Nap Time Sun – It’s a Dog’s Life, Bird Included

Nap time in the sun room. Really, this is my guest room, but my pups like to think of it as their sun room. It’s also Solstice’s the evil bird special spot. Guests are always welcome, if they don’t mind a little company. Sunrise chirping included.

Rascal and Scooby spooning in the sun.

Nap time

Lada wishes the sun would stretch out too.

nap time Lada

Seemore makes the most of a nap.

seemore nap

Solstice the evil bird from a distance. She hates me.

nap solstice

It’s a dog/birds life isn’t it?

Odd Loves Company!

10 thoughts on “Nap Time Sun – It’s a Dog’s Life, Bird Included

  1. Awwww. They are all so cute. If I were going to be owned by a dog, I would seriously consider a Boxer. I’ve known several and they have such great dispositions. Seemore looks like a sweetie.

  2. Whose bird is that? I don’t understand birds as pets. A friend has two love birds & is quite happy with them.
    Nik would be happy & very content resting in your sun room!

  3. oh. YOUR bird……. just read the story. you have more gumption than me although it was humane of you to rescue the poor bird. kudos.

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