Camp Run-A-Pup~Christmas Card Design

Camp-Run-A-Pups 1st Christmas Card. Milo, the deer hound was our Christmas tree; surrounded by pupckages.

Every year I design and produce our Camp Christmas card. I start out picturing a Norman Rockwell moment as my family and our good friend, the photographer, execute my Christmas card plan to perfection. My hopes are dashed when I have to pull Cole from his hiding place on picture-taking day. He is not in the card, but is expected to help wrangle pups and make sounds at just the right pitch – on cue – so we can capture the pups with just the right expression. His sounds are often too loud, he is standing in the wrong place when he makes them, or he makes them too far in advance, causing premature ear arching. After several failed attempts, he claims I’m bossy, demanding and impossible. I tell him that he cannot take direction, does not listen, and is a whiner. We fight. Our good friend, the photographer, sighs a lot and pleads for good will.

Finally, our costumed pups are in their places, Cole makes the appropriate noise at the right time, I have a look on my face and a stare in my eye that my pups know well, and the picture is taken. It’s a wrap. I congratulate everyone and merrily hand out cheese puffs. Cole makes his escape, and our good friend, the photographer, always tells me how much fun it is taking my camp picture as she hastily packs up her equipment. She is a very good friend.

This year’s Camp Christmas card is still being planned. We always promise to shoot it in October, but it never happens. October might be a better time but it just isn’t the right time. I am looking for a theme. Below are our cards from past years.  I love elaborate. Cole begs for simplicity. I wonder if you have any theme suggestions. Cole wonders if you can suggest a good place to hide.

Year number 2:  I was still amused when my pups watched out the window

Year Number 3: Feliz Navidog: Dazzle, Rumor, and baby Trinket portray the manger scene.

Year Number 4:  I’m a little snow flake short and stout. . .

Year Number 5:  The only thing photo-shopped in this picture is the background. The pups are in costume and are sitting on the sled. The year  Cole announced, “Mom, I quit.”

Decking the tree with holidog ornaments.  I  design and orchestrate the card; my mom’s pup Trinket was the star on top of the tree. Why?  Because my mother is bossy and impossible when it comes to her Doberpups.

Help us design the theme for this year’s card. What are your ideas? Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!


10 thoughts on “Camp Run-A-Pup~Christmas Card Design

  1. Love the cards. The sledding one is adorable. How about a card where the pups are on a holiday carriage ride–dashing through the snow together OR down hill skiing (sorry Cole).

    Its early I will continue to think about theme ideas for you.


  2. Fun Cards! Milo is AMAZING. The Feliz Navidog card is my favorite. I can hear away in the manager playing in the background–maybe you could do it again and include the three wise dogs, little drummer dog, and a few angel dogs. Very cute.

    • Cute idea…We could add music to the on-line version…and I love the idea of wise dogs and a little drummer dog….my Skippy would make an excellent little drummer dog…mmmmm….

      Thanks for the idea–Thanks for dropping by Odd.

  3. LOL!! I absolutely love them! You don’t need our help, you’ve done a mighty grand job all on your own. I like the Christmas tree one, I cracked up when I saw it. Though I will start thinking of places for Cole to hide. What a hoot!
    Amazing cards!

    • I could use a little help…Cole can run, but he can not hide…I will just grab “special op”..and call out… “Here Cole, here Cole….” Picture taking times requires tough measures!

  4. How clever!! I think the cards are super, and Cole would love to keep helping…LOL. They make me smile, and that is the gift in itself!

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