Minted Holiday Cards

Minted 2013 Holiday Collection

Minted is the world’s premier marketplace for independent design. Our mission is to find exceptional artists and designers all over the world and bring their work to consumers who appreciate great design.” Minted web site

Every year, I create a decidedly unique Christmas card for my business, Camp-Run-A-Pup. The card features my pups, along with some of my campers. Fortunately, I have a friend who is a brilliant photographer who takes the pictures while I wrangle the pups. The cards’ recipients often ask me how we talk the pups into their costumes and poses. My stock answer is, “It involves some special incentives,” and then I lock my lips and throw away the key. But there is one secret that I am willing to share, and that is where I plan to have my cards printed this year: Minted.

Minted offered me a discount to write this review on Odd, which I could easily agreed to do because I ordered from them this past summer and was very pleased with my cards when they arrived. Minted has a good selection of design layouts and proactive customer service, and its products are competitively priced. And I’m excited that my Christmas cards will be printed on a better quality paper than I have been able to splurge on in past years. Minted also offers other products, including fun minibook cards, as well as a large selection of folded cards with different layout options, stationery and personalized wrapping paper.

As a special thank you for reading this informercial blog post—and hopefully clicking over to check out Minted’s selection of cards—I will share my discount with you. We will have a comment drawing on Odd next Tuesday, and the winner will receive a $25.00 credit to be used on any Minted order.

But wait—there’s more! Everyone who comments on this post will receive a Camp-Run-A-Pup Christmas card by mail (if you share your address with me), or by e-mail if that is your preference. And that is my final offer.

OK, fine—I’m so easy. I’ll also throw in your choice of a semi-nuevo ShamWow, dull steak knifes, a chopper with a missing blade, or a hairy Snuggie.

Limited offer—act now! Check out Minted!

Odd Loves Company!

17 thoughts on “Minted Holiday Cards

  1. I bought Christmas cards from Minted last year and will buy from them again this year. They are a little pricey but they offer good discounts and free shipping. I liked the selection of cards.
    I’ll pass on your “extras” but the credit would be nice, and your cards are really cute.

    • Great tip about looking for discounts! Every little bit helps. I’ll make sure you receive a card this year and thanks for dropping by Odd!

  2. My daughter used them for birth announcements and was really happy with them. Addressing them for free was the selling point for her. I’d like to try them for Christmas and since I send out so few cards these days I might send out a few with my granddaughter and me to some of my out of town friends.

    • Thanks for dropping by Odd! And offering a positive review. Free addressing would be handy but I’m not sure about entering all the addresses.
      I love receiving Christmas cards and I bet your friends would too–especially one of you and your granddaughter.

  3. I’ll let the gal in the office know about this site. I’m not sure who we use for our few cards. It might be Walgreens. We use to send a lot more but it just got too expensive. These days we send more of a holiday thank you for your business and give Starbucks cards to our bigger clients and helpful vendors.
    One of your Christmas cards would be nice but I’ll take a pass on the used sham wow. Do those things work?

    • Walgreens does a nice job if your picture is good and it’s a simple greeting. And a Starbucks card is a big winner!
      Do Sham Wows work?? They are fabulous! Buy some at Bed Bath and Beyond or sometimes Walgreens sells them. They work!

  4. I’ve used Shutterfly in the past but their web site is a mess to navigate with too many pop ups, and special offers I will take a look at this site this weekend.

    • I’ve used Shutterfly for years but my experience last year was not a happy one. Time for a change. Take a look, you might be happier with Minted too!

  5. Believe it or not, I’ve never hear of Minted, so of course I couldn’t use their products. Now, thanks to you, I have another place to go for design work– yeah!

    I’m with Mike ^ — Christmas cards are just too expensive. I did them up until last year (but I was banking on having a vacay in July during which I got them ready). No vacay — no cards. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it!

    • They are expensive but less this year than in years past–thank you Odd Readers. July? Sheesh. I’ve never been that organized. We do mine about 2 weeks before Christmas.
      Good excuse! I will swear to it.

  6. I remember your first job selling greeting cards..door to door…you lived next door to us and I think you were about eight years old, am I right ??

    • Cheerful house greeting cards. Stevie and I went door to door and my poor dad was our accountant. I bet you still have some of them–Do you remember the Zodiac card? It’s amazing how many we sold and how little we made. I wonder how many last names I spelled wrong? 😀

  7. I think I have received a card or two by Mint. Design looks familiar. My favorite example on their site was the Christmas card of the little boy running towards the camera with mom & dad in the background. Just thought I’d share…….

    • I’ll have to look for that card. I’m not sure I’ve every received one of their cards but I liked what I ordered this past summer.

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