that natural peanut butter requires stirring to mix the flavors and decided that I could not let dipping vs. stirring influence my review.

After mixing the peanut butter, I took an optimistic taste, which was immediately followed by a rush to the sink, where I turned the sink hose on full force into my mouth. What The Heck? Did my mother put someone up to sending me this peanut butter? No, really, it would be just like her. I insisted Cole, the teen who will eat almost anything, try all four flavors. Of course, I told him how wonderful each one was first, and when his first taste produced a “YUCK!” response, I expressed surprise and suggested he might find another flavor more to his liking. Evil comes naturally to me. Three more “Yucks!” and a big glass of water followed his taste test. He might also have whined that his friends’ moms never did things like this to their kids. Oh surely, this is not true. During a Tuesday night gathering at my house, I invited some friends to sample the product—friends who lean toward food with that good-for-you taste. Suffice to say, they were not impressed.

My overall review? PB Crave has a friendly web site, and I applaud their efforts at being a socially conscious company. Amazon (where you can buy the product) has a few positive taste reviews, and on their press review page, other bloggers wax on enthusiastically about how their families love the product. Don’t look for Odd on that page. When it comes to peanut butter, I could never lead my My Odd family astray. Never in a million trillion years. So, based on my taste test and the discerning palates of my family and friends, I cannot recommend PB Crave peanut butter.  However, If you have tried it and liked it, please do let us know.

Do you sample?

Odd Loves Company!

P.S. I feel the need to add that I attempted to opt out of this review, but having accepted the product I was encouraged to give my honest opinion and preserve my reputation as a reviewer. Who knew, I even had this reputation? Do you think the Mont Blanc pen people will find me?


16 thoughts on “Peanut Butter: Sticky Review

    • Me too! I even tried those pre-made crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I thought they were so cute, and handy. Joe looked at me like I had lost my mind and Cole begged me to never buy them again. And did you ever try the pre mixed peanut butter and Jelly combined? Only one swipe across the bread and DONE.
      Did I tell you Antoinette wondered how I knew you would seldom to never valet park? I laughed and just told her you Northwest siders were all alike 😀

  1. YES. I have had that happen at Cosco. Why a company would sample a product that tasted awful is a mystery. They have a better chance of selling the product with great packaging and logo at least once.
    Peter Pan creamy peanut butter is the peanut butter my family devours by the gallon. I’ve tried natural peanut butter, but it is ignored like the plague. Which isn’t bad news since it so expensive. At least I can say I tried!
    Glad to know you won’t sell us out over a jar peanut butter.

  2. I love samples and try to hit Cosco around 12n on the weekend so I can munch my way through the store. A healthy drink sample comes to mind when I think back over products that should have never landed on the sample table.
    I’m super choosey about my PB so I buy Jiff. Flavored PB does nothing for me.
    You might want to double your therapy fund for Cole. Poor kid. However, I do admire your persuasiveness and it is in your genes.
    Are you suggesting your opinion could be bought for a Mont Blanc Pen?

    • :-D. We do the same thing. I guess we have to be more opened minded to hit or miss but I think I was nailed by a healthy drink sample too!
      Poor kid, indeed.

    • Not wait one gosh darn minute…it is most certainly not weird to eat your way through a store. How else can you shop? A cookie here and a bag of chips there, a marshmallow or two. I pay for everything of-course but my shopping cart usually looks like I was a victim of a hold up by the time I hit the cashier. Snacking is appropriate everywhere! I know, I asked but you provide the wrong answer—however I am offering bonus points for disliking natural peanut butter! So your still one ahead.

  3. Definitely NOT a sampler. I admire you for rising to the challenge and giving your honest opinion, though. I haven’t tried this brand (and really don’t intend to). I’m a Jif gal — always have been!

    • Thanks. The company really gets the credit for wanting an honest review, I offered to withdraw. Jif is good peanut butter. Peanut butter seems to draw loyalty so I thinking marketing it must be a challenge.

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