Estate Sale Parrot Unfairly Silenced

Estate Sale

Estate Sale Highlights:  Click to read highlights from Day 1

Sweet Loro: My dear friend owns a plush parrot named Loro that lives in her sunroom and squawks “Hello!” when his motion sensors are activated. Loro was not for sale, but my dear friend felt he added a nice touch to the sunroom. Loro was a busy bird, squawking “Hello!” over and over every time we entered the sunroom. Today, however, he was strangely silent. My dear friend investigated and discovered someone had removed his battery. She was incensed—who wouldn’t be? We promptly replaced Loro’s battery and retired him to a closed-off bedroom, where we felt he would be safe until after the estate sale. Poor dear Loro.

Touché: An older gentleman was clearly bored as he stood in the garage, waiting for his wife to finish shopping inside the house. I engaged him in conversation, and when I learned he had grown up on a farm, I happily showed him the antique corn row marker we had for sale. Sold. When his wife returned, she wondered what on earth he planned to do with a corn row marker. He countered by asking her what on earth she planned on doing with another set of candlesticks.

Santa’s integrity: A woman asked if we had a beardless Santa for sale, explaining she didn’t like Santa’s beard. Unfortunately, we did not. A little while later, she approached me with one of our bearded plastic Santa’s and asked me the price. I told her $15.00. Saving Santa took priority over making the sale.

Proud mom moment: My kid was offered 25 cents for a 50-cent item, countered with 35 cents and made the sale.

Grand finale: Tomorrow (Sunday), we’ll open and shut the garage door for the last time, and I plan to have FUN.

If asked what the tiny bottles we have for sale are used for, I’ll pick one up, smile slyly, hold it to my nose and give it a quick snort.

If asked if the wok (with a sign saying I WOK attached) works, I’ll become offended and loudly accuse the asker of hating oriental people.

If asked why we’re selling 10 chairs with seats that need to be re-caned, I’ll scream that I hate fat people.

If someone tries to negotiate 25 cents for a 50-cent Christmas Santa, I’ll say sure and then turn to my dear friend, hand her the quarter and say I’m so sorry, but they only thought your hand-crocheted Santa was only worth 25 cents.

Will the chairs in need of re-caning sell? Will Katybeth buy the cactus lamp? Will Loro file a complaint with the Better Bird Bureau? Stay tuned—I’ll be back tomorrow to wrap up our dear friend’s estate sale.

The video I published in the last estate sale update was influenced by Mercury in Retrograde. Here is the complete video. I don’t think. I’m the next informercial queen, but it should give you an idea of what the sale has/had to offer.

Estate sale from Katybeth on Vimeo.

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13 thoughts on “Estate Sale Parrot Unfairly Silenced

  1. Are you sure you don’t know anything about the case of the Silenced Parrot?
    Hope you sell out. Sounds like you’ll have fun either way.
    What is today’s food?
    Have a good one!

    • Are you kidding me?? I love dear Loro! However, I did hear my sister-in-law say a few disparaging things about him. We are investigating further…..
      Mike take a pie for Sunday dinner dessert—today is Vegan Day.
      El Morno back tomorrow!

  2. I don’t dare watch the video. I watched the one yesterday and ended up with a typewriter. Which I’m excited about. (did you get any other “online” sales?) But my DH will ask me what in the world I plan on doing with an old typewriter. Maybe I should get him to watch the video. Any power tools for sale haha.

    • Yesterdays video was so messed up, I’m glad the typewriter was at the beginning. It’s a very cool typewriter; a conversation piece. No power tools, would Mat like a nice snow shovel?
      I did get a few more on-line sales. I sold a Christmas tree. My friend lives in unincorporated Elk Grove, in an area that is not high traffic, so despite newspaper ads and Craigslist we have had to branch out. Today, Cole and friends are plastering the area with FINAL BLOW-OUT ESTATE SALE
      You’re up early! Coffee cheers. Have a wonderful day. And thanks for buying!

  3. I am planning to have a blow out garage sale next spring. How much would it cost to hire you to run it? Love your attitude and sense of humor. My last garage (about 8 years ago) sale was tons of work, wasn’t much fun, and my husband still accuses me of selling anything he can’t find. We did make some cash tho which is why I am planning to have another. We are taking a trip to Disney next July.
    Good luck today. Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    • Let’s talk.
      These sales are a lot of work, but turning stuff you don’t use into cash you can use on a fun vacation makes it worth it! Plus the added bonus of getting rid of clutter can not be underestimated.

  4. Is Loro talking yet this morning about who took his batteries? I would dust him for prints if he isn’t talking……
    I am sure you and your friend will be relieved when today is over but what a great thing to know that you made a difference in her life and that you were able to help with what would have been an overwhelming task.
    Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!
    PS Are we good on the teapot???

  5. Haven’t watched any of the videos yet. Will do today.
    Sounds like Loro needs a bodyguard.
    After the consecutive days of being super busy, will you be able to do close to nothing the day after the sale ends or will you need to ween yourself? Well…..end it all with a bang!
    Good day!

  6. So impressed at Cole’s bargaining ability — sounds like he picked up on your good influence!

    Poor Loro. Kinda surprised somebody didn’t try to wheel-and-deal for him.

    Here’s hoping you unload the rest of the treasures today!

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